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BCA Auction Recap!

Hey everyone its a Super Sunday here at Amaretto Ranch! I wanted to brag on all of you guys for a moment. I have said before and will continue to say that the Amaretto community is one of the best in secondlife!

About 2 weeks ago i sent out a call for breeders to send in donations for the BCA Auction that we would be hosting on October 26, 2016. I was very moved by just the amount of donations that I had received it was so many that we had to have 2 auctions!

There was everything from Charmed, Excotics, Retired LE, Albinos, Siblings, Elementals, Zodiacs, and sooo much more!

I am soooo pleased to announce that together as a community you guys have raise well over 440,000 Linden!!! Amazing job everyone!


I have to say thanks you to the Amaretto staff that helped at the auction, The Nest Egg for hosting the auction. The biggest Thank you all of goes to all the breeders! The ones who donated amazing breedables and those amazing breeders that were there to bid and raise the bids!

I love when we all pull together for a great cause and i thank everyone for attending and making it such a great success! Not to mention listening to me for over 4 hours!

I hope everyone has a great week and do something to make a stranger smile because we all need it! This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!!

Spotlight on Rocky Horror Event

Happy Thursday!  I wanted to start off my Spotlight this week by sending out an enormous thank you to our amazing Amaretto Community for all the Buyers and Donors at yesterday’s Auction for Breast Cancer Awareness!!! You guys always show up big time for good causes and this was no exception!!  Thank you to Amaretto’s own Avalon for being the awesome auctioneer for this great event! You Rock Ava!! 

Now I want to tell you about the next event we have coming which is going to be a good one! On Friday October 28th at 3pm slt Rebel Yell Concerts is going to put on a special Rocky Horror Picture Show performance for the Amaretto Community!  The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a 1975 musical comedy horror film that has become a cult classic!  Everyone has hopefully done “the time warp again!” 



If you have never been to one of the Rebel Yell Concerts before you definitely need to plan on attending this one!  When they performed Grease for us not that long ago it was fantastic so we know this is going to be a great time for everyone!  

Remember all you need to do is check the Amaretto Calendar and watch for notices to stay informed of all the super fun events!

Until next week ….. Smile!!! You are a member of the GREATEST Community in SL!! Be proud, Be happy, Be inspired …. Be Amaretto!!!


rhp1 rhp2


Transformation Tuesday!

Its transformation Tuesday here at the ranch and man have we been hard at work! After much debate about the amount of sims Amaretto has versus the amount of prims we were using we have decided to consolidate some of our sims. So here is the break down!

We have made the decision to do away with the Amaretto Boomtown, Amaretto Ranch University, and the Amaretto Haven sims.

Please know that we have place haven, puppy paradise, and bird sanctuary boards at all locations including the main stores. This does not mean that we will not be adding to these in the future. So any rumor you have heard about haven horses going away is simply NOT true.

Amaretto Ranch University has been moved to what used to be the haven sim! So now all class will be held at the following location:


We have also relocated the dock where we hold fishing events, we will still host fishing events from time to time at the following location:





AMOC has also received a new home but don’t worry there is still those monthly meetings to be had heres your new uber to the AMOC meeting location and donation boxes!


For my racing breeders don’t worry we still have your practice and training track we have just moved it over a little so be sure to change your landmark to:


Remember if you don’t landmark all of these special places you can always find them on our locations page on our website which has been updated!

So please spread the word and delete those old landmarks. There will be a 100 linden fee for anyone who messages me asking why they can no longer get to boomtown or the ARU sim! 🙂

This is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding everyone be sure to go check out the new Amaretto areas! Also I am encouraging everyone tomorrow to join me at 1 PM for our BCA Auction 100% of the proceeds will go to the BCA Kiosks!

Everything that glitters is looney!

Hey everyone how is this wonderful Monday treating everyone? I am having a great day here at the ranch! I know you guys have just been waiting to here the word come down on what in the world the next looney leg and batty bosom will be!

Well here is your word! Starting November 1st until November 30, 2016 by breeding any TWO horses with Glitter Silver Horn together you will have a chance at getting a Looney Leg Glitter Silver! These legs will have the ability to pass! Just wait until you see these legs glisten!


Where my dogs at?? Well starting November 1st until November 30, 2016 by breeding any TWO K-9s with dipped Ear Silver together you will have a chance at getting a Looney Leg Glitter Silver!




Lets not forget our Bird lovers starting November 1st until November  30, 2016 by breeding any TWO Barnyard Birds with Platinum Blue Leg together you will have a chance at getting a Batty Bosom Glitter Silver!

Platinum Blue leg

November is going super shiny! Good luck everyone hope you find a glittery surprise this round! Happy Breeding everyone! This is Ava over and out!

Wanna Play??

Monsters, stalking through the night,
Halloween is the Night of Fright.
Fear is what this night brings,
Along with many other things.

Are you sure you are prepared?
Tonight is not for the easily scared.
Creatures from hell roam on this night,

Trick or treat you say,
You should not have waited until the end of the day.
Tonight you will lose your tricks and treats,
For the monsters need to eat.

Amaretto Ranch Breedables is no different and we are getting ready for Halloween! We like a little fright and have some scary monsters just to honor this night!
That’s right guys the time is here to let the nightmare begin with these scary 2016 Halloween Edition animals!

Introducing to you:
2016 Halloween Edition Wanna Play? and 2016 Halloween Edition Whinny the Puppet! These horses will surely frighten and just wait until you see what they will unveil!


Lets not forget our K-9 friends just for you we have 2016 Halloween Edition Whinny the Puppet!
This spine-chilling K-9 will also have surprises that will appear!


Now to haunt you with some Barnyard Birds from your past! We have brought back Halloween Edition Frankenbird and his Bride! One of our cutest I mean hauntingly chilling Barnyard Birds in my opinion the 2016 Retro Halloween Edition – Frankenbird and 2016 Retro Halloween Edition – Bride of Frankenbird but they have some new Mr. & Mrs. eyes but that’s not all there is also a mystery surprise!


I know most people won’t even read far enough to see this but……. you DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT have to breed these Halloween animals together to get a trick or a treat! These will be available from October 21, 2016 to November 4, 2016!!

You can pick one or a few up at any Amaretto location! Here is a ride in case you need one!

Well I think I have scared everyone enough for one night! Happy Breeding everyone hope you enjoy these as much as we do! This is Ava over and out!

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!
This week I would like to touch a little on Amaretto Horse Haven, Puppy Paradise and Bird Sanctuary.

Well let’s start with Amaretto Horse Haven. First let’s remember this ONCE A HORSE IS SENT TO HORSE HAVEN IT IS UNRECOVERABLE.

When you want to send your horse to haven , you simply click the horse when menu comes down you click on settings then click on horse haven, then you will have to confirm that you want to send this horse to haven.

Remember once a horse has been sent to haven it can’t be reversed.
When sending a horse to haven you will receive points for age and traits.

All of our Amaretto Horse Stores have Haven vendors located in them. With the exception of the main store as we have the Amaretto Ranch Haven Sim located right next door.
You will receive Horse Haven points for traits and the age of a horse.

0-10= 100 Horse Cents
11-20=200 Horse Cents
21-30=300 Horse Cents
31-40=400 Horse Cents
41-50=500 Horse Cents
51-60=600 Horse Cents
61-70=700 Horse Cents
71-80=800 Horse Cents
81-90=900 Horse Cents
91-100=1000 Horse Cents
101=110=1100 Horse Cents
111-119=1200 Horse Cents
120 and older (Retired Horses): 1400 Horse Cents

In addition to the above Horse Cents you will also be rewarded the following for the traits on each horse/bundle sent to Horse Haven:

Non-Starter Coat +100 Horse Cents
Non-starter eyes: +100 Horse Cents
Non-starter mane: +100 Horse Cents
Non-starter tail: +100 Horse Cents
Gleam (high or low, coat or hair): +100 Horse Cents
Luster (high or low, coat or hair): +100 Horse Cents
Gloom (coat or hair): +100 Horse Cents
Opal (coat or hair): +100 Horse Cents
Branding: +100 Horse Cents
Leg Traits (Hoof Paint or Socks) +100 Horse Cents
Ear Style +100 Horse Cents
Ear Size +100 Horse Cents
Wild Hair +100 Horse Cents
Wings +100 Horse Cents
Racing Trait +100 Horse Cents
Bridle +100 Horse Cents
Wing Opal +100 Horse Cents
Horn +100 Horse Cents
Saddle +100 Horse Cents
Ear Tip +100 Horse Cents

Let’s move on to Amaretto Puppy Paradise. Remember this also with the K-9’s ONCE A K-9 IS SENT TO PUPPY PARADISE IT IS UNRECOVERABLE

When you decide to send your K-9 to Puppy Paradise you would do the same as you do with the horses. Click on settings then Puppy Paradise, and then confirm that this is what you want to do.

When sending a K-9 to Puppy Paradise you will receive Points for traits an age of the K-9.

You will also receive Kennel Cash to spend at the vendors in all Amaretto K-9 stores and at Amaretto Puppy Paradise.

You will receive Puppy Paradise points for traits and the age of a K-9.
0-10= 100 Kennel Cash
11-20=200 Kennel Cash
21-30=300 Kennel Cash
31-40=400 Kennel Cash
41-50=500 Kennel Cash
51-60=600 Kennel Cash
61-70=700 Kennel Cash
71-80=800 Kennel Cash
81-90=900 Kennel Cash
91-100=1000 Kennel Cash
101-110=1100 Kennel Cash
111-119=1200 Kennel Cash
120-125=1300 Kennel Cash
126 and older (Retired K-9s): 1400 Kennel Cash

In addition to the above Kennel Cash you will also be rewarded the following for the traits on each K-9 sent to Puppy Paradise:

Non-starter coats 100
Non-starter eyes 100
Sheen (high or low) 100
Sheen Null 100
Radiance (high or low) 100
Radiance Null 100
Non-starter ear 100
Non-starter size 100
Non-starter collar 100
Tint (Sunrise or Sunset) 100
Sunrise Null or Sunset Null 100
Non-starter tail 100
Non-starter nose 100
Gloom 100
Paw Polish 100
Paw Warmer 100

Last we have the Amaretto Bird Sanctuary. Remember this also with the Barnyard Birds ONCE A BIRD IS SENT TO BIRD SANCTUARY IT IS UNRECOVERABLE.

How to send your Barnyard Bird to Sanctuary you would simply click the barnyard bird then click settings then click on Bird Sanctuary then you will have to confirm that is what you want to do.

The Bird Sanctuary will reward you with the Henny Penny for age and traits.
You can spend these Henny Penny rewards at any vendors located at the Amaretto Birds Stores an also on the Barnyard Bird Vendors on the Amaretto Haven Sim.

So be sure this is what you want to do when sending Amaretto Breedables to Haven, Paradise or Sanctuary because there is no turning back after sending them!

They are gone cannot be recoverable even if it is sent by accident so think about it before you hit send!

The Bird Sanctuary Henny Pennies Reward system will reward you for your Barnyard Birds in the following way:

Starter breed = 100 Henny Pennies
Hidden breed = 200 Henny Pennies
Starter eye = 100 Henny Pennies
Hidden eye = 200 Henny Pennies
Beak Color = 100 Henny Pennies
Beak Design = 100 Henny Pennies
Beak Flaw = 100 Henny Pennies
Leg Color = 100 Henny Pennies
Hidden classes = 100 Henny Pennies
Every cycle lost = 100 Henny Pennies
Shade = 100 Henny Pennies
Glaze = 100 Henny Pennies
Brilliance = 100 Henny Pennies

Until next week Happy Breeding!




Spotlight on Newness from 5.5 Starters!

Happy Thursday!  It has been an exciting week here at Amaretto watching the groups and waiting for the new stuff from the 5.5 Starter horses to show up.  It has finally begun to show up and it is some pretty exciting additions to the trait pool!  I can’t wait to see the exciting new projects that come from the new stuff!  Today I wanted to show you the new stuff that has shown up so far ….. there is still plenty of newness that hasn’t been seen yet!! Get out there and get your new starters and remember to update your 5.0 horses!



Coat: Honey Pottok Pony
Eye: Shock Pink
Mane: Normal
Tail: Normal
Coat Gleam Low
Coat Luster Low

This belongs to Patrica Ragu! Congrats Pat!



Coat: Akhal-Teke Mocha

This belongs to Kira Darmoset! Congrats Kira!



This Saddle Purple belongs to Pommie Sixpence. Congrats Pommie!




This Saddle Cyan belongs to RebekahHalfCrown Resident. Congrats Rebekah!



This Saddle Yellow belongs to Salome Breil. Congrats Salome!




This Horn Copper belongs to Salome Breil. Congrats Salome!




This Eye Crocodile belongs to Micia Pearl.  Congrats Micia!

Until next week …..Smile!!! You are a member of the GREATEST Community in SL!! Be proud, Be happy, Be inspired …. Be Amaretto!!!

Bundle Updater Fix!

Hello Amaretto Community and Happy Wednesday! How is everyone liking the new 5.5 update? I hope you all are getting excited as the new surprises start to reveal themselves on the grid!! Now on to an issue that we are aware of with all regular horses that have the saddle and wing trait. These horses may have a white, non-textured horn sculpt attached to a horse that does not have a horn showing in the stats. We are releasing a new bundle updater to help eliminate this issue. All you need to do is head on down to any of the Amaretto Ranch Breedables Horse store locations and pick up the new Bundle Updater box. The Bundle Updater box will say FIX on it. All you need to do when you receive a bundle that is a regular horse model with the wing and saddle trait together, is update it using the Bundle Updater Fix. This will eliminate the white, non-textured horn sculpt from showing up on that bundle once birthed. You can then birth the bundle and have no further issues with it showing the white, non-textured horn sculpt. This will also eliminate the need to file a support ticket once the bundle is birthed and has the extra white, non-textured horn sculpt. I am including somethings you need to know about the updater:

1. You can update up to 15 bundles at one time

2. The bundles have to be in range of the updater (5m radius)

3. Bundles must have “SUCCESSFULL_BUNDLE” in the UUID to be updated

4. There is an option to turn on/off range indicator on the updater (must have particles enabled on your sl viewer)

5. Can only update a bundle once and will only update 2.4 and higher bundles

Updater instructions:

Rez the updater out and select “range on” from the updater menu. Place up to 15 bundles within the range area of the updater and select “update” from the menu. ***DO NOT PICK UP BUNDLES OR THE UPDATER UNTIL IT HAS COMPLETED THE UPDATE PROCESS***. When the updater reads “Done” you may then pick up your updated bundles and repeat to update more bundles.



Happy bundle updating and breeding!

Until next time……



Amaretto Groups

Happy Friday Everyone !! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day 🙂

This week I wanted to share with you the many groups that Amaretto has for you to join.

How do you join ?
You can go to any Amaretto Breedables Store an hit up the group joiner!

Here is a list of the Amaretto Groups

Amaretto Ranch Multi Language Group

This group is for POSITIVE chat and support for the Amaretto community in multiple languages.

Amaretto Advertising Network

This is where you can advertise your AMARETTO RANCH BREEDABLES ONLY for sale

Amaretto Market Owners Coalition- group by invitation only

Keep the market owners and breeders together and hopefully promote some stabilization of the Secondary Market.

Amaretto Mentor Program

The Amaretto Mentor Program idea was created from our wonderful staff and community via the A.M.O.C. group meetings, and has come to life to help anyone in need of information and guidance from an experienced breeder.

Amaretto Ponie Pals

This group is for POSITIVE chat and support for the Amaretto community. Join to get up to date info on the Ponie Pals.

Amaretto Ranch Boomtown

Boomtown Events sim is a beautiful place you can go to hang out with other members of the community .

Amaretto Ranch University

The mission of Amaretto Ranch University is to educate our community on all aspects of the Amaretto Ranch products.

Amaretto Ranch Barnyard Birds

This group is for POSITIVE chat and support for the Amaretto community. Join to get up to date info on the Barnyard Birds.
Amaretto Ranch Breedables

This group is for POSITIVE chat and support for the Amaretto community. Join to get up to date info on the Horses, K-9s & Barnyard Birds.

Amaretto Ranch K-9’s

Join to get up to date info on the K-9s.

Amaretto also has the Hippo Group Joiner

Remember there is NO ADVERTISING OF ANY KIND (including freebies, giveaways or trading) except for the advertising group.

So there you go a list of Amaretto Groups that is out there for you to join to get information about Amaretto Ranch Breedables!

Until next week Happy Breeding !!

Spotlight on October’s Looney Leg & Batty Bosom

Happy Thursday!  I hope everyone is having a great week and that you all got your horses updated to Version 5.5!  It’s super exciting to see everyone waiting and wondering what surprises the new starters will start dropping in the next few days!  I wanted to take my Spotlight this week to show off pictures of the October Looney Leg & Batty Bosom!  These seem to be a big hit in the community and I have seen many of you wishing for them in the groups!  I can imagine they are going to look extremely good on many of your projects!


You still have plenty of time to get your bloody and toxic traits breeding to try for them!  You can see a list of what traits you need to breed together in order to have a chance at getting the Looney Leg & Batty Bosom this month here:


looneylegbloodyhorse looneylegtoxic 200px-battybosombloody



These traits are spooky good!!  Good luck to all breeding for them!

Until next week …. Smile!!! You are a member of the GREATEST Community in SL!! Be proud, Be happy, Be inspired …. Be Amaretto!!!