Welcome to the Family !

I am extremely excited about my blog post today because I get the pleasure of introducing all of you in the community to our newest Family member, Tasia Tonic!  Many of you will remember Tasia Tonic from when she worked with us here at Amaretto during the charity fundraising for Breast Cancer Awareness. I am happy to be able to tell you all that Tasia has accepted a position here at Amaretto Breedables!  She is going to be our Head of Marketing and Public Relations.

Tasia has been active in Second Life since 2005 and is the owner/creator of The Tastery.  If you have been married in Second Life or even been to a wedding in here you have probably seen one of her amazing wedding cakes.  Tasia in Real Life has been involved with Internet Marketing for the past 15 years. During her years as a senior Business Development Consultant, her team was awarded a Mercury 100 title as “the fastest growing technology firm in northern Colorado”.  She enjoys seeking out new marketing avenues and has many new ideas that will be quite exciting for Amaretto. For the rest of us this means a continued growth for Amaretto Breedables as she brings her real life experience into Second Life and pursues exciting new avenues to keep Amaretto Breedables fresh and exciting.

Everyone please join me in welcoming Tasia Tonic to the Amaretto Family!


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