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This week has been a great week as far as Amaretto is concerned.  Once again this community has proven how caring and giving it can be by supporting the Autism charity with record breaking sales!  It is always wonderful to see all the heartfelt comments from everyone regarding the different causes.  The designers really put together some gorgeous horses for this charity fundraiser and I am happy the community thought so too.  The Autism & Springtime horses will be on sale only until midnight tonight so be sure if you want to get “just one more set” before the sale ends to hurry over to any of the Amaretto store locations before time runs out!  We will release more detailed information about the amounts raised for Autism awareness and the charities that will be receiving donations as soon as everything is finalized.  Again, from every member of the Amaretto Family, Thank you for all your support.


Hi there… as we’ve been working with the support tickets and watching the group chatter I have noticed numerous mentions and concerns about bundles having the error over them stating the mother had second bundle in three days.
Example of Error Message:
Please file a ticket at with Amaretto with this message.
This message usually occurs when there has been a LL rollback or restart or due to normal everyday sim lag.
A majority of the time the mother has in fact had a viable bundle already and the bundle with error can be deleted and a ticket is not needed. Twins or more are not possible. A horse will only have one viable bundle per pregnancy.
Example of a successful bundle ID:
The only reason you need to file a support ticket for a bundle with this error message is if you did not receive the original viable bundle.
If you need to submit a ticket for this issue please be sure to include the mothers information in the ticket. Also, if you have already filed a ticket for this issue and have the successful viable bundle already. Please go back to your ticket and reply letting us know we can close the ticket.

I hope this helps clear up some confusion and help eliminate unnecessary support tickets.

Until next time…………

This week I would like to tell you about the consumable Horsey Snacks.
This one time use snack will decrease one of your horses hunger and thirst by 10%. You can use the Horsey Snacks as many times as you wish .

1. Open boxed Horsey Snacks and rez next to the horse you wish to decrease hunger and thirst.

2. Click the horse and go to the consumables option on the menu.

3. Find Horsey Snacks from the options on the menu and click it.

Once the horses stats have been updated the Horsey Snacks box will disappear. Somtimes with horses that are getting a little hungry the Horsey Snack is just what they need to get them to start eating.  Until next time , have a good week everyone !

New Limited Editions!!!!

Hey Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great Easter holiday and the Easter Bunny brought you lots of tasty treats!

So whats new with Amaretto this week?

Well…………I am happy to announce our next fund raiser!!  Now available are the Limited Edition Autism Awareness Horse and Limited Edition Springtime Horse!!!

Yes you read that right! We have decided to combine our 2 Limited Edition Springtime horses and 2 special Autism horses together for this great cause. With 100% of the funds raised going to help children throughout the world that live with Autism everyday.

For 5 days from Monday April 25th to Friday April 29th you may purchase these special horses at any of the locations listed below. The horses will all be sold for L$1,125 each.

So check your notices for the notecard with all the landmarks and lets raise lots of money for these kids! This is something near and dear to my heart, so please support us in this event! Please take the time to educate yourself on Autism because this affects thousands of children and adults all over the world!!

Happy Breeding everyone and enjoy the new Limited Edition Horses!!!!


Welcome to the Family !

I am extremely excited about my blog post today because I get the pleasure of introducing all of you in the community to our newest Family member, Tasia Tonic!  Many of you will remember Tasia Tonic from when she worked with us here at Amaretto during the charity fundraising for Breast Cancer Awareness. I am happy to be able to tell you all that Tasia has accepted a position here at Amaretto Breedables!  She is going to be our Head of Marketing and Public Relations.

Tasia has been active in Second Life since 2005 and is the owner/creator of The Tastery.  If you have been married in Second Life or even been to a wedding in here you have probably seen one of her amazing wedding cakes.  Tasia in Real Life has been involved with Internet Marketing for the past 15 years. During her years as a senior Business Development Consultant, her team was awarded a Mercury 100 title as “the fastest growing technology firm in northern Colorado”.  She enjoys seeking out new marketing avenues and has many new ideas that will be quite exciting for Amaretto. For the rest of us this means a continued growth for Amaretto Breedables as she brings her real life experience into Second Life and pursues exciting new avenues to keep Amaretto Breedables fresh and exciting.

Everyone please join me in welcoming Tasia Tonic to the Amaretto Family!

This one time use Healing Kit will heal one sick horse and bring its hunger and thirst down to 0%. You will need to rez food near the horse so that it can continue to eat and the hunger and thirst will decrease.

1.Open boxed Healing Kit and rez next to the horse you wish to heal.

2.Click the horse and go to the consumables option on the menu.

3.Find Healing Kit from the options on the menu and click it.

Once the horses stats have been updated the Healing Kit will disappear
Remember  the 2.21 horses eat their way out of sickness !
Thank You  see you  again next week !!

K9’s Are In Alpha!!!!!!

Well today we sent some excellent news out the K-9’s are in Alpha!!!! Yes this is very much true we are working hard on testing some bugs in the dogs to make sure that they are ready for the beta testing. Now some of you may be asking,

When is beta?  At this point in time I will tell you that beta starts very soon although we will not give you a date it is closer then some may think

How do I join beta? Very good question! If you want to be in beta you need to be sure to send a nc named “Amaretto K-9’s Beta (your avatar name)” to Jaymee Caproni we will then place your name into our random name giver if you are chosen we will send you an invite to the group 🙂

When will the K-9’s be released? Well that does depend on how well Alpha and Beta go.  As i said in we cannot give you a date for this just yet but rest assured we are working hard to make sure the K-9’s are very great quality.

Will this effect horse updates? Not at all. The horses will always be number 1 priority to Amaretto. We will continue to work hard on the horses as well as the dogs to make sure each and every breeder is satisfied with their breedable to the best of our ability.

With all of this being said I would like to say to the people that do get in beta Welcome and we will look forward to working with each and everyone of you to make sure the K-9’s are tested to there max. For those that do not get to be in beta your turn will be just around the corner with release of the wonderful K-9’s so bare with us as we make this venture into the world of the K-9’s.

Wow its monday again already! Well what has Amaretto been up to ? Well many of you know our website has been down and we have been working on it for a few days now. Well we are here to announce that the Amaretto Breedables Network!!!

Whats this? Its our new website combined with a breeders social network! You can make a profile, add friends, advertise your horses or your market! Sign up is pretty easy ! Go to and sign up!

Once you do that your on your way post profile pictures, make bios, promote your stud service or your market!

You can also ad your friends, make groups, and keep up with the forums.

So I welcome you all to sign up its free! And be sure to add me!!

Welcome to the new Amaretto Breedables Network! How breeders stay connected!!!

Protect your investment

Everyone needs to be aware that there are people out there that just go around and try to get horses for 0L and 10L. A lot of horses have been picked up in markets and auctions for 0L and 10L recently, they take them when you are repricing them or setting them for sale. when you set you horse out make sure it is priced correctly, and at auctions, set the price of the horse to a large number so they can not be taken.

We all forget to check our horses at times, and if someone does take your horse for 10L or less your amaretto team will be able to help you, but if it is over 10L, which is default setting we can not.

Another thing that is happening is people stealing fervor of other peoples males

If you have a horse out in an area that other people can bring their horses around, make sure your horses are set to owner only breeding, because people will bring their horses around to get a mating from other studs.

Ticket System Departments

Hello everybody its your friendly neighborhood webmaster and i wanted to shed some light on the different ticket departments in the ticket system.
First off let me apologize for the downtime of the main site and the forums they are undergoing heavy maintenance and they will be back up ASAP.

Ok now for the departments:

First we have General Horse Issue, you use this department when the issue is related to a horse but does not fall into the more specific departments.

Next is the General Website Issue department, this department is used primarily to report errors and bugs related to any of Amaretto’s websites.

Horse-Breeding Issue is the department where you file a ticket for breeding related issues ( i.e. My horses wont pair or if fervor is lost but no pregnancy has started )

Horse-Broken Horse is the department where you file a ticket for broken horses ( i.e. Your horse gets returned and a piece of it is missing or the horses scripts stop for whatever reason )

Horse-Food Issue is the department where you file a ticket for food related issues (i.e. Your horse stopped eating and all the settings on the horse/food are correct )

Horse-Missing Horse is the department where you file a ticket for a horse that has gone missing

Horse-Movement Issue is the department where you file a ticket for a horse that wont move or budge on its own power when movement is turned on

Bundle-Broken Bundle is the department where you file a ticket for a bundle that does not work correctly or wont respond in-world

Bundle-Missing Bundle is the department where you file a ticket for a missing bundle be sure to include either the name/UUID( Description field of the bundle)/Parent Information (the more information you give us the easier it is to locate the missing bundle).

Website-Website Down or Not responding ( this department is unused at the moment as if the website is down more than likely the ticket system will be down)

Website-Login Issues is the department where you can file a ticket in the even the website wont let you log-in ( if the log-in is ticket related send a note card with your email address used to register to Tmzasz Luminos and title it Password Request (TICKETS)

Emailed Ticket is a automatic department that is used when a ticket is emailed to the system

Horse-BAD_BUNDLE is a department that was used during 1.3 but is scheduled for deletion as BAD_BUNDLES are gone ( yay 🙂 )

Suggestions / Questions is the department where you can file a ticket for suggestions/questions and not a actual support problem ( like a missing horse etc. )

I hope this helps you file tickets in the event you need to file one. And if you do have to file a ticket head on over to to file.