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I would like to tell you about Amaretto websites we have to offer all breeders:
This is our Social Network or main website which includes a place for all things Amaretto: Advertising, Questions and Answers, Albums, Groups, Events, Blogs, Forums, Help, Support, and also the Connection links. This is a very helpful place to start if you are looking for answers.
This is the website you’re on right now! It is where CSR’s do our daily blogs and give you a lot of information about what is happening at Amaretto
This website tells you all about the horses.
This website tells you all about the K-9’s.
This website has videos to help you with many things about Amaretto.
This website is the Amaretto Store where you can buy anything you like there.

Don’t forget you can also connect with Amaretto staff via Facebook and Twitter!

Heyya Everyone!!!

Incase some of yu have not noticed we have been doing events for a few months now and i must say there going over very well!!!

Here i will show you all a list of what is coming up this month and i hope you all do attend some of these events as they are rather fun even sat. at club Amaretto!! we rock the club each week with a different them so don’t miss out hope to see you all there 🙂


The next show horse is………..

Hi guys its Monday, hows everyone out there in virtual world? Hope you are all doing well ! So I know how I have been teasing you guys about the next show horse being a Amaretto Breedable Horse! Well its true the next show horse is…………

Starting March 05, 2012 Amaretto is introducing a new Show Horse from March 5th 2012 to April 5th 2012 . We move from Ava’s favorite Pintos to Jaymee’s favorite Bays!!
• Starting March 5th 2012 at 12:01 am SLT any bundle dropped from the breeding of 2 Bays you have a chance at the bundle being an “Amaretto Bay Showhorse”!
• That’s it! The only qualification is they both have to be Bays, they can be any color! Mother & Father MUST BOTH be Bays.
• We will announce what horse is next close to the end of the 30 days of Bays!
• Keep your eyes peeled as you won’t know what the“Amaretto Bay Showhorse” looks like until it hits the grid !
• This “Amaretto Bay Showhorse” will have a chance of passing its special eye!
• So Amaretto community… gather up your Bays and get them ready for an excitement filled month of breeding!

Well good luck everyone and get those bays out and get to breeding, until next time Happy Breeding!!

How many times have you seen an ad in your newspaper with something you want on sale? You rush right out , only to find when you get there that its sold. What a disappointment that is.

The trading post on the Amaretto network is a great place to advertise your breedabes and items that you make for sale to use with them… I have seen some awesome breedables and products listed for sale.

When you list something for sale, and it gets sold, please post that it has been sold. When ads become real old we will automatically remove them. Help us out and let us know if the item has been sold or discontinued.

It is Free to Post in the Trading Post

The Trading Post section on the Forums have 4 different ad sections:

Horse Trading Post (Horse/Bundle Only)

Horse Trading Post (Related Items No horses

K9 Trading Post (K9/Kennel Only)

K9 Trading Post (Related Items No K9s or Kennels)

Feed Me

We do a lot of house calls where we see many, many Horses/K-9’s eating off of one food container and once the Horses/K-9s are moved and spaced out a little it seems to make a difference. Feel free to make your own judgment on how many you feel comfortable with eating off of the same food, but if you notice any issues try reducing the number around a food and see if it helps. We do not recommend having more than eight Horses/K-9s per food.


Your Horses/ K-9s will eat once every hour. If food is not present their nourishment/ hunger will rise until it reaches 100% at which time they will get sick. This can take 3 days


Horses/K-9s kept in your inventory will become sick


A Healing Kit/ K-9 Vaccination can be used to heal your Horses/K-9s or they can eat themselves out of nourishment/hunger, which takes approximately 3 days.


Breeder Food/Breeder Kibble is for Horses/K-9s you wish to breed once they reach 7 days old.


Pet Food/Pet Kibble is to be used when you do not wish to breed your Horses/K-9s.


If you decide to breed your horse/K-9 after feeding it Pet Food/Pet Kibble, it will take 7 days on Breeder Food/ Breeder Kibble for the effects of the Pet Food/Pet Kibble to wear off.


1. Rez the Food/ Kibble within your horses/ K-9s set range. (A horse/K-9s default range is 5 meters)


2. Click the food/kibble to change options and see remaining %. Options include Owner only, Group only, and All.

***Owner only: Will only be consumed by the owner’s horses/K-9s.

***Group only: Will only be consumed by horses/ K-9s in the same group as the food/kibble is set to.

***All: Any horse/K-9 within range of the food/kibble will be able to consume it.


Once the food/water has been completely consumed it will disappear.


One of the main topics of the tickets we receive is about horses/K-9s not eating. If you are having issues with your horse/ K-9s not eating please try the following tricks before filing a ticket.


***1. Re-rez fixes 99% of the issues.

***2. If the land is set to a group, are the horses/K-9s and food/kibble set to that group?

***3. If the land isn’t set to a group, are the horses/K-9s and food/kibble set to the same group as each other?

***4. Check to see if the horse/K-9 is set to the type of food/kibble out (more stats)

***5. Re-set home position.

***6. Sometimes giving them a Horsey Snack/K-9 treat will help them start to eat so you may also want to try this.


Remember your horses/K-9s only eat once every 43 minutes so you may not notice a change immediately, be patient it takes 3 days for a horse/K-9 to reach 100% nourishment/hunger.





Shake ya groove thang!

Woot Woot, this connection is coming to live from the Amaretto Night Club!! We getting down here to some hot disco tunes… Boogie Oogie Oogie!!! Ayanna Slade is blowin bubbles and skatin around, LaCella is chillin on the dance floor keeping the splooder pumped, Arion Christenson and his afro to Mexx Merlin right under the bright lights of the disco ball! WOOT WOOT – you guys sure know how to boogie! Our next party time is Feb 25th at Club Amaretto with our own in house DJ Avalon … WOOT WOOT

This weeks connection is to remind you all that weekly the Amaretto Breedables CSRs are hosting live events. From Kennel Hunting, Games Night, Ferver Ball and LIVE DJs … So check the Amaretto Calanders at any Amaretto store for our next event!

Do the hussle!



As always this connection was brought to you by the Letter O and the Number 13

When Filing a Ticket

When filing a ticket with “mother had second bundle” or
“never received mothers communication” we ask you for
parent information. Please don’t send the parents
send only the information which would be the UUID of the parents.
We need this information so we can find the right bundle for you.
So remember to copy down your parents UUID when getting the bundles.

*This also applies to K-9’s

Do you Wiki?

Hey everyone its Monday! And if your in the states Presidents Day so all of those celebrating a 3 day weekend, hope you enjoyed it! Well lots of exciting things going on around Amaretto, in case you didn’t hear the Barnyard Birds Beta is in full swing! I hope that a few of your guys have gotten a chance to see them in world.

I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about something we at Amaretto have all been working hard on! Its the manual that you can access on the web also know as the wiki!!!

Link to horse wiki:

I am currently workin on adding pictures of every horse coat and every eye! Its a lot of work but after seeing you guys in the group say I want a pic!! I thought i would give you all a official Amaretto pic!
I am currently working and adding everyday to the horse wiki so check back to see all the great pics of our products!

But thats not all! Yes, there is a k9 wiki too!!
What?? I know its crazy! The k9 wiki will be complete soon!
Link to the k9 wiki:

I hope that you guys see this all for the great tool it is you can see any horse, k9, eye, or collar with your own eyes!! The great thing about it these wiki’s are that the information is easily organized and it’s oober easy for anyone to navigate! So check it out and be sure to spread the word! Please remember that this is a work in progress and everyday we are making changes, and as new things come out we will be on the ball to update!

So happy wikiing everyone! Opps I mean breeding! See ya in world……….

Help Videos!!

Hello everyone today i would like to retouch on a topic that has been covered once before. This would be the topic of the helpful how-to videos on the website. Our talented Avalon has created a bunch of helpful how to videos that cover everything from signing up for the website  to the ticket system to even the wonderful G.P.S. tools! These videos were made to answer most questions about the topics that are covered by them. As a added bonus there are a few non how-to videos on the site like the one from the New Year Party or the Amaretto Commercial. As always if any new video ideas come up please be sure to share them you never know it may end up with a how to video!

Heres a link to the videos: enjoy

Lots of Groups

Lots of Groups


I have received a lot of IM’s this week requesting to join one or more of our different groups, and also a lot of questions about group rules.


All Amaretto Stores have a group joiner board, where you can sign up to join a certain group.

There are 7 different groups listed on this board.


Most all groups when you join them have their rules posted in the charter. Once you are in a group, you can click on Group Info Tab and you will see the charter.


Below Numbers 1 through 7 are a list of the groups found on the joiner board and their Charters


1. ~Amaretto Ranch~ Breedables


~Amaretto Ranch~ Home of Amaretto


This group is for info about the horses & k-9’s NO ADVERTISING OF ANY KIND (including freebies or giveaways) and CONSTANT ARGUING WILL NOT IS TOLERATED, that is not what this group is for.

Website, Forums Support/Tickets:

Facebook: ~Amaretto Ranch~ Breedables



2. Amaretto Ranch Multi Language Group



~Amaretto Ranch~ Home of Amaretto

Breedable Horses & K-9’s


This group has multi Language CSR’s to help if needed. Info and chat about the horses and k-9’s, NO ADVERTISING OF ANY KIND PLEASE!!


Website & Forums:

Facebook: ~Amaretto Ranch~ Breedables



3. ~Amaretto Ranch~ K-9’s


~Amaretto Ranch~ Home of Amaretto


This group is for info about the k-9


NO ADVERTISING OF ANY KIND (including freebies or giveaways) and CONSTANT ARGUING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, that is not what this group is for.



4. ~Amaretto Ranch~ Barnyard Birds


~Amaretto Ranch~ Home of Amaretto


This group is for info about the Barnyard Birds


NO ADVERTISING OF ANY KIND (including freebies or giveaways) and CONSTANT ARGUING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, that is not what this group is for.



5. ~Amaretto Advertising Network~


OFFICIAL~Amaretto Ranch~ Breedables

Advertising Group

This group is for advertising and chatting about your horse, K-9, and bird related products ONLY PLEASE. Feel free to advertise your stores/booths no matter the location!




This is a MATURE group!



6. ~Amaretto Ranch University~


**Official Amaretto Education Group**

The mission of Amaretto Ranch University is to educate our community on all aspects of the Amaretto Ranch products. We believe that to achieve full knowledge of our products means to fully enjoy them. Amaretto Ranch University is provided to the Amaretto community free of charge and is supported by Amaretto Ranch and volunteers who believe in this mission and are committed to providing competent and caring guidance to all who seek it.



7. Amaretto Social Network



Other Amaretto Groups not listed on Group Joiner Board



8. ~Amaretto Ranch Boomtown~


The Amaretto Boomtown sim is a beautiful little town you can go to hang out with other members of the community and possibly run into some of the Amaretto Team while you’re there. Although there will not be horses or K-9s sold at Amaretto Boomtown the buildings in the town will be available to rent to sell clothing, shoes or whatever else you may want to sell there (besides breedables)! We hope the community enjoys the addition of Amaretto Boomtown and we look forward to seeing y’all in town!


9. ~Ava’s Amaretto Answers Group~




This group is by invite only and is only meant for informative purposes. That means no social chat, posting stats. As owner of this group I will exercise the right to eject anyone who advertises or uses this group for anything besides informative purposes. If you know someone who would like to be a part of this group please im one of the officers 🙂 Let’s all have fun and learn from each other! Happy Breeding!!



10 ~Amaretto Market Owners Coalition~



~Amaretto Market Owners Coalition~ is to keep the market owners and breeders together and hopefully promote some stabilization of the Secondary Market. Joining this group is by invitation only so if you know of a market owner or a breeder who supports Amaretto products that have not been invited to this group please contact a member of the Amaretto Team and let us know so we can invite them. Thank you for being a part of keeping Amaretto the great community it is!!