Today I wanted to remind you all some things that we Amaretto Staff try to do to bring ourselves out into the community to hear what you the breeders have to say.


First are the daily Questions & Answers that the CSRs and Avalon do on a daily basis.  Each day they go out and pick a different market or store to go to and invite you the community to come over and chat and ask questions or just hang out.  They want to hear from you how things are going in the market and what things you like and don’t like, things you would like to see added or any ideas you might have regarding Amaretto.  Don’t be shy go over and talk to them.  All we ask is that you approach the staff in a respectful manner when there.  You know the old saying, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar!  But if you have a problem or a question please feel encouraged to attend these Questions and Answers and let us know what’s going on.


The next thing is our monthly events.  Each month the staff puts together what we hope are fun events for the community to attend.  These events range from the Breedable Costume Contests, to Fishing Events, to Horse Races to a good old fashion barn dance. We ask around and want ideas and input on these events from you out there in the community because we want these to be fun events that you all want to attend. Take a little break from staring at 99% pregnant horses and come hang out with the Amaretto staff for an hour or two.  So if there are events that you’d like to see us do more of please let us know about them, we want your suggestions.  You can drop suggestions in any suggestion box located at the Amaretto stores.


We hope our community knows how important your input is to us and that you feel good about coming to us at any time!



Until next time, Happy Breeding everyone!!!


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