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Dipped Tail!

Hey hey everyone hope you guys are all looking forward to Friday! I know I am cause its really FRIYAY, my favorite yay of the week!

So everyone knows I love my Amaretto K-9s and that is what i wanted to talk to you guys about today!

Did you know that the Amaretto K-9s just got their 14th trait?!

The 14th trait is the Dipped Tail!
Any breeding of the 2019 Valentines Day Edition K-9s you could get a Dipped Tail!

You can read all about and look for future Dipped Tails here:

Let me give you the run down of traits available on the K-9s:
1 Coat (Non-Starter)
2 Eye (Non-Starter)
3 Ears (Non-Starter)
4 Size (Non-Starter)
5 Collar (Non-Starter)
6 Tail (Non-Starter)
7 Nose
8 Sheen
9 Radiance
10 Sunrise/Sunset/Gloom
11 Paw Polish/paw warmers
12 Drool
13 Dipped ears
14 Dipped Tail

So many trait combinations the possibilities are endless! Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day!! This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding!

Have Suggestions??

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

Have you ever had an idea pop into your head that you think would make a great design for an Amaretto Horse, K-9, Barnyard Bird/Duck or Ponie Pal? Perhaps, there is a topic you’d like to have more information about in a Connection?  If so, let me tell you how you can share those creative thoughts, ideas, and suggestions with us!

For design ideas, simply jot down the details on a notecard. Save the notecard and then drag and drop it into a suggestion box located at any Amaretto food store. Look for the big blue mailboxes!

You can find Amaretto store locations here:

Suggestions can, also, be submitted through the ticket system. Log into the Amaretto support website at, click on Submit A Ticket. From the Select a department page, choose Suggestions/Questions and hit the Next button.

Then, on the next page, add your SL User Name, put your suggestion in the subject box and Submit!

All suggestions, from both the mailboxes and the ticket system, are reviewed by the owners and management on a daily basis. Please understand, though, that while we value your suggestions and design input, they may not all be used. However, a lot of the designs and traits do come from suggestions from our community members!

Lastly, if you have a topic you’d like to see spotlighted in a future Connection, just put it on a notecard and send inworld to me, Blush Topaz.  I’ll try my best to get all your topics covered!

Amaretto loves hearing from you! Until next time…HAPPY BREEDING!

Amaretto gets Whacky!

Hello everyone its a terrific Tuesday! I wanted to get a chance to shine a spot light on the amazing Amaretto Chickens!

Amaretto celebrated Valentines Day on Feb 2nd 2019 and released Valentines Edition animals that you could purchase until Feb 15th 2019.

There was the a chance that you could get the 13th trait on the chickens!

What was this brand new trait??

The Whacky Wattle!

You can currently get two different Whacky Wattles
Rainbow Candy
Strawberry Cream

Whacky Wattles DO have the ability to pass!

Here is a list of the current 13 traits you can get on your Amaretto Barnyard Chicken:
1 Breed (Non-Starter)
2 Eye (Non-Starter)
3 Class (Non-Starter)
4 Leg Color
5 Beak Color
6 Beak Flaw
7 Beak Design
8 Shades
9 Glaze
10 Brilliance
11 Wing color
12 Batty Bosom
13 Whack Wattle

You can read all about Chicken traits on our wiki:

I cant wait to see what you guys will do with these Whacky Wattles! Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

Happy Monday everyone!  Today I wanted to take the opportunity to talk to you all about updating and keeping your animals up to date!! Did you know that Amaretto only supports current version animals! This means if for any reason your breedable goes through support it will come back the most current version! Animals will only eat and breed correctly when the are current version. Let me list the current versions for you below :

Amaretto Horses: Version 5.5

Amaretto K-9: Version 2.2

Amaretto Barnyard Birds: Version 3.0

Amaretto Ponie Pals: Version 1.20

Amaretto Barnyard Ducks: Version 1.2

Amaretto releases an update for one of the breedables in order to add new things or to fix small issues.  Updating is easy and can be quite fun and exciting so let me tell you a few things about updating your breedables. You must update your breedables to take advantage of all fixes in an update. Now let’s take a look at how to update a breedable…

How to update your breedable?
It’s simple:
You will have to pick up your FREE updater at any of the Amaretto locations once an update has been released. Even when it isnt uda

Single Updater:
Place the updater near the animal that isn’t updated and from the animals menu select the update button. The animal will be updated and the settings will be the same as before the update process.

Bulk Updater:

Place the bulk updater in the middle of your breeding area, click the updater and adjust the settings you want your animal to be set to after the update process, then select the update button on the updater menu. Do not remove the updater until it has completed updating all animals and the hover text above the updater reads FINISHED.

Somethings you need to know about the updater:

1. It will not work if there is more than one updater out. It gives you a message that there are 2 updaters out please remove one. If you continue to try and update your horse It will give you another error message and have you pick one updater up and reset the other. (touch and wait 5 seconds to reset)

2. It will not update pregnant animals. The reason being the updater can potentially abort the pregnancy. Waiting to update your pregnant animals will not effect their functions, they will continue to eat, move, animate etc. When they give birth then you can update them. The bundle, kennel, or nest will be the old version and need to be updated when birthed.

3. The updater will not work on sims with a high load. Dilation needs to be above .65 and region fps must be above 25 for the updater to work. You will get an error message that says the sim dilation is too low, we have enclosed a sim monitor that will display these values for you. Just rez on your sim next to the updater.

4. Sick breedables can also be updated using the updater.

5. You can only update animals that you own.

You can also check out the how-to-videos on the website for easy instructions on updating:

Now you guys should be all ready to update your breedables when it’s time for an update ….. it’s not time yet! But an update is in t he works as we speak!!

Happy breeding!

Until next time….





Hi Everyone, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend 🙂

Today I wanted to talk to you about a beautiful trait for the horses… the Bridles! On June 22, 2013 Amaretto help a 100 Years of Hope OOAK Auction and raised 2,250,200 Lindens! The 4 Amaretto OOAK Apocalypse Horses were auctioned off for a total of 1,610,000 Linden. It was announced at the auction that these beautiful one of a kind horses are also hiding the 21st trait! It was revealed that the bridle was the 21st trait!! Take a look below at the Bridles that are available as of today!

  • Black Bridle
  • White Bridle
  • Gold Bridle
  • Silver Bridle
  • Pink Bridle
  • Blue Bridle
  • Green Bridle
  • Red Bridle
  • Rainbow Bridle
  • Purple Bridle
  • Candy Cane Bridle
  • Orange Bridle
  • Leather Bridle
  • Clover Bridle
  • Kelly Bridle
  • Independence Bridle


That was all from me today 🙂

Hugs Marku <3

All About the Tints!

Hi everyone Happy Saturday hope you are having a great one!

Today I want to talk about the K-9 Tints! Did you know you can change the look of your K-9 by adding one of these awesome tints? Read all about them right here!

The Sunrise trait gives your K-9 a yellow tint. The sunrise trait comes from breeding “Starter Coats” together or 1 starter with any other K9.


The Sunset trait gives your K-9 an orange tint. The sunset trait comes from breeding “Starter Coats” together or 1 starter with any other K9.


The Rose trait gives your K-9 an Rose tint. The Rose trait comes from breeding two “Amaretto Special Edition K–9 Devotion Dalmatian” together.


The Mint trait gives your K-9 an Mint tint. The Mint trait comes from breeding two “Amaretto Special Edition K–9 Devotion Dalmatian” together.


The Lilac trait gives your K-9 an lilac tint. The Lilac trait comes from breeding two “Amaretto Special Edition K–9 Devotion Dalmatian” together.


The Periwinkle trait gives your K-9 an Periwinkle tint. The Periwinkle trait comes from breeding two “Amaretto Special Edition K–9 Devotion Dalmatian” together.


The Royal trait gives your K-9 an Royal tint. The Royal trait came with the 2.0 Dog Update.


The Cherry trait gives your K-9 an Cherry tint. The Cherry trait came with the 2.0 Dog Update.


The tint trait CAN be passed on however you can NOT have 2 tints on the same K-9.  So get your K-9 ready for a new look and add one of these awesome tints! For a closer look check them out on the wiki

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have a great weekend and Happy Breeding!

The last Showhorse is…….

Hey everyone its FRIYAY! I hope that everyone had a good week! So a few of you guys have been asking what will be next months show horse.
Well im here to spill the beans and tell you, but first i have a big announcement!

March will be the last month that we will do showhorses! The month of April we will take a break and there will be no monthly animals to breed for.

Now what will come next? You never know!

I dont want to keep you guys wondering to much longer! So starting March 1st until March 31st any time you breed together any 2 Overos, you will have a chance to get an Overo Show Horse!

Here is a list of the Overos you may use to breed for the Overo Showhorse:

Overo Amber
Overo Clover
Overo Azure
Overo Berry
Overo Prism
Overo Gold
Overo Orchid
Overo Ebony
Overo Ivory

(thanks Marku for the pic)

For the Fire Elemental breeders remember you have the entire month of March too!

Remember from February 1st to March 31st you could get a Fire Elemental Animals!
K-9 breeders you will need to breed any Rottweiler to a K-9 with a Firey Hunter Eye! You will have 2 months to try to get a Fire Elemental K9!

If you want to get your hands on a Fire Elemental Chicken you will need to breed any two Chickens with Shades Fire! You only have February 1st to March 31st so get to it!

Ponie breeders from February 1st to March 31st if you breed a Cherry Bandit to a Masquerade in Tangerine you will have a chance to get a
Fire Elemental Ponie!

Good Luck everyone! This is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding!

I need your HELP!

Hey guys!! We are almost thru the week and made it to the weekend! I need your help!
As most of you guys know I maintain the lovely well used and needed wiki pages for Amaretto!

Help Ava? With what you ask? Well unfortunately I am not perfect! I know big surprise! I know that everyone uses the wiki and likes it, I can use your help with maintaining it! Sometimes things are overlooked and not added to the wiki, I try to ensure this doesn’t happen but sometimes it does.

I would like for everyone to please let me know via notecard if something is missing off the wiki, if there is a typo, or if a picture is missing. Just make out a notecard and link me the page that there is an error or simply let me know whats missing then send it on over to Avalon Crystal! Please dont send more than one notecard!

I will be working hard to get anything missing on any of the wikis added, and to be sure that all wikis are up to date with the newest traits!

I appreciate all of your help its a big job! This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!


Manage Your Breedables With Ease

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

Ever wish you could manage all your Amaretto breedables in just a few clicks? Well, guess what? You can!

Amaretto has created some handy dandy tools and they are absolutely free! They allow you to control movement, animations, text, sound, particles (for Ponie Pals only), range and home setting.

➧ For Horses its the Global Pony Settings (Barrel)
➧ For K-9s its the Global Pup Settings (Hydrant)
➧ For Barnyard Birds & Ducks its the Global Peck’n Sort (Silo)
➧ For Ponie Pals its the Global Ponie Sychronizer (Apple Tree)

A few things to point out:

➧ These devices apply settings SIM WIDE to EVERY rezzed breedable owned by you. So, if you have special pens set up to manage special projects you may have to manually reset those.
➧ Although 96m is the maximum for range, the “suggested” setting on any breedable is 40m.
➧ Turning off movement and animations CAN improve sim performance some. So, if you’re on an already laggy sim, you might consider keeping these options off in order to support better    performance. Text on or off has zero effect on the performance of a sim.

These time saving tools are available at all food store locations:

Plus, in addition to these goodies, Amaretto Ranch University offers FREE classes on how to use each GPS.

Check the ARU Calendar for class schedule:

Till next time…Happy Breeding!

The Ponie Pals Are All Ears!

Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday! Today I wanted to take a moment to go over an awesome trait for the ponies! The ear traits!! There is the Ear Size and Ear Type! Take a look below for info on these adorable traits!

There are 3 different ear sizes that your ponie can get! The standard ear size is normal, Ear size Small and Large are an exciting trait possible that can come from breeding starter Ponies. You can have a chance at one of these ear sizes by breeding any Ponies with a starter Ponies or by breeding together two starter Ponies. These ears all have the ability to pass on!

There are 4 different ear types that your ponie can get! Ear size Lop Right, Lop Left and Lop are an exciting new trait possible that can come from breeding starter Ponies. You can have a chance at one of these exciting ear sizes by breeding any Ponies with a starter Ponies or by breeding together two starter Ponies. These ears all have the ability to pass on!

I  hope this helps you add new trait ideas to your breeding projects! You can also read about the Ear Traits on our Ponie Pals wiki page!

Happy Ponie Pal breeding!

Until next time…