Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you all are having a good breeding day.

Hey today I wanted to talk a little on breeding and pairing.
Many use pairing when you want 2 special breedables to try and give you that special breedable.
Do you know how to do it?
Let me tell you!!

First off both breedables have to be the same version so be sure to check that!

Please make sure your breedables are of breeding age which is age 7.

Both breedables must be at 100% Fervor for Horses and 100% Heat for K-9s.
The Happiness must be over 75% for Horses and K-9’s to build fervor.
Now how to pair your breedables

Click on your breedable you want to pair.
Click on Breeding in the drop down Menu
Click on Form Pairing
Then you will type the name of the horse/K-9 in local that you wish to pair with.
Then you get a drop down menu asking you to confirm or cancel the pairing you would choose confirm
In local chat it will say
Mike is now paired with Katie
Now your breedables are paired and will breed with each other when the time is right. Remember once they breed pairing is automatically broken so if you wish the same 2 to breed again be sure to re-pair them.

Until next week Happy Breeding!!


pairing menu

pairing menu1



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