Which came first…the Chicken or the Egg?

Happy Fri-YAY Fellow Breeders!

Few questions have plagued mankind like the chicken or the egg conundrum. Even Aristotle, the philosopher credited as the first to study formal logic, wondered which came first. Chickens come from eggs, and eggs come from chickens—how can one come before the other?

Evolutionists assert that birds evolved from reptiles over millions of years, so the reptiles eventually laid the egg that hatched as a chicken. The egg came first. While creationists believe that God created mature birds with the ability to reproduce. So the bird was first, ready to lay eggs.

Regardless of the real-life answer, it’s a well-known fact in the world of Amaretto that the egg/nest definitely came first!

Getting started with Starters!

First, go to any Amaretto Barnyard Bird store and purchase a starter pack. https://amarettobreedables.com/pages/locations

Chicken Starter packs come as follows:

  • Hen Booster Pack Single – Single Hen
  • Rooster Booster Pack Single – Single Rooster
  • Barnyard Bird Clutch Pack – 3 Female Starters, 3 Male Starters, 3 Breedable Food, 3 Orange Rinds, 3 Flu Shot, 3 Poultry Glow, and 3 High Potency Seeds
  • Barnyard Birds Farmers Pack – 6 Female Starters, 6 Male Starters, 6 Breedable Food, 6 Orange Rinds, 6 Flu Shot, 6 Poultry Glow, and 6 High Potency Seeds

Duck Starter packs come as follows:

  • Hen Duckling Pack Single – Single Hen
  • Drake Duckling Pack Single – Single Drake
  • Barnyard Duck Paddle Pack- 3 Female Starters, 3 Male Starters, 3 Amaretto Brand Corn Duck Diet, 3 Lettuce Leaves, 3 Flu Shot, 3 Poultry Glow, and 3 High Potency Seeds
  • Barnyard Duck Flock Pack – 6 Female Starters, 6 Male Starters, 6 Amaretto Brand Corn Duck Diet, 6 Lettuce Leaves, 6 Flu Shot, 6 Poultry Glow, and 6 High Potency Seeds

From July 1 – July 31st all starter packs are 25% off!!

After you’ve gotten your Barnyard Bird starter nests, rez one from your inventory to the ground. Click the nest and select the “birth” option to get your new baby chick. Your new chick has a default range of 5 meters from “home” which is the spot where you birthed them. To move your chick just select edit and move, or the chick can be taken into inventory and re-rezed to the new location. To set home position in the future, click the chick, select settings, set home. The home position does set automatically on rez when you re-rez a Barnyard Bird. The range is set in meters and is the radius of a circle with the home point as the center. (The radius of a circle is measured from the center to its edge).

From birth to 3 your chick will be either a red, black or yellow baby chick (two different colors for ducks), then at age 4, they will get their adolescent textures which they will keep until the age of 6. When your Barnyard Bird reaches age 7 it will receive its adult textures and all the traits you see on the stats of your Barnyard Bird will become visible on the Bird.

When your Barnyard Bird reaches age 5 their vigor will begin to rise if their vivacity is at 85% or above. Once their vigor reaches 100% and is also age 7 they will be able to mate. In order to have a successful mating both Barnyard Birds need to have 100% vigor, 85% or higher vivacity and be awake. When these conditions are met the Birds will mate and the female will drop a nest without a pregnancy period. You will see on the Birds stats that each Bird has cycles; the Birds start out with 12 cycles and with each nest that is dropped by the female Bird each parent will lose a cycle from their stats.

After having the Barnyard Bird Nest there will be a 3-day “nesting” period for both the male and female Barnyard Bird. After the nesting period is completed it will then take approximately 2 days for the Barnyard Bird to reach 100% vigor provided they have vivacity of 85% or higher.

When your Birds drop their own nests those will be non-starter Barnyard Bird nests. An incubator is used for hatching your non-starter Barnyard Bird Nest. The non-starter nest will take 5 minutes to birth after being sent to the incubator. The incubator can birth up to 12 Barnyard Birds at one time so it is recommended if you are going to be offline to have food sitting near the incubator.

To use the Incubator:

  • Rez the incubator
  • Rez your non-starter Barnyard Bird Nest within 10m of your incubator
  • Left-click your non-starter Barnyard Bird Nest and click incubate
  • Click yes to send to the incubator
  • Wait 5 minutes for your new Barnyard Bird to be hatched

While the eggs are in the incubator you can click the button called list UUID’s this will list all UUIDS of the Barnyard Birds that are birthing. If you have a Barnyard Bird that cannot rez due to lack of prims please give the incubator time as it will also re-rez the Barnyard Bird when the prims are open.

The incubator works for both Chickens and Ducks and is absolutely free at any Barnyard Bird food store location. https://amarettobreedables.com/pages/locations

Now, go out and get some Barnyard Bird nests and start breeding your own Chickens and Ducks today!

Until next time…HAPPY BREEDING! 🥚 🐔


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