Extend Breeding With The Extenze Pill

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

Have you ever wished you could breed your prized Amaretto horse one more time after it has retired? You can with the Amaretto Extenze Pill!

How does it work?

Introduced in April 2019, the Extenze Pill is a one-time use consumable that will add 7 days of breeding to any retired horse. The horse cannot have had a Forever Foal used to pet it.

Let me repeat that…

  • Can only be used on retired horses
  • Horses can not be petted
  • Can only be used once per horse

To use, rez the Extenze Pill package to the ground and open it. The contents will appear in a folder in your inventory. Now, from the folder, rez the Extenze Pill next to the horse you wish to add breeding time to and then click the horse for their main menu. Go to the consumables option on the menu, find Extenze, and click it. Once the horse stats have been updated, the consumable will disappear.

Tips for use!

Time is of the essence! To make the most out of the extra time, be sure to do the following prior to using the Extenze Pill on your horse:

  • Heal the horse, if sick. Do this by using a healing kit or feed it breeder food for 3 days. It must be on breeder food!
  • Make sure the horse has 75% happiness or higher. Do this by giving it salt at least 2 days before you use the Extenze. This will allow it to start gaining fervor as soon as its breeding time has been extended.
  • Make sure its intended mate is ready to breed.

The effects of the Extenze Pill will expire after 7 days. This should give you ample time to breed a female horse once and a male horse 3 times, provided you’ve prepped the horse as suggested in the tips above.

Please note, as stated, the Extenze Pill can only be used once per horse. If the extended pill has already been used on a horse, it will state so in the stats.

That extra breeding cycle may drop you a coveted Charmed! Good luck!

Until next time…HAPPY BREEDING!


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