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Hey guys its Monday again already! Happy Halloween to everyone! Seeing everyone in second life so festive has been awesome! I have seen some awesome Halloween setups for the horses in world as well!

Couple things I wanted to mention to everyone:

1. BCA and LE horses are only available until Nov 3rd at midnight SLT, so if you haven’t gotten yours go get one its for a great cause! IF you have gotten one go get another!! 😛

2. Sadly I haven’t seen you guys sharing your story on the forums on the website, last year there was so many of you guys who had heartfelt stories to share so lets take advantage of this thread and share your cancer stories with the world! We have all been effected by this in one way or another! Link below

3. Boomtown is booming! It’s now open and everyone is invited to come down and hang out talk horses! Amaretto CSR’s will be in world and on hand through out the day so come one down and hang out with Amaretto!

4. Second Life has been a terror lately with all the sim roll backs, and everyone knows sim roll backs cause duplicate horses, so when you file a ticket on a duplicate horse its important to have your transaction history. If your not showing as owner of a horse on our server a CSR can not return the horse to you!

5. ~Amaretto Market Owners Coalition~
We are getting ready for out first meeting so if you aren’t in this group your missing out if you own a market or want to work with other market owners and breeders on things we can do for the market please send Avalon Crystal a note card because this group is invite only!

Well I know thats a lot of info and its been a busy time as we enter the holidays im sure it will only get busier! So happy breeding everyone and Happy Halloween!!

Traits and how they stack

Hello everybody tonight i want to share some insight on traits and how they stack up. The different types of traits:




Hair Style traits:




Upright Long


Body Traits:

Non starter coat

Various types of brandings



Color Style Traits:







Surface Trait Styles:

Luster High

Luster Low


Radiance Trait Styles:

Gleam High

Gleam Low


Now each spot has its limitations on what traits can be present:










Coat: Brown Leopard Appaloosa – Limited Edition

Eye: Amber

Mane: Normal

Tail: Normal

Every trait apears below happiness:


Coat: Brown Leopard Appaloosa – Limited Edition

Eye: Amber

Mane: Normal

Tail: Normal


Coat is a trait when its a non starter horse (+1 max)

Eye is a trait when its a non starter eye (+1 max)

Mane is a trait when its anything other than normal (+1 max)

Tail is a trait when its anything other than normal (+1 max)

Now other items that appear below tail:

Luster ( can be either High or Low but not both and on both Coat and Hair eg Hair Luster Low and Coat Luster High) (+2 max)

Gleam ( can be either High or Low but not both and on both Coat and Hair eg Hair Gleam Low and Coat Gleam High) (+2 max)

Color Modifier (Can be either gloom, warmth, chill, blush, haze only one is allowed per Coat and Hair eg Coat Gloom and Hair Chill )(+2 max)

Opal(Can be On Coat and Hair)(+2 max)

Branding (+1 max)


So as you can see how the traits can stack up to a total of 13 ( yes 13 ) traits!


Coat +1

Eye +1

Mane +1

Tail +1

Luster +2

Gleam +2

Color +2

Opal +2

Branding +1

Total = 13!


I hope this helps everyone understand what is and is not a trait!


And remember the general rule of thumb is:

Once a starter always a starter.

What a surprise !!!! MULES

First off the Donkey DOES NOT pass its coat….


When you mate a Donkey with a Regular Horse, you have a chance to get a Mule !!! In RL Mules are sterile but in SL you can mate this mule., But the Mule coat does not pass.. The Mule will pass its genetics from its parents.


The Mule is not a Charmed, it’s just a special horse that you can get from breeding a horse and a donkey.

On Oct 24, 2011 Amaretto released its Think Pink Horses, Halloween Horses and last but not least Think Pink K9s. Our amazing community of Amaretto Breeders came together from across the grid to show continued support to help fight breast cancer.

It is with great privilege that I’m able to report in the last 5 days that we have raised 8,824,463L (more then 35,000USD). 100% of the proceeds of money raised goes directly to the American Cancer Society…This is truly AMAZING stuff and I know is touching the hearts of thousands and thousands…

I would like to thank all of you on behalf of Amaretto for helping us reach this milestone in our Think Pink Campaign. You guys are truly an example and inspiration of what can be achieved in a world many think to be “just a game”. You have all certainly stepped up!

However, we can’t stop here… I would personally like to urge all those yet to have made it out to the Amaretto store to get their LE horse or SE K9 to please do so… The price is 1011L or the price of a Starbucks coffee *yum yum*. It seems like a little but it goes so far to help so many people that have been affected by breast cancer and continued research for a cure.

If you have already purchased some of these amazing Limited Edition Horses or Special Edition K-9’s… I would like to urge you to please please go out and grab even just one more. If only 2000 of our members purchased 1 more that would be 2,022,000L (or 8000.00 USD) towards the fight against breast cancer.

I would like to remind you all that you are able to purchase these amazing Horses and K9s until Nov 1 2011. So we have only just about 3 days left to go!

Here are our locations where you can purchase these Limited Edition Horses and Special Edition K9s

Amaretto Horse Locations

Amaretto Ranch

Amaretto Ranch Haven

The Nest Egg Market Place (Ancient)

The Nest Egg Market Place (Chinchilla)

Equus, Aero Pine Park

Amaretto Wonderland

mySLHorses Sales Yard


Blue Fusion Island

Platinum Breedables

TK Stables

BunnyVille, NY

Amaretto K9 Store Locations

Amaretto Ranch K9 Main Store

The Nest Egg Market Place (Ancient)

The Nest Egg Market Place (Chinchilla)



Amaretto Wonderland

Platinum Breedables


TK Stables


Minx Farms

Paradigm Shift Stables

Boomtown is Boomin!!

A Boomtown is a community that experiences sudden and rapid growth. The Amaretto Community could definitely be described as a Boomtown, so we thought it would be nice to add an actual Boomtown sim to the Amaretto sims!  The Amaretto Boomtown sim is a beautiful little town you can go to hang out with other members of the community and possibly run into some of the Amaretto Team while you’re there.  Although there will not be Horses or K-9s sold at Amaretto Boomtown the buildings in the town are available to rent to sell clothing, shoes or whatever else you may want to sell there (besides Horses or K-9s)! The buildings, however, went very quickly today but you can contact Avalon Crystal via note card in world to get put on the waiting list for when a building comes open. We are not allowing sales of the Horses or K-9s at Amaretto Boomtown so we don’t take anything away from the wonderful Sales Markets that are already out there! We hope the community enjoys the addition of Amaretto Boomtown and we look forward to seeing people bustling about the town!

So c’mon down and sit a spell….

Until next time……..



As everyone knows Amaretto has Limited Edition Horses and K-9’s on sale right now through November 1st to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.  In honor of this we have created a special place on the Amaretto Forums for you to go and share your stories.  Share your survivor stories with each other, share what inspired you to purchase these Limited Editions, or share stories of friends and families battles with cancer.  Thank you all for your support to this very worthwhile charity and for going to share your stories!

Hello Everyone!!!
   Today I would like to talk about something there is alot of quetions about:
   Blush Trait
   Haze Trait
   These two traits do take place of gloom.  These were brought back after alot of request they are the OLD Warmth and Chill Colors!! Yes that is right they are back just under a different name 🙂
Also I would like to mention that on the Amaretto Website we have two polls going! Please take the time to log in and choose which answer best goes with you.
And last but not least today we did have a new Charmed Horse birth on the grid, it is the Charmed Ladybug Horse!!!  Below is a picture of the horse I do hope you all enjoy 🙂

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Amaretto has released 2 Limited Edition Think Pink Horses, 2 Limited Edition Halloween Horses AND 2 Special Edition Think Pink K-9s!! With 100% of proceeds going to the American Cancer Society, so show your support and let’s make a difference! Sales will be from Oct. 24 – Nov 1 at all Amaretto Store locations. The beautiful New eyes on the Horses & K-9s DO HAVE the ability to pass but the coats DO NOT.  Thank you for your support!


I have included some pics for you guys! Click on the pics below to bring up the image! Remember everyone this is for a great cause so lets top last years total!! Until next time happy breeding everyone!!


Amaretto K9’s :)

 Hello Everyone.
 As most of you know yesterday was the 2 month anniversary for the Amaretto K9’s!! The K9’s came into play back in November of last year when we announced we would be adding them to Amaretto Breedables. Then after months and months of work by the team they were released on August 22nd of 2011.
Today I come to you all for your feedback on the K9’s. What I am looking for is this:
    What you think of them as a product?
    What you would like to see in them as in traits and such for future updates?
Yes, we do listen to our community and what they would like to see. Although you might think your idea isn’t that great it could be one of the greatest.
No we might not use every single idea that someone has but we do look through them very closely.  Please file tickets with your comments or your suggestions with the title (Attn Richie) I will personally look through every single ticket we get and write down all the details to go over with our team.
We want the community to feel involved, you all are what has made Amaretto what it is today and we will strive to keep on making Amaretto one of the best products within SL.
On a personal note I see each and every community member as a family member. To be honest you all have done so much hard work, just like the Amaretto Team has. From breeding to selling to even sending in great ideas to the Amaretto staff, you each play a very important role in keeping the breedable community alive. So at this time I would like each and everyone of you reading this today to have a seat, get some coffee and just think about what you think will make the K9’s more enjoyable for you and the rest of the community.
PS:  Although you might ask yourself are they using my idea? That is one thing you will have to wait and see when updates come out .

Surfin Fell Ponies

Hello all! Thought I’d take a fast moment today and talk about the fell ponies that look as though they have a surf boards for bodies… O.O

We are aware of this issue and rather then force everybody to update again *cause we know that you guys love updates* the solution for this problem is to have the vet stretch them back in place…

If you have a surfin fell pony then feel free to file a ticket and we will get that all fixed up for you!

Thats it for me today!


Here is the link to file a ticket for your surfin pony!