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Albino Eyes!!

Happy Halloween everyone! Just wanted to blog on the new albino eyes that came out with version 4.0. We had six new albino eyes this update and they are pretty awesome. I have attached pics below so you can see for yourself what an awesome job our design team did. Here is the link for more info on the albino coats and eyes





Again Happy Halloween and Happy Breeding!!


Halloween Costume Ball

Well tomorrow is Halloween, and that’s the last day left in October. Wow time sure goes quickly. For those of you Trick or Treating tomorrow, have a fun time and be safe.


If you missed todays costume party, you missed a lot of Spooky fun. Everyone had some fantastic costumes on, our DJ Ava was awesome as always and played lots of Spooky songs, Ava even got the party extend for 30 minutes, because everyone was having such a great time.


There was a costume contest and the top three best costumes won some awesome prizes


The best costume contest winners were:

1st place -мαмι- (mami.deerhunter)- Centacorn

2nd place کρίкίȼ ℂђίςкίȼ (spikie.thorne)- Skeleton Groom

3rd place :Sȼrαphỹnα AƒтȼrMαTɦ: (seraphyna.viper) – Vamp Mistress




So if you missed the fun here are some pictures of our Costume Ball Event

costume ball 2costum ballcostume ball 5

costume ball 7Snapshot costume ball3



Stay tuned for November, more great events coming up!!!!!


Also don’t forget to pick up you Halloween Edition breedables. They are only on sale until November 4th, and you don’t want to miss out on the hidden surprise that they can give.

Hello everyone! I know there is lots of buzz going around about the twist and the new Halloween Editions. I did want to clear up the rumor that is going around. The Ivory Dun, Ebony Dun, and Mystique Rainbow Quartz are included in the twist!

I want to take a moment to talk about something that is very near and dear to my heart. The Amaretto wiki is a wealth of information that is free for everyone to use. I spend a lot of time and hard work keeping it updated for everyone. It has been brought to my attention that more than one person has been taking photos off the wiki and making signs and selling them in world.

There is a terms of use for the wiki:

This states:

35) All information, including, but not limited to data, text, software, music, sound, graphics, messages, video, tags, or other materials (“Content”), uploaded to the site, are the sole responsibility of the person from whom such Content originated.
36) Amaretto Breedable’s is a service provider and will respond to DMCA and other legal notifications accordingly.
I know some of you guys have used the photos to advertise your horses which we don’t mind. There is however a problem with someone taking our photos off the wiki and selling them in secondlife for profit. I would ask you as a community not to support these people.

I am very sad even writing about this, however felt it needed to be addressed. It is not right for someone to take the work of others and sell it for a profit which makes me not only angry but sad.

Well don’t forget to go out and pick up all those awesome Halloween Edition animals with surprises! I can’t wait to see some photos of them in the pic of the week contest remember I choose the winner on Wednesday!
Until next time this is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding Everyone!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Amaretto Community!  This year we decided to scare you all by bringing Halloween a few days early!  At the Amaretto stores you will find 3 Limited Edition Halloween Horses, 1 Special Edition Halloween K-9 and 2 super cute Collectors Edition Halloween Barnyard Birds! Now let me explain a few things about each of these amazing Halloween animals…

These will all be on sale from October 28, 2013 until November 4, 2013.

The 3 Limited Edition Halloween Horses will NOT pass their spooky coat BUT they have the ability to pass their eye (they could also contain hidden treats that you won’t know what they are until you breed them with any other horse.) These 3 LE’s will all be Long mane/Long tail.


The 1 Special Edition Halloween K-9 will NOT pass its spooky coat or collar BUT it does have the ability to pass its eye (it could also contain hidden treats that you won’t know what they are until you breed it with any other K-9.)


The 2 Collectors Edition Halloween Barnyard Birds will NOT pass their spooky coat BUT it does have the ability to pass its eye (it could also contain hidden treats that you won’t know what they are until you breed it with any other Barnyard Bird.)


We are selling these Halloween breedables at all the Amaretto store locations and you will be able to purchase them as follows:


The Limited Edition Halloween Horses can be purchased as either:

Single Random bundle that will be random coat and gender cost L$750

3 Pack of bundles that will be one of each Coat and random gender cost L$2150


The Special Edition Halloween K-9 can be purchased as:

Single random kennel that will be random gender cost L$595


The Collectors Edition Halloween Barnyard Bird can be purchased as either:

Single random nest that will be random coat and gender cost L$495

Couples pack will be a Male and Female bird cost L$950

COllectorsEditionHalloween  2013

I also want to let you know that each breedable also has available a Limited Edition Candy Corn Pack of breedable food and either salt licks, chew toys or orange rinds available to purchase at the Amaretto stores.

1 Limited Edition Candy Corn Pack with 6 Breedable Horse Foods and 6 Salt Licks cost L$1700

1 Limited Edition Candy Corn Pack with 6 Breedable K-9 Foods and 6 Chew Toys cost L$1500

1 Limited Edition Candy Corn Pack with 6 Breedable Bird Foods and 6 Orange Rinds cost L$1300


We hope the entire community has a safe and Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone and Happy Saturday! So since Halloween is coming I thought I would tell you a little spooky tale….

It was a foggy Halloween night in the small town of Amarettoville. Frankenbird and Bride of Frankenbird were nestled in their coop when they decided to take a stroll around town and check out all of the trick or treaters. They were happily walking the streets wing in wing when Frankenbird saw a candy corn on the ground. “Mmmm candy cornnnnn” he said and as he bent down to peck at it he heard a long deep moan come from a distance. They jolted around quickly to find a mummy trotting up behind them. Bride of Frankenbird squawked loudly! “Oh my, you scared the living daylights out of me!” Just then from behind a bush jumps out Dogcula! “Muahahahah! Did someone say daylight? Daylight is for the mortals!” He then let out a long howl at the moon and licked his bloody fangs as he ran down the street. Frankenbird and Bride of Frankenbird looked at each other for a moment and Frankenbird said with a tad bit of fear in his voice “Bride… maybe we should get back inside. All this madness is starting to fry my brain.” Bride of Frankenbird nods her head rapidly in agreement. As they quickly make their way back to their coop they start to feel like they are being followed. Frankenbird hops around in one swift movement “Who’s there?!” Suddenly they hear something groaning “braiiiinnnnsss” and the eerie sound of hooves dragging on the ground. “RUN! It’s a zombie! And it is a huge one!” shouts Bride of Frankenbird. Frankenbird and Bride of Frankenbird hysterically run home and make it safely in their coop. Breathing heavily, Frankenbird tells Bride of Frankenbird “We better document this somehow or our friends will never believe us!” So, Bride pokes her head out of the coop “The coast is clear! Let’s go!” The two Frankenbirds quickly make their way to the stables and make a very spooky art tale on the best canvas of all, a horse!”

The End

Well Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you are enjoying your breedables!
Today I would like to talk a little about Amaretto Breedables and Second Life.
Let’s start with the rollbacks Second Life is doing every Tuesday an whenever they decide to, and some of the problems it is causing for your Amaretto Breedables.

Let’s start with Mother had Second Bundle. If this happens to you all you need to do is leave the bundle under the mother until you have copied the UUID of the mother because we will need this to send you the correct bundle, if you have 2 bundles under the mother one will be a viable bundle an the 2nd one will be a non-viable bundle. You can delete the Mother had second bundle if only you got a good one no need to file a ticket.
But! If you only got the Mother had 2nd bundle you will need to file a ticket with the mother’s information so we can get the bundle to you as soon as possible. You can also click on the mother and see what the last bundle this mother had. Click on breeding then click on last bundle. Please don’t try to birth this bundle as it is a non-viable bundle.

Well since that covers Mother had 2nd bundle let’s move on and talk about the duplicated horses or duplicated bundles. All you have to do is file a ticket on this and check your ticket for a respond and what CSR to send your horses to.

Well I would also like to mention missing horse! When you file a ticket for a missing horse please be sure to include the UUID or the name of the horse! When you have all this the CSR will get your horse back to you as quickly as possible! Make a quick notecard with all your horses’ names and UUID’s on it that way you have it just in case you need it, it does come in handy!
Well I think I covered about what can happen with your breedables when Second Life decides to do the no-no on us!
So until next Friday Have a Great Day and Happy Breeding!!

Blancos & Mutts

Happy Thursday Everyone! Today I wanted to remind you all of a couple of really cool things you can breed for with the Amaretto K-9s, the Blancos and Mutts!

You might ask yourself what is a Blanco K9?
Well these special little coats come from breeding the same coat and color together for example…
Red Pie Face Husky and a Red Pie Face Husky
It cannot be 2 different coats or breeds it must be the same. These little guys (and gals) do have special collars that you get with them that you can only get from Blancos but they can pass!!!

The Mutts are special K-9’s that come from FULL siblings meaning both the mom and the dad must have the same parents. These little pups have something special to them also… their eyes!! These eyes only come from Mutts but like the Blanco they are passable.
I have to remind you that on both the Blanco and Mutt… the coat does NOT pass!

Below I have a picture of each!

Until next time Happy Breeding!

The 1st pic is of a Blanco and the 2nd is of a Mutt!



Let’s go to the Races!!!

If you have never been to one of the horse races, you are missing out on some exciting fun, and if you have you know what I’m talking about. Even if you don’t race it is so much fun just to go and watch.


Well A.M.O.C is having there


Race for Fun

DATE: October 26th. 3 pm SLT

Time: starting at 3.00 pm



As you know, one of the goals of the AMOC race is not only to make us socialize more, but make this race itinerary… meaning, we’ve been bringing this race to other members’ sims.


Below I have listed two sets of RULES, General and Specific.


General rules:


1) Flying is not allowed

2) Jumping is not allowed

3) Using Huds different than Amaretto official one is not allowed

4) Sick horses (yellow or red written) are not allowed

5) If a horse has 2 different racing classes between speed and stamina it will race in the category corresponding to the highest class (example: an horse with speed class D and stamina class C will race with C racing class horses)

6) Any horse has to start crossing the starting line only after the “go” of the racing system, after 3 times in the same race and horse will fail the start crossing the line before the “go”, the rider will be disqualified for that race



Specific rules:


Market owner’s race


1) Market owners can race themselves or delegate 1 rider to proxy for themselves

2) The winner wins, as prize, the possibility to have next monthly race in his/her own place, if the winner, for any reason, doesn’t take the prize, it goes to the second runner-up and so on, along the ranking list

3) Once the market owner wins the AMOC market owner race, he/she won’t be able to race on their own venue. If they want to run that specific race, they need to take into account that they

Won’t be able to take the prize 2 consecutive months if he/she wins the race, in this case the prize will go to the 2nd runner-up


So Ladies and Gentlemen that are sim owners… take a chance to get all that traffic to your sim, and enter it! Those that already have entered, can enter again, of course, the only time you cannot enter is 2 consecutive times, aka if you won last month, you cannot enter the sim owners heat for this month, but the next month of course you’re more than welcome to join that heat again.


Everyone that will enter the race will receive like just last time an AMOC Certificate of Participation! Also there are ribbons for the 1, 2 and 3rd place at each heat.


So mark this on your calendars, you don’t want to miss this race!!!!


track Gerri - The home of leading Breeders  - Sim_ Gerri A



Snapshot _ Gerri - The home of leading Breeders  - Sim_ Gerri A

Hello everyone and Happy Monday!

Maleficent and I would like to cordially invite you to the 2013 Halloween Costume Ball!

This is going to be a freakishly frightening ball you do not want to miss! So get on your best costumes and come down and party with us! The good times all start on October 30, 2013 @ 3pm SLT. This is going to be the party to die for! Muhahahaha! I have attached a copy of the invitation that will be going out later this week with the complete details and location. Be sure to keep yours eyes open for the notices and start getting those Halloween costumes ready!

Halloween Ball

Happy Haunting! Until next time……

Hey guys how are you today? Hope you are enjoying a lazy Sunday, those are the best!
After attending the AMOC general meeting yesterday I wanted to take some time out today to spread the word
about the AMOC Hallow Weenies Contest!

What is a Hallow Weenies Contest?
Don’t worry I wondered myself when I first heard about it.

It is a contest to show off your Halloween themed horse! Bring the horse you’re breeding for Halloween and show it off.

A Contest board will be up and the ones that get more votes will be the one that wins.
This is an AMOC contest so it means to vote you’ll have to be in the AMOC group.
Why a contest board.. because that way you don’t see who is winning till the very end! Oh yeah…. we’re mean like that.. will be Halloween.. so will be trick or treat for real!
The contest board will only allow one vote for person too.

Now what can you win:

1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be posted as new designer horses in the AMOC Site.

More surprises will be waiting for you.. but you’ll have to wait till the time to see if it a treat or trick!
On the last day, Sunday at 4 pm we’re going to do something scary…..

… A show with the best ugly fugly costume using your avatar and try to match our most horrifying horse creations!

After that show…. we’re going to announce the results of the voting that lasted for those 3 days.

Rules for participation:

Only 1 horse per person.

You need to put in the board behind the horse a picture or art work (if the project is not finished yet) of the horse along with a notecard with the its traits. if you want you can add some info or history about what led you to do that project.

This is a totally free event for you! you will be not charged for the use of the prims. but you will have to bring your own food and salt!

NO SELL “in LOCATION” will be allowed!
This is just to show what you have.
Of course you can display your own LM where people can find them
for sale.

I know how much you guys like to dress up and Halloween is loved by many in sl so here is your chance to show off! All you have to do is find a AMOC board at Boomtown click it to get the application.

The sooner you send in your application the sooner you can guarantee your participation, as of course there will be a limit of applications accepted.

I cant wait to see all the scary creations that you guys bring out! I have also included some pictures of the haunted Hallow Weenies location below Scary!

Snapshot_003 Snapshot_004 Snapshot_005


Well get those applications into Bundy Xue or Mami Deerhunter. If you need more information please message an AMOC officer! This is Ava over and out!