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Memories & Milestones

Happy Friday Everyone! Today draws to a close another amazing month in the Amaretto Community! We’ve enjoyed lots of fun events this May and it looks like next month is going to be just as awesome! I have the pleasure of including June’s calendar’s in my blog today and I see a few exciting things coming up next month. I’m back after vacation with my talk show on the 8th so I hope to see all of you in the audience for that!
I was walking around yesterday and noticed that some of the Amaretto horses were about to celebrate a very special milestone today! There are Cheetah and Sprinkle horses that will turn 1000 days old today! I thought it would be nice to include a picture of my very own Sprinkle horse and share this pretty cool milestone with all of you!
I also started a thread on the Amaretto forums for all of you to share pictures of the very special milestones that your Amaretto horses reach! I look forward to seeing lots of posts there.

You can find the Amaretto forums by following this link:

Until next week, Happy Breeding!




A Great Day For Springtime Fishing!

Today was a beautiful day for fishing down on the Boomtown Fishing dock! There was a lot of fun, laughter, jokes, and friends! It was so relaxing with all the springtime décor and the birds chirping! If you didn’t make it down you definitely missed out on a good time! It was a super close contest but in the end we had 5  fishermen that took the prizes! In First Place we had Skittelzz Carlucci, and in a close Second Place was MastersGirl Idlemind, and reeling in Third Place was Elaine Lectar, Fourth Place went to Lilevil Flux, and last but certainly not least was starrlina Lionheart!! I want to send a HUGE congrats out to our winners and I also wanted to thank everyone who came down and made this event an amazing one!! Be sure to keep your eyes open for some fun events coming in June! You will not want to miss them!

P.S. Make sure to gallop on down to the Breedables Fair still going strong! Amaretto has some great displays set up for you all!

Until Next time….

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Hope everyone is good this day!

Today I wanted to remind of you about The Breedables Fair!
Be sure to get over there an bid on the One of a Kind Demon Flyer, because the winner will be announced on Sunday June 2nd at 4pm SLT! All proceeds will go directly to RFL. Remember this is a One of a Kind item, so you will be the only one is secondlife to have this Demon RFL Flyer!!!

Also be sure to pick up your Amaretto RFL Flyer pets that Amaretto has there for sale.

Amaretto has 3 flyers for sale which are:

Amaretto Ladybug RFL Flyer, Amaretto Butterfly RFL Flyer, and Amaretto Pixie Yorkie RFL Flyer. All proceeds from the sales of the RFL Flyers go to the Relay For Life. These are shoulder pets and do not breed!

So be sure to pick yours up today because time is running out soon!

Oh an be sure to attend the Fishing Event Amaretto is having on May 30 at 11am Slt time.

OOAKBoard2Until next week Happy Breeding!

Please be seated for the Show!

Hello my breeding family! Its terrific Tuesday with no linden roll backs!
I do hope all of you in the U.S. got to enjoy a 3 day weekend and have some fun with the family!

After watching you guys debate over when we would announce the next month show horse, I thought it was time I went ahead and spilled the beans so to speak!

Starting June 5th at 12:01 AM SLT you will have a chance at a Roan Showhorse! How do you get a Roan Showhorse??
Well all you need to do is breed two roans of any type together to have a chance at this showhorse!

Now for my K-9 lovers out there! June 5th starting at 12:01 AM SLT any time you breed 2 Staffordshire Bull Terriers together you have a chance at the Best in Show Staffordshire Bull Terrier!
Now that’s settled don’t forget to head on over to the Breedables Fair and pick up the RFL Flyers! Remember all proceeds go to Relay For Life!
This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!

Holiday Monday!!!


There is no better way to start a Monday than having it be a holiday, although I guess that will make Tuesday feel like Monday and we all know what Tuesday is like on SL.


For those of you that may not know about this American Holiday, I have posted explanation, taken from Wikipedia.


Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday which occurs every year on the final Monday of May..Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.Formerly known as Decoration Day, it originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. By the 20th century, Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who have died while in the military service. Memorial Day typically marks the start of the summer vacation season, while Labor Day marks its end.



Now having said all that, I am sure that a lot of people took trips and had family cookouts and gatherings on this nice 3 day weekend. I still see a lot of people here on SL this evening and you really should give your self a break and go check out the Breedable Fair! Amaretto has two displays at the fair and there is a lot to see there.So take this link and go to the fair!


Remember all proceeds from our flying pets go directly to Relay For Life (RFL)!


Now later this week, Thursday May 30th , 11 am (slt) we have the Spring Fishing Event at Boomtown. Pull those poles out and be ready to come to the Boomtown Pier for some great and relaxing fun!


I’ll be looking forward to seeing all of you out having a good time with all of us! Till next week, keep smiling!!!!

The Second Life Home and Garden Expo has started and Amaretto is so excited to be a part of this amazing event! We have spent many hours working hard on the displays for the Expo! This is not only an extremely fun event but it also is a very meaningful one too. Amaretto has 3 of the most adorable Amaretto RFL Flyer pets for sale. The three flying pets are the Amaretto Ladybug RFL Flyer, the Amaretto Butterfly RFL Flyer, and the Amaretto Pixie Yorkie RFL Flyer. Isn’t that wonderful?! But wait… there’s more…. If that wasn’t cool enough we also have an awesome One of a Kind Demon Flyer pet that is up for auction. You can bid on this OOAK now and the winner will be announced Sunday June 2nd at 4pm slt. All proceeds will go directly to RFL to help in this wonderful cause. Amaretto has four locations set up at the expo and we encourage you to check them all out as they all have their own unique design! I would like to mention that Pirate Pete is at the 2013 RFL Breedables Fair and he’s been listening to rumors about all the pirates that have come through the area. Click on Pete at the Pirate Tavern located at the Breedables Fair, and see if he’ll tell you where treasure can be found!

Remember, pirates mark treasure with a RED X.






Happy Friday Everyone! I hope everyone is ready for a fun filled Memorial Day Weekend. Many of you will be enjoying long weekends and have extra time on your hands. I had a wonderful vacation at the beginning of this month and visited two of the most amazing museums in Ohio. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum was just awesome to walk thru and see the many treasures it held. Then we headed to the Football Hall of Fame which was so cool. The bonus of going to this museum was that I actually got to meet one of the Amaretto Community, Kini Barbosa. I have included a picture of us meeting at the Football Hall of Fame for all of you to see below! It was so cool to meet in person!
My trip made me want to remind you all about the Amaretto Museum located on the University sim, this is a great place to spend some time! The University sim itself is beautiful but the Museum, wow it is so much fun to walk thru there and remember back to all the different Amaretto Horses that have been released since that wonderful September day back in 2010 when Amaretto Ranch galloped into Second Life. If that’s not enough to take in please don’t forget to walk thru the K-9 and Barnyard Bird areas, you are sure to find some cuties there that will make you smile.
I like to go to the Museum and look at all the Amaretto Horses there and then go out into the community and look around. It’s fun to see just what you guys have all done with the traits to make each of the horses unique and fun! It’s amazing to see the way the different coats look with various traits, especially the combinations you would have never thought of!
So this weekend take some time to go visit the Amaretto Museum look around at all the fabulous horses there, then head out to the many different markets in the Amaretto Community and maybe you’ll find the inspiration for your next breeding project.


Until next time, stay safe and Happy Breeding!!


Snapshot _ ~Amaretto Ranch University~ __Classes Now Available_





Go to the Museum!

When a CSR get your ticket, they will ask you to send them your breedable in a folder with your name and ticket number on the folder. You can also send a note card with the breedable in the folder.

Why do we need folders?

The reason we ask for a folder with your name and ticket number on it is because it’s easier to sort and look for a folder than it is to find an object or a horse/K-9/barnyard bird/bundle/kennel/nest and a notecard and it helps us help you faster and more efficiently!

Now the fun part ideally we want all folders to have 2 parts to their name like so (Your SL name (no display names please) – Your Amaretto Ticket Number (i.e JJC-xxx-xxxxx)) this will help us find your folder quicker and be able to quickly find your ticket number please be sure that your ticket number follows this format: JJC-xxx-xxxxx the easiest way is to copy and paste the ticket ID from the ticket system.

How did I create a folder?

Now creating a folder is easy all you do is right click (or command click if your using a mac) in either the My Inventory folder or another folder (like the Objects folder) and click New Folder then under the folder you clicked on a New Folder will be created and ready to rename to whatever you want to name it. Once you are done changing the name it will fall in order with the other folders and be ready to add your inventory to it. After you have placed the horses/K-9s/barnyard birds/bundles/kennels/nests and any additional information you can add for the ticket pull our name up in search and drag the folder over to us and we will get it (even if we are offline!) and we will respond in your ticket if more information is needed or if no info is needed you will have your fixed breedable sent back in the folder described at the end of this blog



A few things you need to do after filing a ticket.

1. You do NOT need to send a note card or an instant message to the CSR.

2. You DO need to reply to your ticket.

3. You DO need to reply in the original ticket.

4. If you do instant message a CSR have your ticket ID on hand, we talk to so many people when you randomly message we have no idea who you are. It may be awhile before we notice your IM, as we are working on fixing your breedables

5. Do NOT file duplicate tickets for the same issue.

How do I reply in the original ticket?

After you have logged in find the button on the top menu bar that says View Tickets. Once you are in this view you will see your ticket list. To view your ticket and make a reply click on the title of the ticket above the status bar for it. Once in the ticket you can post a reply in the upper right hand corner with the post reply button. Be sure to reopen the ticket or your response will not be seen

Please be proactive. Read every Customer Connection (that’s what we call these blogs). Know what’s going on so when you do file a ticket it’s not something that has already been addressed.


Now when we send you back your fixed horses/bundles/K-9s/kennels/barnyard birds/nests you will get a folder like this ( in this case when i send the folder mine looks like this: Amaretto Breedable(s) from maleficent Farshore -REPAIRED ) all folders from the CSR’s follow the same naming scheme Amaretto Breedable(s) from CSR NAME -REPAIRED this way when you get the folder back you can use the inventory search feature to find the folder easily and be able to enjoy your fixed horse(s)/K-9s /barnyard birds sooner

All About Albinos

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Hope everyone is doing well this day!
Well I have decided to write a little about Amaretto Albinos!

How do I get an Albino you ask?

Well I am going to tell you!

You can get an Albino by breeding 2 full siblings together.
That means they have to have the exact same mother and father.

The siblings do not have to have the same traits just have the same parents.

Albinos come with a special eye that can pass on to an off spring.

Albinos DO Not pass their coats!

However, breeding an Albino with its sibling does slightly increase your chance for another Albino.

I thought I would give you a list of the Albinos Amaretto currently has…

Albino Clydesdale
Albino Fell Pony
Albino Shetland
Albino Mystique

So, get your favorite siblings together and try to get that special Albino!

Until next week Happy Breeding Everyone!

Terrific Tuesday!!

Hey guys its another terrific Tuesday here at Amaretto Ranch Breedables!
We are gearing up for the Breedables fair that is starting this week on Friday the 24!
What is the breedables fair you ask? It is part of the Home and Garden Expo!
This is one of those great opportunities where tons of creators come together to raise money for Relay for Life!
There are over 2 sims of breedables at the fair this year and Amaretto is proud to be a part of this event.
We have 2 exhibits that you can come see!
All items sold by Amaretto at the breedables fair, will have 100% of the proceeds donated to Relay for Life!

This weekend we also have the AMOC race! The race will be held on Saturday the 25th! Its not to late to enter if you would like to participate in the AMOC race please message a officer in the AMOC group and they can get you an application to fill out to participate!

Lots of exciting things to come in the months ahead from Amaretto in support of RFL! So be sure to be in the know and keep update on all things Amaretto!

Happy breeding my breeding friends! This is Ava over and out!