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Happy Memorial Day!

Hello Amaretto! I hope that all of you guys are having a great day! If you are in America you might be celebrating Memorial Day! I wanted to share what Memorial day is with everyone!

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for honoring and mourning the military personnel who have died in the performance of their military duties. The holiday is observed on the last Monday of May. The holiday was observed on May 30 from 1868 to 1970.

A poem I thought I would share:

To all of our veterans
Far and near.
We thank you for your service
For all those years.

You sacrificed your time,
And some gave your life.
You preserved our freedom
By willingly paying the price.

Many of you
Were sent overseas.
You were wounded in battle,
With scars and disease.

But courageous and brave,
You weathered the storm.
You faced every battle
With faith and beyond.

We honor you with joy
For all that you’ve done.
You stood strong for our country,
For our daughters and sons.

So no one stands alone,
We walk hand in hand.
Remember, we are with you.
Together we shall stand.

We salute you today.
Hear what we say.
Let our words speak eloquently
In this special way.

On this day,
Let us express our love and thanks
For the sacrifice you paid.
You served in honor
For many years and days,
And we will never forget
How you were strong and brave.

I hope that everyone has a great day! Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

Ponie Pal Face Markings!!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week-end!! Today we are going to look at Ponie Pal Face Markings. They are the perfect addition to any Ponie project.

When Ponie Pals were introduced on June 15, 2017, they were all hiding some amazing traits, one of those traits were four different Face Markings.

As time went on more and more face markings were added for the ponies. The first one came out with the 2017 Christmas Edition ponies which were hiding the Icicle & Winter Snowflake Face Markings!!

The 2018 Spring Editions were hiding the Daisy & Butterfly Face Marking!!

Next, in the Summer of 2018. The summer 2018 Deluxe Editions were hiding the Sol and Crescent Face Marking!

As a very special Thanksgiving surprise. As a very special treat that day, all Ponie baskets that dropped on November 22, 2018 had a chance to drop the new Falling Leaves Face Marking.

The next surprise came with the 2018 Gacha Emoji Ponies, that actually gave you a chance to get one of three Face Markings. The strange and fun part was that the parent did not have to be the same emoji, meaning you could get the Oopsy Poopsy Face Marking from the Chuckles Ponie.

The 2019 Deluxe Edition Luck of the Irish Ponies were hiding the Clover Face Marking.

One of the newer Face Markings is the Peace Face Marking which you had a chance of getting with the 2019 International Day of Peace Ponies.

And the newest Face Marking came from the 2020 Camelot Edition Ponies, Lancelot himself had a chance to give you this amazing Face Marking. The Armor Silver Face Marking.

So now you have seen all the possibilities out there. Go out and add some amazing Face Markings to your Ponie Pal projects today.

Have a fantastic Sunday!


Eagle Wings!!

Hello everyone and Happy Saturday!! I hope your weekend is off to an amazing start!

Today I want to shine the spotlight on the Eagle Wings for our horses.

On July 12, 2019 Amaretto held the Amaretto Country Fair and and unveiled the fifth Horse in the line of Seven Heavenly Virtues and Seven Deadly Sins Horses! Hiding in these OOAK was the Indolence and Intensity Eagle Wings!

The Gold Bionic Wing Is a user created wing created by Duckkula Resident!

All You Need Is Love wing was a user created wing by Lizbeth Placebo!

On March 13, 2021 Amaretto released 2021 Spring Kirin, hiding in these Kirins was new eagle wings Metamorphosis, Bloom, Renewal, and Awakening!

The Eagle wing DOES have the ability to pass!

For a closer look at any of these wings check them out on the wiki at

So have you added one of these awesome wings to your project?

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have an awesome weekend and a great week ahead!


It’s a Ticket Offense

What does this mean? “NEVER_RECEIVED_MOTHER_COMMUNICATION” And why am i getting this from my bundle/kennel/basket/nest? This can happen when there has been lag in SL at the moment the mother dropped. Don’t panic, Amaretto can fix this. When you file a ticket on a bundle, kennel, basket or nest showing this message, the CSR’s ask you to send in the parents information because the UUID is no good. They need it so they can look up and return to you the viable bundle that the mother did have. Please remember how important this is to know the parents of each drop.

Another message breeders get that can cause a panic is Duplicated Horse, please file a ticket with Amaretto. That red text over your horse needn’t be scary. Some of the things that can cause this are lag. sim restarts, rollbacks, crashes, and sometimes updating. If you find a breedable in your inventory and you know that you already have it out, you can right click on the item in inventory, look in the description field and compare the numbers from that with your breedables number. If you set it out and you already have it out, both copies will duplicate.

Also when SL does a sim Rollback, it takes the sim back to a previous state. If you have recently purchased a horse/k-9/bird from someone, and the sim where you purchased the breedable from has a rollback, it can create a duplicate issue., maybe even someone else has come along and also purchased the same breedable. This is why we ask for transaction history. If this happens you can contact the seller for refund. Please don’t just assume they are selling duplicates on purpose. Talk to the seller. Things can be worked through.
To file a ticket you need to go to the support site.

If you haven’t filed before you can register on that site, then log in and file. The name and UUID of the breedable are the best pieces of information that you can provide. If it was a purchase, you need to provide your transaction history. After you have filed a ticket, you will be asked by a CSR to send in all copies of the duplicated breedable in a FOLDER.. When sending folders to the csr, make sure your name and ticket id is on the folder. If you have issues with multiple breedables you can put them all on one ticket. If a CSR needs more information, they will make a request for it in the ticket you filed.So when you reply to a request don’t send replies to tickets in IM or notecards, reply to your ticket on the ticket site itself.
Good luck and happy breeding!

New Faun Shetlands!

Hello Amaretto! How is everyone today? I hope that everyone is healthy and safe!
I know that everyone was enjoying the latest LE the 2021 Limited Edition Faun Shetland.

Did you happen to see what surprises they were hiding? Well let me show you!

Introducing to you the brand new Shetland Coats!
Faun Shetland Pearl

Faun Shetland Umber

You DO NOT have to breed the 2021 Limited Edition Faun Shetlands together for a chance at new Faun Shetland coat!

The Faun Shetland Umber and Faun Shetland Pearl DO have the ability to pass!
These new Shetlands are so cute keep your eyes open for them!

Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and OUT!

The Handy Dandy Searchable Wikis!

Happy Hump Day Breeders!

Today’s connection is a reminder about the most helpful tool you’ll ever use with Amaretto Breedables – The Wiki Pages! These diligently maintained pages put all the information about past and current traits at your fingertips. And, they’re searchable to make finding a particular trait even simpler.

You can find the links to all five wiki pages here:

On the first page of each wiki is the manual for the corresponding breedable. The manual covers all the basics you need to know for successful breeding. From that page, you can link to facts, a glossary of terms, the product price list, the point system and other vital information about your breedables.  (*For the examples, the horse pages have been used.)

Most importantly, you can link to a list of traits. Traits are arranged in chronological order (oldest to newest), broken down by category and includes a photo of each.

To search for a trait, Just enter any keyword you wish to find and press the search button. For instance, if you were to search by the word “spring,” here is an abbreviated list of the results:

Super simple and easy to use!

We believe part of the fun of Amaretto Breedables is staying informed and educated about our products. That is why we provide you with these amazing tools that are, always, just a mouse click away! So, use those wiki pages TODAY!

Till next time…HAPPY BREEDING!

Pic of the Month May 2021!

Hey everyone its a terrific Tuesday here at Amaretto! We are all hard at work! I am a little late annocing this months picture of the month but better late than never?!

Congrats to xoxomorganxoxo! I love this pic maybe because I was a GOT fan!

Remember anyone can enter their picture to win the picture of the month!

How do you enter?
Well you snap a photo of your favorite Amaretto Breedable, you may choose to edit this photo or not. Upload the photo to secondlife and place it full perms on a nc with your name on it.

Where do i turn in my Picture of the Week?
There are 3 locations to turn in your nc they are:
The main Horse store:

The main Bird and K-9 Store:


Just drop your nc with your full perm picture in it, into the camera!

Can you enter or win more than once ?

Can I enter the same picture from the week before?

I know we have some creative breeders out there and I want to see you enter the picture of the week! You can look at previous winners here:

Well this is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!!!

June Qualifiers!

Good morning everyone! Its a Magic Monday here as i always say! I know you guys have been waiting and wondering what could the month of June Qualifiers be? Well I wont make you wait any longer! Here they are!

Starting June 1, 2021 at 12:01 AM until June 30, 2021 11:59 PM any time you breed the following qualifiers together you have the opportunity to get a awesome surprise!

The qualifiers are one parent must have a Saddle Leather and the other must be one of the following coats:

Cedar Shetland
Chestnut Sorrel
Brown Pinto
Brown Roan

Qualifiers are one parent must have a Dipped Ear Brown and the other must be one of the following coats:

Red and Brown Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Pug Solid Chocolate
Brown Standard Poodle

Barnyard Birds:
Qualifiers for the birds one parent must have a Zircon Leg and the other must be one of the following:

Double Laced Barnevelder
White Faced Black Spanish

Lets not forget these little guys the Ponie qualifiers for April are one parent must have Freckles Face Marking and the other must be one of the following:

Brown Pinto
Cinnamon Bandit
Star Chocolate

I cant wait for you guys to discover the month of Junes surprise!!
This is Ava over and out!

National Pink Day!!

Today is National Pink Day and in order to celebrate, let’s take a look at a few of those fantastic pink horses that Amaretto has available to us. The choices are amazing and hopefully this will give you some ideas of some projects to brighten up your breeding.

Let’s start with an offspring from an OOAK Heavenly Virtue. And that of course would be the Heavenly Fortitude coat.

Next, we have the Overo Berry coat, which came as a special surprise from the 2016 Christmas Edition Horses. What a fantastic hidden surprise there were.

We can’t possibly look at Pink Horses and not take a look at a couple Twist coats that came out in their own pink shades and these are a couple fantastic horses. Although you can’t breed for Twist coats anymore, luckily the coats themselves do pass. Just imagine what great traits could be added to these.

After the Twist coats, came the Crazed Coats, which brought out some fantastic bright colors for our horses. If you have not started projects with these why not try some of these pick Horses with your creations.

There are also tons of traits to add to these coats which would liven up your breeding. So why not add some pick to your breeding today.

Have a great week-end!!


Barnyard Bird Batty Bosom!

Hi everyone hope your Saturday is off to a great start

Today I want to shine the spotlight on the Barnyard Birds Batty Bosom trait for our chickens!!

Batty Bosom were introduced to breeders on June 1, 2016! The Batty Bosom replaced the Crazed Barnyard Birds. Starting on the 1st of the month Amaretto announced what you must breed together to get that months Batty Bosom!

To get a Batty Bosom you must breed two Barnyard Birds that have the trait that was announced for that particular month!

  • Batty Bosom Cherry – Breeding two Cuprite legs- June 1- 30th
  • Batty Bosom Americana – Breeding a Azurite Beak to a Cuprite Beak July 1- July 31
  • Batty Bosom Yang-Yin – Breeding two Yang-Yin eyes August 1- August 31
  • Batty Bosom Safari – Breeding two Tribal Beak Designs September 1 – September 30

  • Batty Bosom Bloody- Breeding 2 Bloody Traits October 1 – October 31
  • Batty Bosom Glitter Silver – Breeding 2 Platinum Blue Leg November 1 – November 30
  • Batty Bosom Jester – Breeding any 2 Shades December 1 – December 31
  • Batty Bosom Melody – Breeding two Melody Eyes together January 1- January 31

  • Batty Bosom Heart – Breeding two Wing Red Heart or Wing Pink Heart together February 1- February 28
  • Batty Bosom Flower Power – Breeding TWO Barnyard Birds with Leg Zircon or Beak Zircon March 1 – March 31
  • Batty Bosom Chronic- Hidden in the Collectors “420”Edition
  • Batty Bosom A.R.U.- Hidden in the 2018 Collectors Edition A.R.U. Commencement

  • Batty Bosom – Thanksgiving 2018 On Thursday, November 22 any nest dropping could have the possibility to randomly get a new Batty Bosom Turkey!
  • Batty Bosom – Chuckle Hidden in the 2018 Gacha Emoji Birds!
  • Batty Bosom – Specs Hidden in the 2018 Gacha Emoji Birds!
  • Batty Bosom – Oopsy Poopsy Hidden in the 2018 Gacha Emoji Birds!

  • Batty Bosom – Bow Lilac On May 7, 2019 Amaretto celebrated mothers day with Mothers Day Edition Birds! These Birds were hiding Batty Bosom – Bow Lilac!
  • Batty Bosom – Bow Fuchsia On May 7, 2019 Amaretto celebrated mothers day with Mothers Day Edition Birds! These Birds were hiding Batty Bosom – Bow Fuchsia!
  • Batty Bosom – Cyberpunk On April 14th, 2020 Amaretto released all new 2020 Cyberpunk Editions animals! These Birds were hiding Batty Bosom – Cyberpunk!
  • Batty Bosom – Wasteland On September 22, 2020 Amaretto released Limited Edition Wasteland 2020n Animals! These Birds were hiding Batty Bosom – Wasteland!

For a closer look at this awesome trait check it out on the wiki at

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have an amazing weekend and a great week ahead!

Bok Bok & Happy Breeding!