Dipped Tail!

Hey hey everyone hope you guys are all looking forward to Friday! I know I am cause its really FRIYAY, my favorite yay of the week!

So everyone knows I love my Amaretto K-9s and that is what i wanted to talk to you guys about today!

Did you know that the Amaretto K-9s just got their 14th trait?!

The 14th trait is the Dipped Tail!
Any breeding of the 2019 Valentines Day Edition K-9s you could get a Dipped Tail!

You can read all about and look for future Dipped Tails here:

Let me give you the run down of traits available on the K-9s:
1 Coat (Non-Starter)
2 Eye (Non-Starter)
3 Ears (Non-Starter)
4 Size (Non-Starter)
5 Collar (Non-Starter)
6 Tail (Non-Starter)
7 Nose
8 Sheen
9 Radiance
10 Sunrise/Sunset/Gloom
11 Paw Polish/paw warmers
12 Drool
13 Dipped ears
14 Dipped Tail

So many trait combinations the possibilities are endless! Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day!! This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding!


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