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Can you help me?

Many years ago I heard a story that I wanted to share with you today.  Well, as the story goes, there had been talk of a large terrifying creature. Many had said that although this animal was massive and hardy; it was a beautiful sight with its thick long flowing hair and beautiful coat. These animals were steady and agile. They are said to be from the parallel universe Counter-Earth or Gor as many of you may know it. They have many similarities to an Earth horse. They are called Kaiila (Ka-EE-la). So after hearing these stories I have been on a quest to find one of these creatures here on Earth. I have searched high and low. From the deserts, to the mountains, to the oceans, I have yet to see one of these creatures with my own eyes. Could you imagine how exciting owning and breeding one of these would be? I am now asking you, can you help me on my journey? Let’s search everywhere!! I am thinking the best place to start would be the Haven sim. It’s so beautiful there and it would be a perfect place for this creature to hide!



Available in all Horse Haven Vendors:

Hello Amaretto Breeders!!

I am delighted that I get to tell you all what the Showhorse and Best in Show K-9 are for the month of October….

So the Showhorse for October is….Falabella!!! That’s right breed any two Falabellas (any color) together and get a chance at a Showhorse Falabella.

But wait there’s more!!

The Best in Show K-9 for the month of October is……Standard Schnauzer!! That’s right breed any two Standard Schnauzers (any color) together and get a chance at a Best in Show Standard Schnauzer.

That’s it pretty simple, no “Tricks” just some pretty cool “Treats”. So get them bundles and kennels birthing and have some fun breeding for these two “Terrorific” pets!!

Until Next time, Happy Breeding!!

On the horizon …..

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been an exciting week at Amaretto with the new stuff popping out from the new starters. I love watching the group excitedly show off all their new surprises! I have to tell you, Amaretto had a staff meeting yesterday and there are so many more exciting things on the horizon I can’t wait! You all are going to continue to fall in love with Amaretto over and over again!


Speaking of exciting things on the horizon, the AMOC group has a couple of fun things coming up for the community tomorrow, Saturday September 28th. They are going to start off with the AMOC race at 3pm. Those are always a lot of fun and I hope to see many of you out there with your super-fast Class C horses I’ve been seeing posted in the group!


Then at 4:30pm slt the AMOC group is hosting another Market Owner Stand-Up. This is where a market owner comes out and talks to the community about exciting things happening at their market. This time they are honored to welcome Duckkula the owner of Ducky’s Plaza to come out to talk to everyone. Ducky has some pretty amazing news to share so be sure to attend to find out!


Stay tuned to this blog for the release of next month’s calendars so that you can be sure to attend all the fun events planned for October!

Until next time, Happy Breeding!

Howdy everyone and happy Thursday! Today I would like to talk to you about something Amaretto offers to you… Questions and Answers with the staff! Each day we make an effort to do at least one, sometimes two Q&As for the community. We find these questions and answer sessions to be very fun and informative to the community. We love hearing from you. We want to hear your questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions. We want breeding Amaretto Ranch Breedables to be a fun and enjoyable experience for you all. We all know, the more informed you are about a product, the easier and more fun it becomes. So keep your eyes peeled each day and come down and to the various locations we offer the questions and answers. Don’t be shy, we don’t bite! 😉

P.S. Don’t forget, AMOC is holding its monthly horse race this Saturday at 3pm slt! For more information contact Mami Deerhunter or Bundy Xue in world!

Until next time…………..

Racing and Training

Happy Wednesday Everyone ! Hope you all are enjoying your new starters ! Well 3 years has past and now we starting on a brand new year for Amaretto new update ! new horses!

Today I want to talk about Training your horses for a race !
First off lets talk about the racing hud ( new ones are in all Amaretto Breedables Stores) !

The Hud

The hud can only connect to one horse at a time.
Your Avatar can wear only one hud at a time.

Connecting Your Horse
Attach HUD
Attach Horse
Connect Horse to HUD by pressing Connect Button in the Main Menu of the HUD

Disconnecting Your Horse
Press Disconnect button in the Main Menu of the HUD

How to Train
Enter Training Mode by clicking Training in the Racing Menu

Select Speed or Stamina from the drop menu

Move using the arrow keys or w a s d keys
You are now Training your horse ( XP gain only occurs while you are moving with the horse)

Click Training in the Racing Menu again to Exit Training ( Training will also end automatically when the horse has reached its daily limit based on its stamina class)

You can only train your horse ONCE daily for the amount of time allotted by the Horses Class and only in one category (speed or stamina)per day.

Ex. I trained my Class D horse for 30 minutes on speed today so I will have to wait for 24 hours before I can train it again for stamina.


Speed means the sprinting speed of a horse.

Speed is ranked using the following Class system:
S = 3x Avie Run Speed (ARS) {Highest Possible Class} 50 minutes of training time
A = 2.5x ARS 45 minutes of training time
B = 2x ARS 40 minutes of training time
C = 1.5x ARS 35 minutes of training time
D = ARS {Lowest Possible Class}30 minutes of training time
Stamina = The amount of time a horse can sprint without recharging . Stamina is ranked using the following Class system:
S = 50s of sprinting and 50 minutes of training time
A = 45s of sprinting and 45 minutes of training time
B = 40s of sprinting and 40 minutes of training time
C = 35s of sprinting and 35 minutes of training time
D = 30s of sprinting and 30 minutes of training time
Class D is where horses start
Classes S,A,B,C, and D are trainable and passable

XP is gained through training your horse in a given field (speed or stamina) to move from one class to the next you must train from 0% to 100% in the current Class of that field.
XP Gains as follows:
Class D gains XP @ .5% per minute of training
Class C gains XP @ .4% per minute of training
Class B Gains XP @ .3% per minute of training
Class A Gains XP @ .1% per minute of training
Class D is where horses start
Classes S,A,B,C, and D are trainable and passable.

**It is important to note that once a horse with racing traits is retired (pass the age of 120 days) not only will it be unable to breed, but you will also not be able to train or race a retired horse. **

So until next week Happy Breeding Everyone !

Ever wonder where you need to turn when looking for answers to your questions?


Well you could come ask them at the Q&A’s that the Amaretto Staff holds at different market sites, or you could ask in the main groups, or you could just go on the Amaretto Web Site, it is a very helpful place to start if you are looking for answers.


This is our Social Network or main website which includes a place for all things Amaretto: Advertising, Questions and Answers, Albums, Groups, ARU Website, Blogs, Forums, Help, Support, the Connections Area, and the Amaretto Shop!!!



You can also view the Amaretto Calendar, the ARU Calendar, Store Locations and also the Event Section. You will never miss a class or a fun event as long as you use these! These links are under your profile picture on the front page.


You are here right now!!! It is where Amaretto Staff do the daily blogs and give you a lot of information about what is happening at Amaretto


Here you will see areas for each breedable. This section can be very informative, and also a nice place to socialize with you fellow breeders. Also this section has a Trading post where you can list your items for sale. This site also has an A.M.O.C area and Picture of the week!


This website tells you everything about horses. and has informatin and pictures of all the current horses and traits


This website tells you everything about K-9′s., and has information and pictures of all the current k-9’s and traits


This website tells you everything about Barnyard Birds, and has pictures of all the current birds and traits


Ava has put some wonderful videos together to help you understand the Ticket System, Updater’s, Hud’s, G.P.S, Haven Points and Birthing..


This website is the Amaretto Store where you can buy real life gifts for friend and family, or that special coffee mug for your morning coffee or tea!


This is where you go to file a ticket for support to fix you breedables or just to put in suggestions and ideas’


Here you can upload pictures of your breedables to share with others or just look at everyone else’s pictures. Who knows it may just spark a new idea that you might like to breed.


I hope this has been some help. And remember we are here for you, don’t be shy or scared. We are nice and love to have fun and breed too!!!

It’s Pet Time!

Hi everyone! Do you have a special Retired horse or Spayed/ Neutered K9 that you hold near and dear to your heart? Would you like to keep that horse or K9 forever without having to feed it? Well, you can do that! Amaretto offers the Forever Foal for retired horses and the Perpetual Puppy for spayed or neutered K9s. It’s is super simple to do and I am going to take you through the process, step by step.

  1. Head on down to one of many Amaretto Horse or K9 store locations
  2. Purchase a Forever Foal Certificate to make your retired horse a pet or Purchase a Perpetual Puppy Certificate to make your spayed or neutered K9 a Pet
  3. Once you have purchased the certificate, open the box and copy the contents to your inventory
  4. Make a new folder and rename the folder with your SL name and Forever Foal or Perpetual Puppy. For example <SL Name – Forever Foal>
  5. Now you need to place the retired horse or the spayed/neutered K9  in the folder along with the Certificate you purchased
  6. After you have named the folder properly and placed the certificate along with the horse or K9 inside the folder, send it to Jaymee Caproni (That’s me!! )
  7. I will then work my magic and send the Forever Foal or Perpetual Puppy back to you in a folder. The folder will be named <Forever Foal from Jaymee Caproni> for horses or <Perpetual Puppy from Jaymee Caproni> for K9

Now there are a few things I would like to point out:

The Forever Foal and Perpetual Puppy Certificate must be redeemed by the person who purchases it

You will need ONE certificate per ONE horse or K9

The Forever Foal only works for Retired horses (120 days and older)

The Perpetual Puppy Only works for Spayed or Neutered K9 (126 days and older)

The hover text above your animal will say Pet

The Forever Foal and Perpetual Puppy will no longer require food

Be absolutely sure this is what you want because…


See, it is that simple to make your cherished retired horse or spayed/neutered K9 in to a pet! So do it today, your horses and K9s will thank you!

Until next time….

Make things easier with a Mentor!

Happy Friday Everyone!  I have been seeing so many new names in the group and out at the events I wanted to take this time to welcome all the new folks to the Amaretto Community and remind everyone of a wonderful program that we offer that can help with so many of those questions everyone has!


The Amaretto Mentor Program was an idea born from our wonderful staff and community via the A.M.O.C. group meetings, has come to life to help anyone in need of information and guidance from an experienced breeder.  The Amaretto Mentor Program is something that everyone can take part in.


If you would like to help out a new breeder or even a breeder that’s been in the game for a while who just has some questions, then we encourage you to go to the Haven sim, University sim and the Amaretto main store and sign up to become a Mentor.  You can click the “Become a Mentor” board and you will be contacted by a member of the Amaretto staff with an invite to the mentor group and further instructions regarding your mentee.


The mentors are not going to be Amaretto staff, just giving people who are willing to help with issues and questions one might have when breeding Amaretto animals.  Of course the Mentors will be able to contact Amaretto Staff with any questions they may have, but we want to encourage everyone in the community to extend a helping hand and share your knowledge of Amaretto Breedables.

Now if you have questions about breeding or you’re a new breeder in the community, you can go to the Haven sim, University sim and the Amaretto main store.  You will be contacted by a member of the Amaretto staff with further instructions regarding your mentor.  We look forward to hearing many wonderful stories of the community coming together to help one another, and in return seeing many beautiful breedables posted in the groups!

Until next time, Happy Breeding!

Fall Formal!

Hello all my favorite breeders! I hope that all you enjoyed your Thursday and you are ready to T.G.I.F!

I know everyone is staring at their pregnant starters and waiting and wanting to see all the great surprises they have hidden in them! We have been busy working on some more new and exciting things to come soon.


Today Dakota and Maleficent hosted a fall formal, I hope you were able to attend. Dakota played some awesome tunes and we all played the sploder. In fact I know I lost a few lindens myself 🙁

Everyone was dressed in their Sunday best and all attendees looked lovely.

Here are some pictures I managed to snap of everyone at the Fall Formal!


Ava Everyone


It was definitely a lot of fun, and we really enjoy seeing everyone out at the events.

Be sure to check your Amaretto calendars for the next event and come join in on the fun!

This is Ava formally telling you Happy Breeding and Goodnight!!


Happy Wednesday Everyone! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!

Today i wanted to talk to you about Amaretto University. Amaretto is currently offering several different classes weekly. These classes are loaded with information that can help you even if you are a new breeder or an older breeder.

Here is the landmark to the ARU

Amaretto also has the Amaretto Ranch University website that you can use to check and see what classes are given an what classes you have taken. You must Register for this website at a terminal in world located in each classroom as well as in the courtyard.
Check out the ARU website here:
To keep up with what classes are available each week you can check the ARU calendar! Classes are taught weekly every Sunday, Thursday, and Saturday.
Class times are 9 AM Slt and again at 5 PM Slt.
Below is a link to the ARU Calendar:

Looking forward to seeing you in class !
Until next week ! Happy Breeding !