Hi everyone and Happy Saturday! So since Halloween is coming I thought I would tell you a little spooky tale….

It was a foggy Halloween night in the small town of Amarettoville. Frankenbird and Bride of Frankenbird were nestled in their coop when they decided to take a stroll around town and check out all of the trick or treaters. They were happily walking the streets wing in wing when Frankenbird saw a candy corn on the ground. “Mmmm candy cornnnnn” he said and as he bent down to peck at it he heard a long deep moan come from a distance. They jolted around quickly to find a mummy trotting up behind them. Bride of Frankenbird squawked loudly! “Oh my, you scared the living daylights out of me!” Just then from behind a bush jumps out Dogcula! “Muahahahah! Did someone say daylight? Daylight is for the mortals!” He then let out a long howl at the moon and licked his bloody fangs as he ran down the street. Frankenbird and Bride of Frankenbird looked at each other for a moment and Frankenbird said with a tad bit of fear in his voice “Bride… maybe we should get back inside. All this madness is starting to fry my brain.” Bride of Frankenbird nods her head rapidly in agreement. As they quickly make their way back to their coop they start to feel like they are being followed. Frankenbird hops around in one swift movement “Who’s there?!” Suddenly they hear something groaning “braiiiinnnnsss” and the eerie sound of hooves dragging on the ground. “RUN! It’s a zombie! And it is a huge one!” shouts Bride of Frankenbird. Frankenbird and Bride of Frankenbird hysterically run home and make it safely in their coop. Breathing heavily, Frankenbird tells Bride of Frankenbird “We better document this somehow or our friends will never believe us!” So, Bride pokes her head out of the coop “The coast is clear! Let’s go!” The two Frankenbirds quickly make their way to the stables and make a very spooky art tale on the best canvas of all, a horse!”

The End


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