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Spotlight on Community

Happy Thursday Everyone!  I thought today’s edition of my spotlight would shine brightest on my most favorite thing about Amaretto, our community!  In one month Amaretto will celebrate its 4th Birthday in Second Life and as I look back I marvel at how much things have grown and changed.  The one thing that has stayed consistent is the dedication of the amazing Amaretto Community.  We’ve all celebrated milestones and joyous occasions together. We have all mourned losses and grieved for lost Community members together.  As a community Amaretto has achieved monumental highs when we have pulled together for Relay for Life and other charitable causes.  I watch daily as people talk in group and realize how lucky we all are to be mere clicks away from people all around the globe united together in friendship always pulling together to help or just listen to one another.

It’s not the traits no matter how many or how few on a horse.  It’s not a certain coat or breed of the Amaretto Horses, K-9s or birds that make Amaretto special.  From the very beginning it has and always will be the Amaretto community that makes Amaretto Breedables special.  A prime example came to me this morning when I asked in group and if anyone was around to help me with a picture for my blog today.  Without hesitation you can see below how many people showed up to help me and it wasn’t even 5am slt yet!  That’s pretty cool to know that it doesn’t matter what time of the day or night you need someone you will always find a willing community member in the Amaretto main group.   I hope if anyone of you out there in the community are struggling and feel alone that you take this blog to heart and remember when you think all else is lost you still have your Amaretto Community to turn too and there is always someone on that you can talk to.

I asked each one of the lovely people that showed up to take a picture with me this morning to answer one question for me.  Is there anything you’d like to say about the Amaretto Community? Below I have posted their answers without using their names because after reading them I think their sentiments speak for many of us in the Community!  Until next time, Happy Breeding and a great big group hug to the whole Community <3


I believe the Amaretto community is a great big virtual family – united by a common love of breeding Amaretto horses – a community that enjoys and celebrates their passion with each bundle drop – a lovely community that has a fantastic foundation!!

That I Love this community! It’s amazing! And Love being a part of such an amazing community of wonderful people and horses

How much I love the amaretto community and staff as all are very helpful and welcoming and also I wouldn’t really call us a community we are more like family


Without my Amaretto Breeder Friends I would really miss something in my life – not only in Second Life, but life in total: Love you, Amaretto’s

People are helpful & generous! (I won’t talk about the whiners mostly people are genuinely helpful & generous


It never ceases to amaze me how helpful the Amaretto Community is, and how much we genuinely care for each other.  It’s a privilege to be part of such an amazing community. We celebrate together, and mourn together. It’s really a beautiful thing.




Something New and Exciting!!!!!!!!

When you think of Summer, you think sunshine, beaches, surf boards and lots of good old songs by the Beach Boys. So put that all together and you have the Summer Limited Edition Horses. The Summer Limited Edition Horses are out for sale starting today July 30th at all Amaretto Horse Stores Locations! These horses will be on sale til August 16th 2014.!


There are four different colors and each one has a special name from one of the Beach Boys Songs

2014 Limited Edition Summer Bundle-Surfin’ Safari (Sun)
with Warmth of the Sun Eye
2014 Limited Edition Summer Bundle-Wipe Out! (Ocean)
with Catch a Wave Eye
2014 Limited Edition Summer Bundle-Good Vibrations (Sky)
with Clouds in the Sky Eye
2014 Limited Edition Summer Bundle-Kokomo (Sand)
with Fun Fun Fun Eye
single random gender and coat 895 L

4 pack has one of each coat, random gender 3295 L

The coats on the horses DO NOT pass, but the beautiful eyes do!


These horses can have a Hidden Super Special Surprise! You must breed these horse to each other to have a chance at getting the Super Surprise!!!!

Let’s Twist Again!

Twistin’ time is here! For August we are combining the Spotted Amaretto and the Exmoor Pony!! From August 5th 2014 until September 5th 2014 you can breed any color Spotted Amaretto and any color Exmoor Pony together and you have the chance of discovering a brand new coat designed especially for the Twist called Spotted Exmoor! Each will also come with a very cool twist eye that will pass as well as the coat. So just to be clear you need to breed one Spotted Amaretto of any color and one Exmoor Pony of any color together in order to have a chance at getting a Spotted Exmoor!

Our K9s want to twist too so from August 5th 2014 until September 5th 2014 If you breed any color Pug with any color Yorkie you have the chance of discovering a brand new coat designed especially for the Twist called Porkie! Each will also come with a very cool twist eye and collar that will pass as well as the coat. So just to be clear you need to breed any color Pug with any color Yorkie in order to have a chance at getting one of the brand new Porkies!

Have fun with the twists and happy breeding!


Hey guys! How is everyone? I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend I know I have!

I wanted to take some time to shine the spot light on the Mecklenbella!

Your are almost out of time to breed for one of these cuties!
How do you get one? Well, From July 5, 2014 until August 5, 2014 you could breed any color Falabella and any color Mecklenburger together for the chance at one of these MecklenbellaCoats. No other qualifications necessary, just has to be 1 Falabella and 1 Mecklenburger any color.

Just take a look at these cool horses!!





The Mecklenbella Coat DOES have the ability to pass!

The Surf City Eye DOES have the ability to pass!

So keep your eyes out for these cuties! Remember you can always read more about them here:

Well until next time this Ava wishing you and yours a great day! Happy Breeding my Amaretto Family!!!

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you all are having a good breeding day.

Hey today I wanted to talk a little on breeding and pairing.
Many use pairing when you want 2 special breedables to try and give you that special breedable.
Do you know how to do it?
Let me tell you!!

First off both breedables have to be the same version so be sure to check that!

Please make sure your breedables are of breeding age which is age 7.

Both breedables must be at 100% Fervor for Horses and 100% Heat for K-9s.
The Happiness must be over 75% for Horses and K-9’s to build fervor.
Now how to pair your breedables

Click on your breedable you want to pair.
Click on Breeding in the drop down Menu
Click on Form Pairing
Then you will type the name of the horse/K-9 in local that you wish to pair with.
Then you get a drop down menu asking you to confirm or cancel the pairing you would choose confirm
In local chat it will say
Mike is now paired with Katie
Now your breedables are paired and will breed with each other when the time is right. Remember once they breed pairing is automatically broken so if you wish the same 2 to breed again be sure to re-pair them.

Until next week Happy Breeding!!


pairing menu

pairing menu1


Diva’s in the Spotlight

Today I decided it was time to shine my weekly spotlight on one of my favorite projects, a project that by definition deserves to be in the spotlight. Diva Dogs!!

What do all good Diva’s need? A spotlight, bling and diamonds! This is a project I’ve had going for quite some time now and it is one of my favorites.  Well how could it not be, it involves diamonds!

My Diva Dogs look fierce with their Bling eyes, Golden Gems Collar and a nice coat of Thick Fog Paw Polish.  I also like putting the large ears on my Diva’s because they remind me of the big hair you see on some true Diva’s. {Insert fabulous air snaps here}

I have a couple of pictures of my project below.  I think the only thing they are missing now is a red carpet to walk down!

Do you have a special project going with your K-9s that you think would look good in the spotlight? Let me know about it and you just may see your K-9s up in lights sometime soon!

Until next time, Happy Breeding!


Black Great Dane Bling eyes Golden Gems Collar Large Ears

Black Great Dane
Bling eyes
Golden Gems Collar
Large Ears

Black Cairnshire Bling eye Golden Gems Collar

Black Cairnshire
Bling eye
Golden Gems Collar

Yee Haw!!!!

If you missed tonights Barn Dance you really missed a great time!! Jaymee did a fantastic job sitting up this event! Lots of Line Dancing, some really great music played by Ava, Sploder action and prize give aways! It was really great to see so many of you again, and sharing in having a great time. Everyone looked really awesome. Below are a few pictures of the event.

Next event:
Club Amaretto with Ava! July 31st 4:00 pm (slt)
Make sure not to miss this!


Barn dance 2

BarnDance 3
Until next time have fun and keep on Breeding!

Summer Breedable Costume Contest!

Hello Amaretto!! It is hot hot hot out side so we decided to have some of our breeders display some cool lookin Amaretto breedables having some summer fun! There were 12 entries all with some very creative displays. The community came and voted for their favs. I have posted the winners below and what awesome prize they won. Please keep your eyes open for more fun events that we have scheduled every month, like tomorrows barn dance, do not miss out! See y’all there!

First Place:  # 2 Kamikaze Lykin (Jumbo Mix Pack)



Second Place: # 7 Daark Gothly (Six Pack, Breedable Food & Salt)


Third Place: # 6 sheyana Resident (Four Pack, Breedable Food & Salt)


Happy Breeding!!

Relay for Life Recap!!

Hey everyone its Sunday \o/
This weekend Amaretto was able to hold a public ceremony to place the 2238985 L$ that we raised by selling the Limited Edition RFL Odyssey Horses!

If you missed them check them out here:

On Saturday we held a special ceremony and invited to come and watch as JJ Cerna placed the money into the kiosk at the main Amaretto horse store!

This brings the Amaretto Ranch Breedables to the top of the teams total page! This makes 3 years in a row you guys have been amazing in your donations and support for Relay for Life!

Our grand total is L$ 6,906,200 equaling to $ 27,625 real life dollars!!!
You can check out all the team totals here:





So a big thank you to everyone who bought an Limited Edition, attended and participated in auctions, and donated through the kiosk!!

Because of the amazing support of the Amaretto community we have been able to make such a great donation!!!

I hope you did get a chance to go take a lap around the track at RFL! This is Ava wishing you all happy breeding!!!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!

Since the graduation is over I wanted to talk to you about classes at the Amaretto University. Be sure to get started so you can be the next graduate! I would love to see you all in the classroom!
You will need to take all the classes to graduate. As of now there are 36! Amaretto has 3 classes a week one in the morning hours and one in the afternoon. Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Here is the landmark to the ARU

Amaretto also has the Amaretto Ranch University website that you can use to check and see what classes are given what classes you have taken. You must register for this website at the terminal in world located in the classroom.
Check out the ARU website here:

Below is a link to the ARU Calendar:

Until next week Happy Breeding !!