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How To Update

With the May Qualified Breeding announcement, I know people will be pulling all their old birthday bundles/kennels/baskets/nests out of inventory. Don’t forget they all have to be current version to have a chance at dropping the fantastic Jazzy coats. You can get all the current updaters at the Amaretto food stores for each breedable. Horses should be 7.0, K9s are 3.01, Ponie Pals are 2.0, Barnyard Chickens are 3.0 and Barnyard Ducks are 1.1. The Barnyard Birds use the same updater and if you’re using the incubator, it automatically updates a nest as it hatches.

The new 7.0 Horse updater includes the notecard telling us what changes have been made, including what traits and coats have been “retired”. You can still breed those from existing lines , but they will not come from any new starters from the store, Havens purchased after the update from the Haven Board, or any new LEs released after it.

To use the bulk updater, place the bulk updater in the middle of your horse breeding area, click the updater and adjust the settings you want your horses to be set to after the update process, then click the update horse’s button on the updater menu. This updater has the ability to update all horses that are not v7.0 in an entire region. However, depending on sim performance it may only do the horses in a 96 meter radius. Do not remove the updater until it has completed updating all horses and the hover text above the updater reads FINISHED. DO NOT PICK UP HORSES OR THE UPDATER UNTIL IT HAS COMPLETED THE UPDATE PROCESS. It will not update pregnant horses.

With the single updater you can select which horses to update one at a time. Place the updater near the horse that isn’t updated and click the horse for the menu, and click the update button. The horse will be updated and the settings will be the same as before the update process.

The updater also includes a Bundle Updater for those that wish to update bundles. It is not necessary to update them until they’re needed as bundles don’t breed LOL. However some sellers do it as a courtesy to buyers.

Remember, if they aren’t updated to current version before breeding, its too late for that breeding. you will get a bundle that says Bad Data-No Parents, which won’t be viable and can’t be fixed. Updating after that however will bypass the recovery period for that one breeding. Once you have updated all your horses you can delete the updater, as it is copy.

Happy Updating, and Happy Breeding. Good Luck


So, what exactly is a null trait? What is it used to? I’ll try not to sound dull talking about a null, but I will need to explain some basics about a database. Any Amaretto horse is an individual set of data containing all the information that makes it unique. It has an identifier and fields to store its data, e.g.,

Coat: Lamplight Haven – Tranquility
Eye: Tranquility
Mane: Long
Tail: Long

Those are mandatory traits every horse needs. An additional characteristic will require a new field to store its information. But that information can also be empty or null. And that defines a null, a placeholder without any data.
This way, you can build a 25 traits horse that has only 4 of them showing. Or you can use a null trait to clean an existing horse trait you don’t want to pass to the offspring.

The list below shows all the Null traits available for the horse and what each Null replaces:
Brand Null
Hair Gloom Null – Holds the place of Hair Gloom
Coat Gloom Null – Holds the place of Coat Gloom
Hair Chill Null – Holds the place of Hair Chill
Coat Chill Null – Holds the place of Coat Chill
Hair Warmth Null – Holds the place of Hair Warmth
Coat Warmth Null – Holds the place of Coat Warmth
Hair Blush Null – Holds the place of Hair Blush
Coat Blush Null – Holds the place of Coat Blush
Hair Haze Null – Holds the place of Hair Haze
Coat Haze Null – Holds the place of Coat Haze
Hair Hue Null – Holds the place of Hair Hue
Coat Hue Null – Holds the place of Coat Hue
Hair Luster Null – Holds the place of Hair Luster
Coat Luster Null – Holds the place of Coat Luster
Hair Gleam Null – Holds the place of Hair Gleam
Coat Gleam Null – Holds the place of Coat Gleam
Hair Opal Null – Holds the place of Hair Opal
Coat Opal Null – Holds the place of Coat Opal
Leg Null – Holds the place of socks and hoofs
Wing Null – Holds the place of Wings
Ear Size Null – Holds the place of Lanky or Scanty
Ear Style Null- Holds the place of Droop, Half Droop Left, and Half Droop Right
Racing null – Holds the place of racing stamina
Racing null – Holds the place of racing speed
Saddle Null– Holds the place of a saddle
Ear Tip Null– Holds the place of ear tip
Horn Null– Holds the place of the Horn
Remember that not all the Nulls listed can be on one horse simultaneously. The current maximum that a horse can have at one time is eighteen nulls.


Dear Readers,
It is common to hear this saying: April Showers bring May flowers. Who came up with this famous saying?
the answer is: Thomas Tusser.

It is first mentioned by Thomas Tusser in A Hundred Good Points of Husbandry, 1557. That version looks like this: “Sweet April showers Do spring May flowers.” Succinct advice for the farmer. Later, the sentiment is found in a poem by Mathilde Blind titled April Rain.

In 2011 Amaretto brought out their own vision of April showers bring May Flowers in the form of Limited Editions Horses. They were designed for the 2011 Autism Awareness Fundraiser Horses where Amaretto donated 100% of the proceeds to this charity. There was four horses that Amaretto submitted for this charity. April Showers, May Flowers, Black Puzzaloosa & White Puzzaloosa. While many of us remember the white and black Puzzaloosa as the Autism Awareness horses, I think we might have forgotten about the April Showers & May Flowers Limited Editions were part of this as well. Please note that the coat and eye for these horses do NOT pass.

Cut Rain Umbrella Rainbow April Abstract Showers Out Clouds Wallpaper Nature Tropical

As a personal note I would like to add how grateful I am that Amaretto does in fact give to various charities. When I purchase one of the horses they have donated the funds to various charities it makes me feel good for doing my part as well. How lucky we are to be involved with a business that cares about the world around them. So Cheers to Amaretto! Thank you for making a difference!

This concludes Peach Buzz that informs you of the hottest trends in Amaretto!

A.M.O.C’s 27th BunKenNestKet Hunt

We are now planning our next BunKenNestKet Hunt which will feature a poor little professor named Professor Amaretto who had a disaster happen with his Diplomas. Please come help him find them and get some great Bundles/Kennels/Nests and Baskets along the way.

We are taking sign ups from Sims and Parcels now, you don’t have to have a huge market to participate, this is open to anything with a sales area so don’t be shy!! To sign up please go to and follow the instructions there. There is a limit to 20 applicants so sign up today!!

The hunt will be limited to members of the Amaretto Market Owners’ Coalition Group. This is an invite-only group. If you would like to join, simply contact any AMOC Officer or Amaretto Moderator for an invite! You MUST make your request BEFORE the hunt begins as the group is closed. Group joins will not be given out once the hunt starts!

The hunt starts on June 17th at 11 a.m. and will end on Sunday, June 19th at 11:59 p.m. (SLT).


Donations Are Appreciated!

Did you know that all AMOC activities are generated solely by donations? Yep, they are and we sincerely appreciate any unused bundles, kennels, nests, and/or baskets you can donate.

It’s your generosity and support that make these hunts happen! A current list of all donation boxes can be found here

Have ideas for hunts or events please send them to any A.M.O.C. officer and we will consider them. We are planning on having a lot more events in the future.

2022 Limited Edition Peacock!!

Hello everyone! Hope your having a great day! We have been hard at work with updates, sales, and the designer LE contest!

You submitted, you voted, and we brought it to life! Without any more delay we are very pleased to release today the Limited Edition Peacock!

The winning design was submitted by Kitt Foxx! So a big congrats to her!
Take a look at these stunning babies!

We have 3 different colors Indigo, Ivory, and Orchid! Starting on April 26th until May 10th these horses will be available at every location!

These Limited Edition Peacock DO NOT have to be breed together for special Surprises! The Limited Edition Peacock DOES have the ability to pass its eye!

Please know that all the Limited Edition Peacock have the same ability to give you hidden surprises from the 7.0 update!

Also there are 3 different vendors so please pick the one for the color that you want, all are random Gender or Collect them ALL!!

Happy breeding everyone! This is Ava over and out!

Mineral Eyes

Hello Folks,

Happy Monday!! I am here to spotlight some more awesome traits that we got from the 6.01 Horse update!

Take a look at the Mineral Eyes!

These eyes CAN be passed on.



Q: What do you mean by “not function properly”?
A: ALL versions that are not v7.0 will no longer produce viable offspring. Meaning any bundle produced by all versions that are not v7.0 will have the text BAD_DATA_NO_PARENTS, or EXPIRED_BREEDING, will not birth and cannot be fixed.

***So PLEASE update your horses before May 2, 2022

That is Spillin the Tea with Pea… Thanks for reading

Happy National Pig in a Blanket Day??

Today is a strange day where we are suppose to celebrate pigs in blankets??? But how does that even related to Amaretto? Well, let’s face it everything relates to Amaretto in some way (or we can make it fit).

So today, we are going to look at the fantastic, Paradise Puppy – Hot Dog!!!

The coat of the Paradise Puppy – Hot Dog does not have the ability to pass (although there are a couple out there that accidently did pass). However, the eye and the collar does.

When you breed a Paradise Puppy (whether it is with another Paradise Puppy or any other K-9) you DO have an increased chance at receiving a random Enchanted K-9. But remember the non-enchanted off-spring of the Paradise Puppy does NOT give any increased chance of getting an enchanted puppy.

Now I know you want one of these so where can you get them? At any Amaretto K-9 store of course from the Paradise Vendor for 250,000 Kennel Cash.

Get out there today and start breeding this yummy puppy and see what you can get.


May Qualified Breedings!

It is time for this months announcement for Qualified Breedings! Are you ready to switch gears for the next month? Well lets talk about it!

Horses this month will be Spotted Shetland! May 1st until May 31st anytime you breed a Spotted Shetland to an Spotted Shetland you have the chance to get a very special surprise!
It only includes Spotted Shetland listed on this page:

Woof Woof! Where my k9 breeders at??
K9s this month will be Miniature Poodle! May 1st until May 31st anytime you breed a Miniature Poodle to an Miniature Poodle you have the chance to get a very special surprise!
It only includes Miniature Poodle listed on this page:

Quack! Thats right this month we are back to Ducks!
Chickens this month will be Cape Teal Duck! May 1st until May 31st anytime you breed a Cape Teal Duck to an Cape Teal Duck you have the chance to get a very special surprise!
Here is the wiki link to the Cape Teal Duck:

Last but not least the Ponies!
Ponies this month will be Fabulous! May 1st until May 31st anytime you breed a Blaze or Sparks to an Blaze or Sparks you have the chance to get a very special surprise!
Here is the wiki link to the Blaze or Sparks Styles

You have the whole month of May to try for this awesome surprise! Good luck everyone! This is Ava and out!

Duck Facts

In October of 2018, Amaretto released the all new Barnyard Ducks! Sooo much cuteness, with little quackers running everywhere. Many breeders created ponds on their land because guess what? Your Amaretto ducks can swim! If you have access to Linden water, you can turn on movement and animations, set them down in it and they will swim back and forth. Sorry, it doesn’t work in prim water. They will walk under water in that case, as long as they can hold their breath.

Another good bit of info is Amaretto Ducks can use some of the Amaretto chicken products. That’s right, they can use the flu shots, poultry glow, potency seeds, and vivacity corn, and even the Beloved Bird! The food for Ducks is either Duck Diet for breeders, which also requires lettuce to make them happy, or duck Pet Pellets for non breeders.

Ducks also use the same incubator as chickens. It’s the 3.0/1.1 version available free at the bird food stores. And thanks to the last bird update, it no longer takes an hour to hatch the nests, only a few minutes.

Ducks are also like the chickens in that one food lasts one bird 4 weeks, 2 birds 2 weeks and so on. Their hardiness should also be at or near 100%. You can breed one drake to one hen, then they both go into recovery. Like the horses, dogs and chickens, ducks can be fed well on amaretto food if they get sick. They do not retire until they have run out of cycles for breeding.

Here is the duck wiki so you can check out all the great breeds and traits on these funny Amaretto birds.

Mallard Drake
Pekin ducks
Cape Teal Duck

The first two starter ducks are real breeds, as are many of the Amaretto Ducks. Like the Chickens, they come in many varieties and colors. Doesn’t the texture crew do an awesome job? Bok Bok and Happy Breeding.

O dia do Índio

Can’t you read it? I’ll give you a little help. That means the Day of the Indigenous Peoples in Portuguese. It’s a traditional celebration day in Brazil on April 19th. And it’s an important day we celebrate that we are the result of a mix of different ethnicities.

Brazilian native people are descendants of 3 main branches: the Tupis, the Guaranis, and the Tapuias, but there are tenths of minor groups. And the offspring of Portuguese pioneers and indigenous princesses populated Brazilian inner lands. That was even before the slavery workforce in plantations.

Since younglings, we learn to celebrate our mixing origin in schools. It’s a powerful weapon against racism and prejudice. You can’t depict something you’re proud to be. Amaretto also celebrates the American native people with different themed releases shown in the pictures of this post.

Other Latin American countries also have their version of this celebration day. That’s a little fact about my origins I’d like to share with you all.