Intercontinental Horse Expo 2020

Happy Thursday Fellow Breeders!

Amaretto loves to shine the spotlight on breeder events throughout Second Life and, today, I want to tell you about an event that is happening right now! The Intercontinental Horse Expo!

Intercontinental means between continents and represents the diversity of the Amaretto Community. The Expo, which started this past weekend at E&S Breedables Market, is an awesome opportunity for breeders to show off their prized creations.

Everyone is welcome to check out the Expo and vote for your favorites. Voting ends at 8PM on Friday, May 29th, so, hurry on over. There is a L$10 fee to vote. Here’s the landmark:

I’m sure you will see some familiar names. Just take a peek at these beauties!

Up for grabs to the entrants are the following prizes:

1st Prize – 12,500L
2nd Prize – 7,500L
3rd Prize – 2,500L

Winners will be announced at E&S’s 9th Birthday Hoedown on Saturday evening. Good luck to all the entries and Happy Birthday to E&S!

If you have an Amaretto based event you would like me to mention in a future Connection, please contact me (Blush Topaz) in-world!

Until next time…Happy Breeding!


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