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We at Amaretto understand the importance of a good education, Breedable education that is! We have heard from you the community about the need for education amongst breeders in the community and we have acted. Amaretto Ranch University has been founded by myself and the Staff in order to assist the community in educating one another. We have the group ready to join and will notify you when the University Campus is ready to tour!  At any Amaretto Store location you can touch the Amaretto Ranch University group joiner to enroll today!!

Hey guys its monday!! I bet you didnt see this comming but its time to update those horses!!! I have included a picture of the new food as well!

***IMPORTANT NOTE***After Thursday February 15, 2012 we will NO longer provide support for horses that are NOT v3.2*** So please update your horses!!!!

Update v3.2 Fixes/Changes:


1. Fixed the issue with Fell Pony being deformed.

2. Fixed the issue with riding horses that were age 7.

3. API now includes branding and opal traits.

4. Mule eyes fixed.


1. We have “Put Out to Pasture” (retired) the following Coats:
Arabian- All Colors
Mustang – All Colors
Charmed Pegasus

2. We have “Put Out to Pasture” (retired) the following Albino eyes:
Multi Blue/Pink Hazel
Multi Green/Blue Hazel
Yin Yang

3. We have “Put Out to Pasture” (retired) the following Starter eyes:
Dark Brown
Light Brown

4. We have “Put Out to Pasture” (retired) the following Non-Starter eyes:
Diamond Heartshine
Diamond Starshine

** PLEASE NOTE** “Put Out to Pasture” (retired) means these will no longer be birthed from starter horses, they can ONLY be birthed from existing horses already on the grid that carry these traits.

5. We have added “set home” and “keep home” to G.P.S. (Global Pony Settings) device for the Horses. With these settings you can keep the home position as it is before using the G.P.S. or you can change it to the new position of the horse when G.P.S. is activated.

6. Have added an “enable” and “disable” button to the menu of the salt licks. (disable instead of putting it into inventory when not in use).

7. The breedable and pet food is now one prim. (the old 2 prim food will still work as well)

8. Added Last Bred button to the horse menu (button in the menu when clicked will show last horse it mated with, name and uuid).

9. Last Bundle button (button in the menu when clicked will show last bundle uuid birthed by this horse).

10. Added pregnancy booster 5%.(under consumables button in the menu)

11. Changed Hunger and Thirst to Nourishment in the hover text.

12. Added option for horse to go to home position when sleep animation is active. (this will happen only if animations and movement are on)

13. Added a Custom Name Field to the hover text. (can add and clear this field by using the menu-settings-name buttons in the menu)

14. Added owners name to the hover text.

Somethings you need to know about the updater:

1. It will not work if there is more than one updater out. It gives you a message that there are 2 updaters out please remove one. If you continue to try and update your horse It will give you another error message and have you pick one updater up and reset the other. (touch and wait 5 seconds to reset)

2. It will not update pregnant horses. The reason being the updater can potentially abort the pregnancy. Waiting to update your pregnant horses will not effect the horses functions, they will continue to eat, move, animate etc. When they give birth to the bundle, then you can update them. The bundle will be the old version and need to be updated when birthed.

3. The updater will not work on sims with a high load. Dilation needs to be above .65 and region fps must be above 25 for the updater to work. You will get an error message that says the sim dilation is too low, we have enclosed a sim monitor that will display these values for you. Just rez on your sim next to the updater.


Update Instructions:

Single Updater: Place the updater near the horse that isn’t updated and click the horse and click the update button. The horse will be updated and the settings will be the same as before the update process. ***DO NOT PICK UP HORSES OR THE UPDATER UNTIL IT HAS COMPLETED THE UPDATE PROCESS***

Bulk Updater: Place the bulk updater in the middle of your horse breeding area, click the updater and adjust the settings you want your horses to be set to after the update process, then click the update horses button on the updater menu. This updater has the ability to update all horses that are not v3.2 in an entire region. However, depending on sim performance it may only do the horses in a 96 meter radius. Do not remove the updater until it has completed updating all horses and the hover text above the updater reads FINISHED. ***DO NOT PICK UP HORSES OR THE UPDATER UNTIL IT HAS COMPLETED THE UPDATE PROCESS***

Happy updating everyone as always if you have a problem please file a ticket @

The beans keep a spilling!

Have you seen the beans? They spilled all over the floor again!!

Starting February 05, 2012 Amaretto is introducing a new Show Horse from February 5th 2012 to March 5th 2012 . We move from Ford’s favorite Andalusians to Ava’s favorite Pintos!!

• Starting February 5th 2012 at 12:01 am SLT any bundle dropped from the breeding of 2 Pintos you have a chance at the bundle being an “Amaretto Pinto Showhorse”!

• That’s it! The only qualification is they both have to be Pintos, they can be any color! Mother & Father MUST BOTH be Pintos.

• We will announce what horse is next close to the end of the 30 days of Pintos!

• Keep your eyes peeled as you won’t know what the“Amaretto Pinto Showhorse” looks like until it hits the grid !

• This “Amaretto Pinto Showhorse” will have a chance of passing its special eye!

• So Amaretto community… gather up your Pintos and get them ready for an excitement filled month of breeding!

Dang beans at this rate theres gonna be none left in the jar Im’ gonna have to find a better lid!

Amaretto has Fun Events

Wow Friday’s K-9 kennel hunt was a success, with lots of people coming out to try and find the seventy (70) plus kennels that were hidden on three 3 different sims. It was surprising how quickly the kennels were all found. We are already thinking of ways to make the future hunts longer and more successful than our first. We wish to thank everyone who came out and joined us in this event, and congratulations to all who found them.


You can find out what Amaretto events are being held monthly,on the Amaretto Web site under your picture. Click Amaretto Calendar, or go to


Don’t forget about the Horse Show February 4, 2012 at 4pm SL time. Get your entries in to

Avalon Cyrstal. If you are not entering, please come out and enjoy it and have a great time with us. You can find more information about this event at


Also you may enjoy joining the A.R.B Horse Show group at on the Amaretto Website.

Ford’s Justin B rant!

This week I’m going to chat you all up about connecting with Amaretto and the staff.

As you may or may not know… Amaretto has its Social Network (which frankly is a whole lot of awesome… just saying) and its a pretty awesome way to connect with other members. Not to mention there are some pretty hot topics going on in the forum section AND AND AND you can also post your horses and K-9s for sale… This is an invaluable tool at your disposal. If you have not already signed up – lets get you all setup here

Ok Ok Ok… Now here is some awesome eh !

Did you know that you stalk me ? Ford Carver and the other staff of Amaretto on Facebook and Twitter… I start my days out in the office stalking you guys! So… LETS GET FACEBOOK STALKIN!

Go on… Add me 😛 Ford Carver

You can also visit out very own Amaretto Facebook fan page here

OH OH OH! and just when you think that was it… MUAHAHAHA there is Twitter… mmmhmmm

I get me tweet on daily with Justin Bieber! NOT! Although some how he manage on my timeline today… DARN IT! I must research how to kill people on my timelines…. *starts the google search to kill* I mean… really… how does someone I dislike so much end up on my timeline? Does Twitter have it out for me? Did one of you have words with the Bieber? SMH!

Where was I … Oh! right yes we is on Twitter and you can Tweet with Amaretto or the staff… Here is the direct link to Amaretto!/AmarettoRanch

AND here is me 🙂!/FordCarver

Another reason if Amaretto and me aren’t enough for you… Sometimes we give special little updates there that you just might not see in world… So *sticks tongue out*

See you peeps on the Facebook and Twitter

As always this connection was brought to you by the Letter K and the Number 9


Amaretto’s First A.R.B. Horse Show!

Amaretto is proud to announce the very First A.R.B. Horse Show!  If you would like to participate in the show please log on to the social engine and go to this link and send a request to join the group.

To enter the horse show, please send a folder with your name a note card with the stats of your horse and a pic of your horse to Avalon Crystal

Here are the following divisions:

  • Breeder’s choice- any breed of horse can go here
  • Best in Show- any breed of horse can go here
  • Fav combo- traited combo horses will go here
  • Best Starter- must be a starter breed
  • Special horses- charmed, albino, mystique, show horses go here
  • Tiny Cutie- Shetlands will go here
  • Perfect Ponies- fell pony’s will go here
  • Creative Clydes- Clydesdale will go here
  • I breed this- most creative horse
  • Juniors- 75 days and younger
  • Seniors-76 days or older
  • Out to Pasture- Any retired coat

Only category that charmed, albinos, show horses, mystiques can enter is the special.

Horse must be 7 to enter!

Only one entry per avatar!!

We will begin the voting on the winners on the website and finalist will attend the horse show in world on February 4th @ 4 pm!

If you’re not a member on the social network sign up here any questions please IM Avalon Crystal!

Happy Breeding and Bragging!

Until next time……

K-9 Hud

Well let’s talk about the K-9 Hud
When you attach the K-9 to the hud the K-9 will receive a boost in happiness.
This will happen as long as the K-9 stays attached to the hud .
Let me talk about the buttons on the hud .
The Connect button is for you to use when you connect a K-9 to the hud
When you are ready to disconnect the hud from your K-9
you will use the Disconnect button.
The Follow Button this means the K-9 will follow you anywhere you go.
The Come button you would use when you want your K-9
to come sit next to you .
The Stay button you would use if you want your K-9 to stay still and not move
The Get Ball button will send the ball to your inventory which will be in your
objects folder for you to wear
The Fetch button will have to be activated before you can throw the ball
an have the K-9 to fetch it for you.
The Hud gives you important information such as which K-9 is connected
to the hud an also what feature is currently in use.

Wear the HUD – It will attach to your screen in the upper left corner
Touch the K-9 you want to interact with and chose HUD from the Blue Menu
Touch the Connect button on the HUD – It will confirm in local which K-9 is connected to the HUD
Now you can choose to have your K-9 do one of the activities listed on the HUD
Come, Stay, Follow

Second Life has many lag issues, that can cause duplication of breedables, disappearance of breedables, or incomplete transfer of breedables. Having your breedable named can be very helpful especially when SL eats you Horse or K-9. We need information to remake your breedable. What we need is the Name of breedable and/or UUID number. If you leave you horse or K-9 as Amaretto Breedable Horse or Amaretto Breedable K-9 it can make it harder to find and sometimes impossible. The same goes for kennels and bundles.

We can only replace, remake your item if we have the information, so please take the time to name all your breedables.

Names can be as simple as using a number. It will also help you keep track and know when you are missing a horse or K-9.

When you get a bundle or kennel and you decide not to birth it, name it before you take it into your inventory. Lets say a few weeks down the road you decide to birth that bundle, and the horse stays white and doesn’t birth. You probably don’t remember who the parents of the bundle were, but if you have named the bundle and paid attention to the bundle name before you clicked birth, you now have some information to give us that can help in finding out about that bundle.


A day at Boomtown………

Hey guys its Monday and here I am trying to come up with an epic connection for all my breeder friends and I’m drawing a blank! So I do what I always do when I’m bored I visited Boomtown, and wondered if all you guys have??

I checked the calendar, sadly  no events were planned for today 🙁 

But I  did run into a breeder friend and we chatted for a bit.

So you have never been to Boomtown?
Whats Boomtown you ask? Well……..we at Amaretto thought it would be a great idea to have a place where breeders could come hang out, visit and talk shop. Then we thought wouldn’t it be great if everyday there were CSR’s visiting Boomtown? I mean just in case you had some questions and wanted to get some official answers? Or how about a game of greedy with your favorite CSR?

It sounds awesome right? Then on top of that wouldn’t it be great if we had some shops there for everyones 3rd party creators have a central area to put there products in??
At this point this place sounds terrific!

But Amaretto doesn’t stop there………. (insert lightbulb above Amaretto’s head here) Lets have events here every week to bring out the community so we can know everyone on a more personal level!!!!! There is even an Amaretto Event Calendar to see the latest happenings!
What Amaretto wants to get to know their customer?? NO WAY!!!! So Boomtown was born 🙂

But sadly I have to say I don’t see you guys taking advantage of Boomtown, there are a few of you faithful Amarettoholics that come visit all the time but are you sharing the word with your friends?? I mean I know a ton of you guys spends hours a day with your horses, and if I did that I would certainly wanna get to know the people that created them! I mean this is awesome opportunity for you guys to get to know the CSR’s, Owners, and members of the team. It makes me sad that I dont see more of you there! Lets be honest how many of us have spent tons of linden on a product or at a store and have never even known who the creator is much less get to have a convo with them? So I hope that everyone will take the time to come out to Boomtown next time you see a CSR put a slurl in chat or a notice of an event. Just in case you don’t have it here ya go !

Well………….until next time Happy Breeding my Amaretto Family!!!

Hello everyone i would like to take a moment to inform you about our newest group mod: Draco Carpaccio. He will be in the chats watching and helping as he can in the following groups: The Main group, The K-9 group, The Barnyard Birds group, The Multi Language group, and the Advertising Group. So please everyone give him a warm welcome ( and a reindeer nugget! ).

P.S. We now have condensed the group joiners into a single board at ALL the stores! Its a one stop shop for all your group joining needs!