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The Customer Connection

Ohai everyone!!  Its the littlest member of Amaretto here, If you don’t know me  I’m Ava, I am a csr for Amaretto and most of you have seen me in group chat or answering your tickets. In a effort to connect with our community and think outside the box on new and innovative ways to communicate with our customers in an effort to keep you guys informed. We have created the customer connection!!!! One day a week a different csr from the Amaretto team will post either with an update or a tip or simply to answer a question that is often asked in the group chat.

I have heard most of you guys saying you want more communication so this is just one more way that we are trying to accommodate you guys! Thats right Amaretto hears you and we listen, now this will be only a csr based blog so you will not be able to post questions or comments. We have all committed to posting everyday except Sunday I hope thats understandable. So be sure to spread the word and let your fellow breeder friends know about this new connection. If there is a topic you would like to see me blog about you can send me a nc in world (please only send one) I will try to answer some of your questions!

Now all that being said Version 2.0 is out!!! Yes we are still working on the pairing issue, we know a lot of you guys rely on this function and it is important so the scriptor has been working his tail off! Literally!!  LOL We do hope to have this fixed for you guys! One other thing I would like to mention is the main group ~Amaretto Ranch~ Breedables this group guys is meant to be an informative group I have been saddened  by the way I have personally seen some in there.  So please everyone lets just be respectful to fellow breeders, csr, and potential new customers that may be in there!! Happy Breeding everyone and i pass the connection torch to……. Richie who will be posting tomorrow! Happy Breeding everyone!!