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Stay Informed!!

Today I want to talk to ya’ll about how you can stay informed with the last news and happenings.

1. Monthly event calendar

2. A.R.U monthly class calendar

3. Notices are sent out for different things like new twists, events, q& A’s etc.. Please read the notices

4. Daily Connections, talk about different things and news

5. Q&A’s are at different Amaretto Stores at various times through out the week, got questions or just want to chat, notices are sent in the groups when we are having one, so come out and visit us

6. Community Meetings are held once a month by Avalon Crystal, come join us here!!

7. You can take classes at A.R.U and learn a lot about your Amaretto Breedables

8. Go to the forums on the Web site

9. Join the groups and chat with others and ask questions in the groups


So that is some of the things you can do to keep informed!!

Until next time, enjoy the week, and happy breeding!!!

Today I wanted to give an in depth look into the Support System and filing a support ticket. Let’s say your favorite breedable went missing or due to SL issues you did not receive an item you purchase from Amaretto… it would then be time for a support ticket! Below I will tell you step by step how to register for the support system and file a support ticket…

You need to visit the Amaretto Support desk at:

Once you get there, have a look at the  ticket guidelines. These guidelines can answer many of your questions regarding tickets and will help ensure the ticket process goes smoothly.


Next, If you are not yet registered for the support system, you will need to do so. It is really a fairly simple process. You will want to click on the register button located on the left hand side.


*The Social Network and the Support System have separate log in areas! You must register separately at each website to use them both*


Once you get to the registration page you will need to provide the required information

Your Full Name (It is best if you use your FULL Second Life name)

Your Email

Create a New Password

Confirm Your New Password

You will also need to verify your registration by entering a Captcha

Then click SIGN UP to complete your registration!


Once registered and signed in you will next click on the SUBMIT A TICKET BUTTON


Next you will choose the department that best suits your issue or problem and hit the next button

x0yuoe25zyzlzrmh8uzfil5wiwzn3q0oAfter you select the appropriate department hit the next button you will now be on the page where you will put in the information about your issue.

You can leave the priority level at normal

Put in your FULL SecondLife name not your display name

Put the subject of your ticket such as “missing Horse” Or “did not get horse food”

In the large box you will give all the detailed information about your issue or problem. The more specific you are and the more information you provide, the better.

Once you have finished putting all the information, click the SUBMIT button.



Emails are usually sent when a response is posted in your support ticket, but if you can also check the status of your ticket by logging in to the support system and viewing your ticket.



That’s it!! You did it! You just filed a support ticket for your issue!! An Amaretto Customer Service Representative (CSR) will be responding in your ticket with further information or instructions about completing your support ticket. Please note, our CSRs will not contact you in world. All communication must be done through the ticket system. If information is requested, please provide it in the ticket itself. Please do not message or send a notecard to the CSR. The CSRs are very busy and may miss or overlook the message or notecard and this could  delay the completion of your support ticket. Tickets can take 48-72 hours to get a response from a CSR. Please be patient with us, especially at peak times such as updates or when new Amaretto products are released!

I hope this has helped clear up any questions or concerns about filing a support ticket with Amaretto!!

Happy breeding! Until next time…


Happy Friday Everyone ! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day !

When and where to find all the information about Amaretto Breedables !

Amaretto has plenty of sites for you to check out !

Amaretto Network site this is where you can go for Advertising, Questions and Answers, Albums, Groups, ARU Website, Blogs, Forums, Help, Support, Connections , also Amaretto Shop.

The ARU Calendar is listed on this website this is where you can see what classes are for the month.

The Amaretto Events Calendar is on this website which you can see all the events listed for the month.

The Amaretto Connection
This is what are are reading now Amaretto Staff posts a new connection everyday.

The Amaretto Forums

This is where you can post and alot of information here.

Stores Locations

The Amaretto Wiki

This is the main page for Amaretto Horses alot of information on traits with pictures.

This is the Amaretto K-9 Wiki web site with traits an information on K-9s

This is the Amaretto Barnyard Bird Wiki site with  information on traits.

I hope this information helps you with your Amaretto needs.

Until next week Happy Breeding !!

bird web site

 K-9 web site

 wiki web site






I occasionaly get questions on where to find information about the website and the support site. For some time now there has been weblinks to both our website and support site as well as a free book on how to file a support ticket at every Amaretto location (24 total!).  I wanted to just let everyone know that may have missed these or is new to the Amaretto community. Also there is a very helpful video on how to sign up and file a support ticket under the help tab>Video Tutorials> (LINK)>Ticket System. Stop by any of our (LINK)>store locations and pick these up for free and keep them at you ranch or where ever you may need to get the info quick. Hope this helps and Happy Breeding!


Happy Friday Everyone ! Hope you all having a good breeding day !

Today i would like to talk to you about The Amaretto Websites an also where you can find information about Amaretto Breedables!

First, lets start with the Amaretto Network on this site you can find alot of information.

Question an Answers
Photo Albums
ARU Website
Amaretto Shop

So, as you can see when u visit the Amaretto Network alot of information !

So lets move on to the Amaretto Wiki Site on this site there are tons of information about the breedables

Any question you have about Amaretto Breedables are listed here horses, k-9’s an barnyard birds .
Horses main page

Food, Salt Licks, and Consumables
Forever Foal
Horse Haven
List of Horse Traits
Navigating the Horses Menu
HUD / Racing
Terms of Use

So as you see plenty of information.

K-9’s main page

Food, Salt Licks, and Consumables
List of K-9 Traits
Perpetual Puppy
Puppy Paradise
Navigating the K-9 Menus
Using the HUD
Terms of Use

Barnyard Bird main page

Bird Sanctuary
Food and Consumables
List of Barnyard Bird Traits
Navigating the Barnyard Birds Menu
Terms of Use

Amaretto also has help video’s that shows you how to use

The K-9 Hud
How to use Haven Horse Points
How to Use the GPS
How to use The Bulk Updater
How to use The Single Updater
Bundle Birthing
Ticket System
How to sign up on
So you see their are alot of help out there for you to see.

Also you can check out Amaretto Facebook !

Until next week Happy Breeding !!!

 Website page1 Website2




Today I wanted to remind you all some things that we Amaretto Staff try to do to bring ourselves out into the community to hear what you the breeders have to say.


First are the daily Questions & Answers that the CSRs and Avalon do on a daily basis.  Each day they go out and pick a different market or store to go to and invite you the community to come over and chat and ask questions or just hang out.  They want to hear from you how things are going in the market and what things you like and don’t like, things you would like to see added or any ideas you might have regarding Amaretto.  Don’t be shy go over and talk to them.  All we ask is that you approach the staff in a respectful manner when there.  You know the old saying, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar!  But if you have a problem or a question please feel encouraged to attend these Questions and Answers and let us know what’s going on.


The next thing is our monthly events.  Each month the staff puts together what we hope are fun events for the community to attend.  These events range from the Breedable Costume Contests, to Fishing Events, to Horse Races to a good old fashion barn dance. We ask around and want ideas and input on these events from you out there in the community because we want these to be fun events that you all want to attend. Take a little break from staring at 99% pregnant horses and come hang out with the Amaretto staff for an hour or two.  So if there are events that you’d like to see us do more of please let us know about them, we want your suggestions.  You can drop suggestions in any suggestion box located at the Amaretto stores.


We hope our community knows how important your input is to us and that you feel good about coming to us at any time!



Until next time, Happy Breeding everyone!!!

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope your weekend was amazing! Can you believe the holidays are here already? Do you need a unique and special gift for those close to you? Well we have the answer!! Did you know that Amaretto has a store where you can purchase real Amaretto Products? There is everything from t-shirts and sweatshirts to cups and mugs. There are adorable stockings to hang on your fireplace for the holidays.  But wait, you can’t leave your poor little pooch out of this! The Amaretto store even has the cutest Amaretto Ranch Breedables dog shirts and pet bowls for sale! So check out the Amaretto Store today and get all of your holiday shopping out of the way early!

Happy breeding… and shopping!!

Until Next time!!

Hello everyone! I know there is lots of buzz going around about the twist and the new Halloween Editions. I did want to clear up the rumor that is going around. The Ivory Dun, Ebony Dun, and Mystique Rainbow Quartz are included in the twist!

I want to take a moment to talk about something that is very near and dear to my heart. The Amaretto wiki is a wealth of information that is free for everyone to use. I spend a lot of time and hard work keeping it updated for everyone. It has been brought to my attention that more than one person has been taking photos off the wiki and making signs and selling them in world.

There is a terms of use for the wiki:

This states:

35) All information, including, but not limited to data, text, software, music, sound, graphics, messages, video, tags, or other materials (“Content”), uploaded to the site, are the sole responsibility of the person from whom such Content originated.
36) Amaretto Breedable’s is a service provider and will respond to DMCA and other legal notifications accordingly.
I know some of you guys have used the photos to advertise your horses which we don’t mind. There is however a problem with someone taking our photos off the wiki and selling them in secondlife for profit. I would ask you as a community not to support these people.

I am very sad even writing about this, however felt it needed to be addressed. It is not right for someone to take the work of others and sell it for a profit which makes me not only angry but sad.

Well don’t forget to go out and pick up all those awesome Halloween Edition animals with surprises! I can’t wait to see some photos of them in the pic of the week contest remember I choose the winner on Wednesday!
Until next time this is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding Everyone!

Happy Thursday Everyone!  I asked for your help this week in sending me recipes that you enjoy making for the Fall months or for Halloween treats and you all did not disappoint!  I have received some very yummy sounding recipes and can’t wait to try some of them for myself.  I thought since I received so many wonderful recipes that instead of trying to fit them all in this one blog I would start a forum thread and put them all there that way you can all try them and then come back to the forums and let us all know how you enjoyed them!  So you can find all the recipes that were turned in to me this week at this forum link:

Before you run off to try out the new recipes I want to take a minute to remind you that Avalon is having another episode of Answers with Ava on Thursday October 18th at 3pm slt.  I hope to see many of you attend the show as it should be very informative!

Be sure to keep up on all the Amaretto events by regularly checking the Amaretto events calendar at this link:


Until next time … Happy Breeding everyone!

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying all the new exciting things coming from the 4.0 update! The new bundle updater coming out this week was pretty EPIC so I hope you all picked one up at the Amaretto stores.

The fall season is upon us here in the states and with Halloween right around the corner the new Show horse this month has caused quite a stir in the Amaretto group! Everyone loves the Spooky Web eye and I can’t wait to see it on some of those nice winged vamps out there. I have included a picture of the new Showhorse Falabella and the eye below so you can see what all the fuss is about.


We were discussing the Showhorse Falabella in the group this morning when a group of us thought it would be so much fun to have a Halloween Recipes blog! So I want you all to send me in your best most yummy recipes that would be fitting for Halloween treats or just a dish that makes you think of Fall/Autumn. Put your best recipe on a notecard and send them to Dakota Delicioso in world with your name and what region of the world you’re in and I will be back next Thursday with what could be the scariest yet most delicious blog ever!
Until then … Happy Breeding everyone!

Seraphyna Viper Halloween Falabella Showhorse 1

Seraphyna Viper Halloween Falabella Showhorse EYE