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Happy Wednesday Everyone!!
I wanted to touch on Amaretto Barnyard Birds Consumables

Barley Bird Diet
Barley Bird Diet is the food that keeps your Barnyard Birds healthy and able to breed when its time. Without a source of food the Barnyard Birds will become sick and will need to either eat their way out of starvation or be healed using a Flu Shot. Stock up on Barley Bird Diet today and keep your birds healthy and breedable.

Orange Rinds
These delicious orange rinds are used to build the vivacity of your Barnyard Bird! These are important as your Barnyard Bird must have 85% or higher vivacity coupled with 100% vigor in order to breed.

High Potency Seeds
These seeds pack a potent punch! High Potency Seeds provide a 10% increase to Vigor. Vigor is important as your Barnyard Bird must have 85% or higher vivacity coupled with 100% vigor in order to breed. This consumable can only be used on a Barnyard Bird once in a 24 hour period.

Poultry Glow
This is the trifecta of consumables! The Poultry Glow provides a 5% increase to Stamina, a 5% increase to Vivacity and a 5% increase to Vigor. This consumable can only be used on a Barnyard Bird once in a 24 hour period

Flu Shot
If your Barnyard Bird runs out of food, or if you leave it in your inventory it will become sick. Once your Barnyard Bird is sick it will take 4 days for it to eat its way out of sickness, or you can purchase a one-time use Flu Shot that will heal one Barnyard Bird instantly

Vivacity Corn
These one-time use Vivacity Corns will increase one of your bird’s vivacity by 15%.

Also if you want to keep your Amaretto Barnyard Bird for a pet there is Pet Food!

Pet Pellets
Pet Pellets will keep your Barnyard Bird healthy not just when they are Seniors but also on those younger birds you simply do Not want to breed.

These Consumables can be found in any of the Amaretto Barnyard Bird Store

Status Update!!!!!!!

InWorldz will soon be rolling out physics on their RC Channels Yay! Which means we will be one step closer!!! Still waiting on a couple of other functions to be implemented other then Physics before we can get the horses up and running into beta!!!! We are very excited to get going in InWorldz so this is great news for us!!! Hope to have beta started very very soon, thanks for all your patience as we venture into this new world!!

Hurricane Sandy thoughts and prayers…..

Hello everyone! It’s a manic Monday again! I wanted to take the time to share with the entire Amaretto Community this is more than likely effecting many breeders you may know!

The storm, which has already cost hundreds of thousands of people power and caused flooding through the nation’s most populous region, has pounded the nation’s biggest city with hurricane-force winds for hours.

This storm is not only effecting the United States as it caused havoc in the islands and over the ocean before it ever reaches the United States coast. The storm is already a deadly one. The AP reports Sandy has been blamed for at least 69 deaths when it rumbled through the Caribbean.

This storm is not done causing devastation as it continues to move north.
Let our thoughts and prayers be with those in these places and in this time of emergency. Ava here signing off! Happy breeding everyone!

Novembers Show horse and Best in Show K-9!

Thats right boys and girls its time to announce what next months Show horse and Best in Show K-9 will be!

First lets start with the Show horse. Can any of you guess what it is???

Im pleased to introduce the Amaretto Breedable Show Horse… Just kidding this months show horse is the “Show Fell Pony”! Starting November 5th, 2012 at the stroke of midnight SLT in a far away land ( well your SL back yard ) any bundle dropped from the breeding of 2 Fell Pony’s has a chance to be the awesome “Show Fell Pony”!

As always the only requirements for the “Show Fell Pony” are that BOTH parents MUST BE a Fell Pony, doesn’t matter what color of Fell Pony as long as it is one! Now you wont know what the “Show Fell Pony” looks like until it is found on the grid. And remember the “Show Fell Pony” ends on December 4th, 2012 at 11:59 PM. Also don’t forget that the “Show Fell Pony” has a chance at passing its special eye!!!!

Now moving on to the Best in Show K-9!

Starting on November 5th, 2012 at the stroke of midnight SLT any kennel dropped from the breeding of 2 Wolves has a chance at being a “Best in Show Wolf”. Thats right November has been thrown to the Wolves ( in a nice way of course 😛 ). As always the only qualification for the “Best in Show Wolf” is that BOTH parents MUST BE a Wolf again doesn’t matter what color but they BOTH MUST BE a wolf.

Now the “Best in Show Wolf” does have a chance at passing its special eye and collar!! And of course we wont show you what it looks like untill one hits the grid so keep those eyes peeled! The “Best in Show Wolf” ends on December 4th, 11:59 PM SLT.

As always we will announce the next Show Horse and Best in Show K-9 near the end of the 30 days of Fell Pony’s and Wolves!

Good luck to all and happy breeding to everyone!


This is Tmzasz signing off.( Ran out of ink )


What better way to end October!!!


Get your costumes ready for some scary, spooky fun. October the 31st at 5 pm slt is the Amaretto Costume Dance at Club Amaretto. Ava will be spinning some awesome Spooky Halloween Music. You don’t want to miss the fun so mark your Calendars now so you won’t miss all the Spooky Fun.


Winter is soon to be here. Watch for some awesome fun in November. Some awesome winter fun yet to come.

TGIF! Hope everyone had a good week and received many amazing bundle, kennels and nests!

In group this week I have noticed a few times people asking what to do when their paired horses, K-9s or companioned Birds don’t breed. Well I have compiled a list of the fixes that I have seen posted in Amaretto Group chat by our awesome Community that have worked for many. Keep in mind these tips work for all 3 breedables.

1. The 1st step is always going to be to Re-rez them.
2. Check to be they are opposite sex – 1 male and 1 female. Don’t laugh it’s happened to all of us!
3. Check that they are the same versions. If not you can pick up a free updater at any store location.
4. Break the pairing/companionship on both menus and repair them.
5. If they are paired/companioned check the spelling of the names. If the name was spelled wrong when they were paired/companioned then it’s not going to work. Break the pairing/companionship and start over.
6. Check that they are not asleep.
7. Check that they are at full fervor/heat/vigor.
8. Check that they are breeding age.

If you’ve tried all these and they still have not bred:

1. Take to another sim and rez them out, sometimes they just like a change of scenery.
2. Try turning on movement for a bit, sometimes they just need a little exercise.
3. Pass them to an alt or a trusted friend and then have them send them back, sometimes a little trip can be nice.

Now after all that they are more than likely in the family way, but if you’ve tried all this and still are having trouble then please file a ticket on the support site and we’ll be happy to help you.

Until next time, Happy Breeding everyone!!

Happy Thursday everyone!!! Many of you have been taking classes at Amaretto and we would like to remind you all about the Amaretto Ranch University website where you can see what classes you have taken and what classes are available! We have placed terminals out at all the classrooms and at the landing point at Amaretto University and it’s very quick to sign up for the website.

To sign up go to any of the terminals at the University and touch the terminal; a blue drop down box comes down and asks for you to type in my email address. Once you type that in and hit send it asks you to wait in local chat then it sends another message with your user name and a temporary password.  You will then go to the website and put that information in and BOO-Yah! That easy! Now you can keep up with all your class studies!We are in the process of inputting all the classes that you have already taken at ARU and you will have that information at your fingertips each time you want to attend classes.  We also have started planning what we think will be one pretty amazing Graduation party for those that finish the classes. Of course no Graduation party would be complete without presents, so if you haven’t taken all the classes yet you better get moving!


Now I would also like to mention that there is a Class Suggestion box right beside the Terminal at the landing point.  We have added more new and exciting classes at the University but can always use suggestions for more! Let us know what classes you would like to see offered at ARU by dropping a notecard with your suggestions on into that suggestion box.  Don’t be surprised if one of us contacts you and asks for your input on the class you suggestion though!


With your help and your desire to breed amazing Amaretto breedables we can make Amaretto Ranch University the place to be!

Bird Sanctuary

Happy Hump Day Everyone!
Just want to remind you that you can get the Rooster Booster Pack and the Hen Booster Pack from the Bird Sanctuary Vendors!! These single bird packs are perfect for when you keep hatching only Hens or only Roosters!
Rooster Booster Pack Single 75000 (Boxed)
Hen Booster Pack Single 75000 (Boxed)

But wait there is more!!
You can also get

High Potency Seeds Single 8000 (Boxed)
Barnyard Bird Flu Shot Single 8000 (Boxed)
Poultry Glow Single 10000 (Boxed)
Pet Pellets Six 18000 (Boxed)

So save them Henny Pennies up an head over to the Haven Sim in world where you will find the Bird Sanctuary Vendors! Happy Breeding!


Hey guys its terrific Tuesday! I wanted to take a few moments to remind everyone about two of our great products!

The Forever Foal and Perpetual Puppy!

The Forever Foal makes the Retired horse so that It will not require food any more. All other normal functions for a Retired horse will still operate normally. Hover text will say Pet instead of Retired. This only works for Retired horses (Retired Horse-Horse that is greater than 120 days old) and can be used for both male and female Retired horses.

The Perpetual Puppy makes a Spayed/Neutered K-9 no longer require food. Of course ALL other functions for a Spayed/Neutered K-9 will still operate normally. Hover text will read Pet.
It’s important to know (cause we don’t want to turn any good breeding K-9 into a Pet prematurely) that the “Perpetual Puppy” will only work on Spayed/Neutered K-9s (over 126 days old) and can be used on either a male or female K-9

These are both great options to make those pets forever!

You can read up on both of these at the following links:

So be sure to read up on these and take advantage of them if you want to! Until next time, breed on!

Nightfall and Blizzard rumors!

Hey guys its Monday I hope that all of you have had a wonderful day!

When I came online tonight and was in the group I saw that their was a little confusion about the Blizzard and Nightfall wings. I thought would take a few moments to clear up how exactly you can get these wings!

The only way that you that you can breed a horse with the Nightfall wings is by breeding one of the Fall Fantasy Limited Edition horses with a with a Haven Horse – Darkness!

The only way that you that you can breed a horse with the Blizzard wings is by breeding one of the Fall Fantasy Limited Edition horses with a with a Memorable Haven Horse!

This does not include off spring of the Fall Fantasy Limited Edition.

This is the ONLY way to breed out these wings! The trait must be a shown trait before it can become a hidden trait. What does that mean? Well it means that if breeding one of the Haven Horses and the Fall Fantasy Limited Editions the offspring must first show the trait of the wings before it can be a hidden trait.

If you want to see them in world head on down to the Amaretto University Sim! You can also check them out on the wiki

So now that I have defused all rumors about how you get these new wings, Happy breeding everyone. This is your new General Manager signing out!