It’s A Dog Day!

Happy Hump Day Breeders!

Every August 26th has been designated Dog Day to bring attention to all real-life dogs, regardless of breed. It is a catalyst for rescue and adoption, but, we’re going to use it, today, to put the spotlight on the Amaretto K-9s.

In September 2010, Amaretto Ranch Breedables, LLC, took the SL grid by storm when they released the Amaretto horses. The Amaretto horse quickly became the top breedable of Second Life. To add to that success, in August 2011, the Amaretto K-9s came barking in and they’ve not stopped yet!

Over the years, the K-9s have been updated and traits added. Starting at just 3 possible non-starter traits, currently, at version 3.01, K-9s can have a maximum trait count of 18! Plus, we sure have seen a lot of beautiful K-9s; from best in show, twist, crazed, zodiac, elemental, and craved right up to the new coveted coats. To get more details on Amaretto K-9 breeds and traits, visit the K-9 Wiki.

Breed them, keep them as a pet, or make them a perpetual puppy after they retire, whatever you choose Amaretto K-9s are so much fun! And, they’re interactive! Using their HUD, your dogs can follow you like a companion, be lead on a leash, and play fetch with a ball!

Wishing everyone a Happy Dog Day and Happy Amaretto K-9 Breeding!


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