Happy Wednesday Everyone! Hope everyone is good this day!

Today I wanted to remind of you about The Breedables Fair!
Be sure to get over there an bid on the One of a Kind Demon Flyer, because the winner will be announced on Sunday June 2nd at 4pm SLT! All proceeds will go directly to RFL. Remember this is a One of a Kind item, so you will be the only one is secondlife to have this Demon RFL Flyer!!!

Also be sure to pick up your Amaretto RFL Flyer pets that Amaretto has there for sale.

Amaretto has 3 flyers for sale which are:

Amaretto Ladybug RFL Flyer, Amaretto Butterfly RFL Flyer, and Amaretto Pixie Yorkie RFL Flyer. All proceeds from the sales of the RFL Flyers go to the Relay For Life. These are shoulder pets and do not breed!

So be sure to pick yours up today because time is running out soon!

Oh an be sure to attend the Fishing Event Amaretto is having on May 30 at 11am Slt time.

OOAKBoard2Until next week Happy Breeding!


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