Spotlight on October’s Looney Leg & Batty Bosom

Happy Thursday!  I hope everyone is having a great week and that you all got your horses updated to Version 5.5!  It’s super exciting to see everyone waiting and wondering what surprises the new starters will start dropping in the next few days!  I wanted to take my Spotlight this week to show off pictures of the October Looney Leg & Batty Bosom!  These seem to be a big hit in the community and I have seen many of you wishing for them in the groups!  I can imagine they are going to look extremely good on many of your projects!


You still have plenty of time to get your bloody and toxic traits breeding to try for them!  You can see a list of what traits you need to breed together in order to have a chance at getting the Looney Leg & Batty Bosom this month here:


looneylegbloodyhorse looneylegtoxic 200px-battybosombloody



These traits are spooky good!!  Good luck to all breeding for them!

Until next week …. Smile!!! You are a member of the GREATEST Community in SL!! Be proud, Be happy, Be inspired …. Be Amaretto!!!



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