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Bird Sanctuary

Hey breeders its Monday again! Man they just keep rolling around again don’t they? Anyways I wanted to mention besides the university starting classes this week, which i hope you guys will participate in.

Have any of you guys been saving up those Henny Pennies?
Well now you can visit the Haven sim and spend them!!

I have included a picture of the bird sanctuary!

So you when you visit you can click the Henny Pennies sign in the birds mouth and it will tell you how many Henny Pennies you have saved up!

Here is a list of what you can buy with your Pennies:

Barnyard Bird Flu Shot Single (Boxed) 8000

Pet Pellets Six (Boxed) 18000

Poultry Glow Single (Boxed) 10000

High Potency Seeds Single (Boxed) 8000

Hen Booster Pack Single (Boxed) 75000

Rooster Booster Pack Single (Boxed) 75000


So save up those Henny Pennies and visit the haven sim to spend them! Alright well happy breeding everyone and I will see you in class!