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Wings, Wings, Wings!!

Happy Saturday everyone!! I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far.  Today I want to spotlight the awesome Wing traits for our horses!

The Wing trait was introduced with the Limited Edition Fall Fantasy Horses that were on sale from September 22, 2012 through October 13, 2012.

On October 12, 2012 a twist to the Limited Edition Fall Fantasy Horses was announced. If you breed a Limited Edition Fall Fantasy Horse with a Memorable Haven Horse you will have the ability to get a new wing called Blizzard. If you breed a Limited Edition Fall Fantasy Horse with a Haven Horse – Darkness you will have the ability to get a new wing called Nightfall.

On February 14, 2015 A random drop on Valentines day released the Amour wing.

On May 20, 2015 the graduating class at ARU received 2015 Graduation Spotted A.R.U theses horses were hiding the Amaretto Wing.

On Saturday May 29,2015 we added Safari Edition Haven Horses to the Horse Haven vendor!If you breed the new Safari Edition Haven Horse with any other winged horse (the wing must be shown in the stats) you can have a chance at Surprise! These surprises were the Safari Tiger, Safari Giraffe, Safari Leopard, and Safari Gazelle Wings!!!

On June 26, 2015 Amaretto held the Summer Fest Auction and unveiled the first Horse in the line of Seven Deadly Sins Horses. Duckkula Resident was the winning bidder on the OOAK Seven Deadly Sins – Wrath Horse. The hidden surprises from the OOAK Seven Deadly Sins – Wrath Horse were the Wrath wing!

On November 26, 2015 Amaretto wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving Day 2015 by releasing a Thanksgiving 2015 Wing! This wing was available for 24 hours on November 26, 2015.

On March 23, 2016 Amaretto was pleased to present another Graduating class of Amaretto Ranch University (ARU) with special horses as graduation gifts. These horses were hiding the following wings Tribute, Trust, Celebration, and Esteem.

The Fortitude and Disdain wind were hiding in the OOAK Seven Heavenly Virtues – Patience and OOAK Seven Deadly Sins – Pride Horses.

On November 24, 2016 Amaretto celebrated Thanksgiving with some random drop traits these traits included Gravy Wing and Cranberry Sauce Wing.

On July 14th, 2017 Amaretto hosted a Country Fair Auction, up for bid was a create your own horse wing in which Sedan7777 won and created alongside Amaretto Designers the Rhapsody & Music Wing!

On July 14th, 2017 Amaretto hosted a Country Fair Auction, up for bid was 2 OOAK horses and they were each hiding a wing the Longing and Endowment Wing!

On Nov 10th until November 24th, 2017 Amaretto celebrated Fall with 2017 Limited Edition Fall Edition horses! The following wings were hiding in the 2017 Limited Edition Fall Edition horses! Cornucopia Night Fall, First Frost Night Fall, Ice Wine Night Fall, Pumpkin Night Fall, and Autumn Leaves Night Fall.

In December 2017 Amaretto celebrated Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Amaretto Christmas Horses. If you breed these together you got a chance at getting a Winter Snowflake or Candy Cane Wing!

On February 8,2018 Amaretto celebrate Mardi Gras with 2018 Mardi Gras Krewe of Amaretto Horses! You could get the wing Mardi Gras from any breeding of ther 2018 Mardi Gras Krewe of Amaretto Horses!

On Jan.14,2019 Amaretto released its first ever Liimited Edition Stride Towards Freedom to honor and celebrate MLK! These Horses were hiding the Gold Glitter Wing!

Please note that the Wing trait CAN be passed on.

For a closer look at any of these wings check them out on the wiki

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you all stay safe and have a fabulous weekend!!

Happy Breeding!


The Chimera according to Greek mythology, was a monstrous fire-breathing hybrid creature of Lycia in Asia Minor, composed of the parts of more than one animal. It is usually depicted as a lion, with the head of a goat protruding from its back, and a tail that might end with a snake’s head.

With animals, chimeras are the result of a genetic anomaly – one animal (like the dog below)– has cells derived from two different cell lines ( a black Labrador and a yellow Labrador). Brindle coloring in horses is extremely rare and in many cases is linked to spontaneous chimerism, resulting in an animal with two sets of DNA, , with the brindle pattern being an expression of two different sets of equine coat color genes in one horse.

In 2011, Amaretto brought us their own version of the Chimera Brindle horse. The Black/Platinum Chimera Brindle, Brown/Red Chimera Brindle, Brown/Tan Chimera Brindle, Platinum/Black Chimera Brindle, Red/Brown Chimera Brindle and Tan/Brown Chimera Brindle were one set of many exciting possible Non-Starter coats that could come from breeding starter horses. You had a chance at one of these exciting Non-Starter coated Chimera Brindles by breeding any horse with a starter horse or by breeding together two starter horses.
These coats CAN be passed on.

The Chimera Brindle Horse coats are now out to pasture, which means they will no longer drop from new starters, havens or LEs, but they can still be bred from existing lines.

Intercontinental Horse Expo 2020

Happy Thursday Fellow Breeders!

Amaretto loves to shine the spotlight on breeder events throughout Second Life and, today, I want to tell you about an event that is happening right now! The Intercontinental Horse Expo!

Intercontinental means between continents and represents the diversity of the Amaretto Community. The Expo, which started this past weekend at E&S Breedables Market, is an awesome opportunity for breeders to show off their prized creations.

Everyone is welcome to check out the Expo and vote for your favorites. Voting ends at 8PM on Friday, May 29th, so, hurry on over. There is a L$10 fee to vote. Here’s the landmark:

I’m sure you will see some familiar names. Just take a peek at these beauties!

Up for grabs to the entrants are the following prizes:

1st Prize – 12,500L
2nd Prize – 7,500L
3rd Prize – 2,500L

Winners will be announced at E&S’s 9th Birthday Hoedown on Saturday evening. Good luck to all the entries and Happy Birthday to E&S!

If you have an Amaretto based event you would like me to mention in a future Connection, please contact me (Blush Topaz) in-world!

Until next time…Happy Breeding!

Time to say Goodbye!

Hey everyone! Its Hump Day! We made it half way thru this week! I know a lot of have you have been patiently waiting on a announcement from Amaretto about the next Craved maker.

Well sit down, I have some news! The Craved animals have came to a end, the month of May will mark the end of craved breeding!

I know that we have all had fun breeding for the craved animals, but its time for us to move on.

What will replaced the craved? Well we will unveil that at the end of June so for now its a Mystery Monthly Breeding! I know that you guys will love whats coming maybe even more than the craved! So be looking for more information at the end of this month!

This is Ava over and out!

Memorable Oasis Ponie!

With the new 2.0 Ponie Update came these little cuties, just like their other counter parts for the horse, K-9 and Birds, these guys join the Memorable Family. Head on down to your nearest Ponie Store and pick one up from the Oasis Vendor

Have fun updating and birthing some new ponie babies!

Memorial Day Sale!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope that everyone and their families are having a safe and healthy holiday!

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for honoring and mourning the military personnel who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. The holiday is now observed on the last Monday of May,

So today we are offering all our our animals consumables and food at 20% off. At each of the four MAIN STORES you will see this type of display out front, this is all the items that are for sale. This Memorial Day sale will last 1 day ONLY!

Let us all take a moment to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us! Happy Breeding!

Time for a PUPICURE!!

Happy Saturday everyone!! I hope your weekend is off to an awesome start.

Today the spotlight is shining on Paw Polish an adorable trait for our K-9s!

The Paw Polish was introduced with the 2012 Special Edition Fall Fantasy K-9s. Breeding these K-9s gave you the chance of getting the hidden Thick Fog, Pumpkin, Indian Corn, Ice Wine, First Frost, and Cornucopia Paw Polishes.

On April 14,2014 Amaretto released the Special Edition Spring 2014 K-9 – Daisy Doggie, this Daisy Doggie passed hidden surprises of Sun, Blossom, and Leaves paw polish.

On December 16,2014 Amaretto released 2014 Holiday. Any breeding of these K-9s gave you a chance at passing hidden surprises of Spearmint, Peppermint, Licorice and Mistletoe Paw Polish.

On September 9, 2016 Amaretto release 2016 Fall Special EditionK-9s any breeding of these K-9s gave you a chance at passing hidden surprises of Gold and Silver and Gold Paw Polish.

On July 4, 2018 Amaretto celebrated Independence day with traits that randomly dropped for 24 hours the Americana Paw Polish was one of the random traits!

Paw Polish DOES have the ability to pass. So pick your favorite and add this cute trait to your pups!!

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have a great weekend and stay safe.

Happy Breeding!!

Celebrate Today!

Today is May 22! What can we celebrate today? Lots of things from this list can be celebrated with Amaretto traits

National Solitaire Day
National Craft Distillery Day
National Buy a Musical Instrument Day
National Vanilla Pudding Day
National Maritime Day
Canadian Immigrants Day
Sherlock Holmes Day
World Goth Day
National Don’t Fry Day– Friday Before Memorial Day

For instance, you might birth an Amaretto Barnyard bird with Hold Em’ eyes in connection to National Solitaire Day, not quite the same game but close lol.

Or what about the Moonlight Serenade Branding or Set the night to Music eyes for Buy a Musical Instrument Day.

National Vanilla Pudding day makes me want sweets, and there are plenty of traits to go with that, the Confection Eyes and horns

  • Lollipop – Out to Pasture
  • Cotton Candy – Out to Pasture
  • Honeycomb- Out to Pasture
  • Chocolate Cherry- Out to Pasture
  • Spun Sugar
  • Tutti Frutti
  • Doublemint
  • Sprinkled Donut
  • Licorice Roll
  • Sweet Tart
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Red Velvet
  • Hot Fudge Sundae
  • Devil’s Food Cake
  • Pink Cotton Candy
  • Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Red Velvet Cake
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Double Chocolate Cake
  • Cookies N Cream
  • Chocolate Eclair
  • Gummy Bear
  • Caramel Swirl
  • Banana Split
  • Jelly Beans
  • Cherry Pie

For Canadian Immigrants Day we have the Happy Canada Day eye or the flags of The World Canada eye.

What traits would you put together for World Goth Day? The Demon Black Walker? Bloody traits? So many to choose from, there is something for everyone!

All about those Ears!

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday! Today I wanted to take a moment to go over an awesome trait for the ponies! The ear traits!! There is the Ear Size and Ear Type! Take a look below for info on these adorable traits!

There are 3 different ear sizes that your ponie can get! The standard ear size is normal, Ear size Small and Large are an exciting trait possible that can come from breeding starter Ponies. You can have a chance at one of these ear sizes by breeding any Ponies with a starter Ponies or by breeding together two starter Ponies. These ears all have the ability to pass on!

There are 4 different ear types that your ponie can get! Ear size Lop Right, Lop Left and Lop are an exciting new trait possible that can come from breeding starter Ponies. You can have a chance at one of these exciting ear sizes by breeding any Ponies with a starter Ponies or by breeding together two starter Ponies. These ears all have the ability to pass on!

I  hope this helps you add new trait ideas to your breeding projects! You can also read about the Ear Traits on our Ponie Pals wiki page!

Happy Ponie Pal breeding!

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe! This is Ava over and out!

The Beauty of Flowers

Happy Wednesday Fellow Breeders!

I’m sure most you have heard the age-old proverb, “April Showers bring May Flowers.” May is the most beautiful time of the year. Rising temperatures result in the abundance of colorful, vibrant blooms in all climate zones.

Rare is the person who does not enjoy the beauty of flowers. There is much meaning in flowers. Long before email, texting, instant messages, or even phone calls, people used flowers to communicate. The language of flowers — also known as floriography — was popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. During this highly conservative period of the Victorian era, people were strongly restricted by the rules of etiquette. When it was considered totally inappropriate to express feelings of love or affection, the language of flowers evolved. A message was assigned to a specific flower by which means a lover could send flowers that conveyed a hidden romantic meaning. Today, flowers remain a welcome substitute for words, enhancing the giver’s message with fragrance and beauty.

Flowers can, also, represent birthdays in each month of the year. Using that premise, Amaretto created the Birthstone Flower eyes. Beginning March 1, 2012, the first of the Birthstone Flower eyes were born onto the grid. These beautiful eyes come with a representation of the birth flower for the month as well as the birthstone for the month. The Birthstone Flower eyes are one set of exciting Non-Starter eyes that can randomly drop in bundles from any horse version 3.5 and higher. These eyes CAN be passed on.

In order of appearance:

Daffodil Aquamarine March 1 – March 31
Daisy Diamond April 1 – April 30
Hawthorn Emerald May 1 – May 31
Rose Pearl June 1 – June 30
Water Lily Ruby July 1 – July 31
Gladiolus Peridot August 1 – August 31
Morning Glory Sapphire September 1 – September 31
Marigold Opal October 1 – October 31
Chrysanthemum Topaz November 1- November 30
Holly Turquoise December 1- December 30
Snowdrop Garnet January 1- January 30
Amethyst Primrose February 1- February 30

Beginning April 1, 2017, Amaretto took the Birthstone eyes a step further by using the eyes to breed for a special monthly Birthstone Flower horse.

These beautiful coats DID NOT have the ability to pass, but the new eye from each horse DOES.

Although you can no longer use the Birthstone Flower eyes to breed for the special horses, they would make a beautiful addition to your own creations.

Today is a great day to start a flower project. 🌼 I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Until next time…Happy Breeding! 🌷