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Hey everyone let me say Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a great day and a safe night. I am gonna keep this one short and sweet check out whats going on in the month of November!

Amaretto is always hosting some fun events for everyone to attend I hope to see you there! Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

AMOC Halloweenies Contest Recap & Winners

Happy Humpin’ Halloween Fellow Breeders! 👻

This past weekend, AMOC hosted their 10th Annual Halloweenies Contest. The contest ran from 10AM on Friday, October 25th until 10AM on Sunday, October 27th. Voting was limited to Amaretto Market Owners Coalition group members only.

Fourteen breeders participated this year with their Autumn or Halloween themed creations. Just take a look at these awesome entries:

Congratulations to the winners:

1st Place Teella Resident – Barley Bird Diet Hefty Pack
2nd Place Aaronx Resident – Caramel Apple Pack Horses
3rd Place Candygurl Bing – Prize Pack
4th Place MystiqueStarr Resident – Halloween LE

All participants received a Participation Award created especially for the event.

What’s Next?
Watch for and participate in future AMOC contests! And, don’t forget the 21st BunKenNestKet Hunt is quickly approaching. The hunt will begin on Friday, December 6th and run through Sunday, December 8th.
Find details here:


2019 Breeder Designer LE contest!

You guys asked and Amaretto delivers! I am so excited to announce the Breeder Designer LE contest!

What am I talking about? Amaretto is opening the doors and inviting you guys into the creative process that Amaretto goes through each time we do an Limited Edition!

You will be able to submit designs on our website for the whole month of November!
How do you submit your design?

Well if you have an idea or if you conjure up your own design in ps, gimp, paint, whatever program you use. All you have to do is start your own topic on this forum post:

We will take all submissions and let everyone vote on their favorite! At the end of the month we will let everyone vote on their favorite submission and we will go from there!

Rules for Design Submissions:

*Must be original art work (not a picture taken from google or the Internet)
*Must not break SL TOS, you can read over Secondlifes TOS here:
*Must not be Trademarked or Copyrighted designs you can read up about Intellectual Property here:
*Must be within good taste and not offensive
*Amaretto reserves the right to accept or reject any
*You are only allowed to submit one design per avatar, only designs from active breeders will be accepted, NO ALTS!
*You may choose any current horse model for your design (Regular horse, Clydesdale, Shetland, Fell Pony, Belgian Draft, Exmoor Pony, Percheron, Norwegian, Marwari, and Miniature)


We will take all approved designs off the submission post and begin voting on designs in December 2019!

Good luck everyone! The winning designer will be awarded by Amaretto. I can not wait to see what you guys will come up with! Happy breeding everyone!

Duck Beaks

Hey Everyone!
Today I want to talk about the Duck Beak Color Traits. These are super adorable and are great for your duck projects!

• Lemon
• Carrot
• Sky
• Russet
• Peach
• Coconut
• Charcoal
• Glitter Gold

Duck Beak Color traits were released hidden inside of starter ducks on October 8, 2018 with the release of version 1.0! The Duck Beak Colo trait comes from breeding “Starter breed” together or one starter with any other Duck.
Please note that these Duck Beak Color CAN be passed on.
There are so many other traits you can breed with the ducks, check here for more information on what traits are available:

That’s all from me today, hugs Marku <3

Awesome Barnyard Bird Beak Colors

Happy Saturday everyone hope your weekend is off to a great start!  Today the spotlight is shining on the Beak Color trait for our Barnyard Birds!

The Beak Color trait comes from breeding “Starter Breeds” together or 1 starter with any other bird. Please note that this trait CAN be passed on.

On June 8, 2012 Amaretto held an Auction For a Cure, the one of a kind Red/Black Campine Barnyard Bird sold for a record breaking 120,000 linden! This Barnyard bird had the ability to pass it’s Onyx Leg and Onyx Beak!

On October 1st, 2013 Amaretto celebrated Fall with 2013 Collectors Edition Fall Birds!Any breeding of these 2013 Collectors Edition Fall Birds gave a chance at getting a hidden surprises! These surprises were the Granite Beak and Granite Leg!

On February 10, 2014 Amaretto celebrated Valentines with 22014 Valentines Barnyard Bird!Any breeding of these 2014 Valentines Barnyard Bird gave a chance at getting a hidden surprises! These surprises were the Sunstone Beak and Sunstone Leg!

On October 24, 2014 Amaretto celebrated Halloween with 2014 Collectors Edition Halloween Barnyard Birds!Any breeding of these 2014 Collectors Edition Halloween Barnyard Birds gave a chance at getting a hidden surprises! These surprise was the bloody beak!

On December 16, 2014 Amaretto released the Amaretto 2014 Holiday Barnyard Birds at all Amaretto Locations! By breeding any of this year’s holiday Barnyard Birds with any other Barnyard Bird you may find the hidden surprises they hold!These surprise was the Azurite and Cuprite Beak!

On August 3, 2015 Amaretto released Summer LE’s, SE’s, and CE’s! Any breeding of these 2015 Summer Collectors Edition Barnyard Birds gives a chance at getting the eyes as well as the hidden surprises! These surprises were Malachite, Rhodonite, and Pearl Beaks!

On September 12th 2015 until September 26th 2015 Amaretto sold Fall LE’s, SE’s, and CE’s! Any breeding of these 2015 Fall Collectors Edition Barnyard Birds gives a chance at getting the eyes as well as Golden Glitter Beak!

On October 16th, 2015 Amaretto wanted to celebrate Halloween with some 2015 Halloween Collectors Edition Birds. These are absolutely adorable and are available from October 16th, 2015 until November 2, 2015 at all Amaretto Locations. 2015 Halloween Collectors Edition Barnyard Birds gives a chance at getting the eyes as well as the Toxic Slime Beak!

On November 20, 2015 Amaretto wanted to send prayers and warm wishes to our CSR Maleficent Farshore with a Maleficent styled beak! This beak is random from any breeding of the Barnyard Birds and will be available until the 25th of November.

On November 26, 2015 Amaretto wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving Day 2015 by releasing a random drop beak! This beak was available for 24 hours on November 26, 2015.

On December 18,2015 Amaretto celebrated Christmas by releasing Holiday Edition Barnyard Birds. You could get a chance at the new Platinum Blue Beak from any breeding of these Holiday Edition Birds!

On June 27, 2016 Amaretto celebrated Fourth of July with 2016 Independence Day Edition Barnyard Birds! By breeding 2016 Independence Day Edition together you got a chance of having a Gem Sapphire or Gem Garnet Beak!

October 21, 2016 to November 4, 2016 Amaretto sold the Retro 2016 Halloween Edition Barnyard Birds ! You could get a chance at the new Candy Corn or Spiderweb Beak color from any breeding!

On March 3, 2017 Amaretto celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with some St. Patrick’s Day Birds! You could get a chance at a Kelly and Clover Beak from any breeding.

On Nov 10th until November 24th, 2017 Amaretto celebrated Fall with 2017 Limited Edition Fall Edition Barnyard Birds! The following beak colors were hiding in them Gem Topaz and Gem Onyx!

On February 14, 2018 Amaretto celebrated Valentines day with random drop Valentines traits! One of these traits was the Beak Color Hugs & Kisses! You only had 24 hours on Valentines Day for your ponies to drop the Beak Color Hugs & Kisses!

Spring Editions were available from March 20th, 2018 to Tuesday April 3, 2018! Hiding inside these Spring Editions was the Walnut & Cherry Beak!

On July 4, 2018 Amaretto celebrated Independence day with traits that randomly dropped for 24 hours the Independence Beak Color was one of the random traits!

On Sept 19th, 2019 Amaretto released 2019 International Day of Peace animals, hiding in the Chicken was the Peace Beak Color!

For a closer look at any of these beaks check out the wiki

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have a terrific weekend!

Bok-Bok & Happy Breeding!!

Where Are The Wild Hairs?

Where Are The Wild Hairs?

Help! I can’t find such and such a wild hair, where is it? The Amaretto wiki does not have separate pages for wild hairs, but if you type the name in the search bar on upper right corner it will give you a list of pages with the horse that the hair comes from. If it’s still too hard for you to see, there is another option.

Our very own Amaretto moderator, Bastian Hax, has developed a great site called If you have a wild hair you haven’t seen before, you can go to Bazza’s website to search for it. That’s right, this site has a page for wild hairs where breeders enter a picture themselves of the wild hair they may have. To enter a picture you will have to sign up, but it’s easy and fun. The site has tons of helpful information and pictures.

There are instructions on the page on how to search for one you want to see the look of, and if you can’t find it, on how to enter one you may have. Be sure to turn on full sun when taking your picture, have the horse fully sideways so the mane shows. Wild Hairs should be “clean”, No hues, luster or gleams. You can save the picture to your computer which is free, and use that to enter on the site. Here’s an example of one I entered that I really love

There are different categories to enter the hair under or to search for it such as starters, charmed, albino, etc.
It is Bazza’s dream to eventually have all the wild hairs on this site, an ambitious project, and a good start has been made thanks to the breeders who submit their pictures. Happy Searching!

November Craved Qualifiers!

Hello everyone! We are having a thrilling Thursday! I am glad to be able to announce to you the month of November Craved makers.

Lets talk horses first, starting on November 1st until November 30th any breeding combination of the following horses will qualify you for a brand new craved horse!

Pintomino Cream
Pyrite Crazed Coat Mystique
Forget Me Not Crazed Coat Mustang
Spring Flowers Buff Saffron
Silver Painted

K-9s qualifiers for the month of November is the following:

Pumpkin Pie Crazed Coat English Bull Terrier
Plum Pie Crazed Coat English Bull Terrier
English Bull Terrier Colored Tan
English Bull Terrier Standard Silver

Chickens wont be left out the November qualifiers are:

Bubblegum Crazed Partridge Leghorn
Spring Flowers Buff Saffron

Ponies are next up the next month qualifiers are:
Star Cream
Yellowie Fabulous!
Silver Bandit

Remember the next round of crave will start on November at 12:01 AM SLT! These coats will have the ability to pass! Happy Breeding everyone!

Are You Coulrophobic?

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

With their big red nose, white painted face, and over-sized polka-dot tie, clowns are a staple for circuses and childhood birthday parties — but, also, horror movies and nightmares! In fact, some people are so scared of clowns (roughly 7.8% of the population) that there is an actual term for it: coulrophobia.

The history of the clown dates back to the jester or fool of ancient times. In those days, the clown was given permission and, even, expected to represent the deviant side of human nature. As time went on, the jester morphed into the trickster, a more sinister figure with intentions that were less than honorable.

But, how did this fear of clowns develop? There are two commonly accepted schools of thought. One is that the fear is based on a negative personal experience with a clown at a young age. Their strange costumes and masks only add to the creepy vibes they give off.

The second theory is that mass media has created a hype surrounding evil clowns. While, obviously, the vast majority of individuals are not scared of clowns in a day-to-day context, a clown’s face has become part of a scare culture. So much so that those who are not personally exposed to clowns are trained to dislike or fear them.

Over the years, urban legends began to focus on killer clowns lying in wait for hapless babysitters. By the 1980s, author Stephen King tapped into the national consciousness with the definitive killer clown work of fiction, It. Thereby, putting the colorful circus performers right up there with vampires and werewolves on the list of iconic horror villains.

Amaretto has created a Creepy Clown that you don’t have to fear!

Never fear, Amaretto is here! Until October 31st, you can get a horse or chicken version of our own Halloween Creepy Clown to add to your collection! Their eyes CAN pass, plus, they hide some spooky surprises! Read more about them here:

Don’t miss out, get yours today!

Until next time…Happy Halloween & Happy Breeding! 🎈

Peace Saddle!

Hey guys its a terrific Tuesday here at Amaretto! I hope everyone has had a great day! I wanted to take a few moments to talk about one of the newest saddles that has hit Amaretto!

What saddle am i talking about? The saddle Peace! This saddle was hiding in the International Day of Peace horses!

There are some other Peace traits that would fit right in with this saddle!
I can totally see a groovy horse in the making! Remember that the Saddle Peace does have the ability to pass, how cool would this look on some of those rainbow traits as well!

Keep your eyes out for this Peace Saddle! Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

Tips for when there are SL Issues!

Hey guys! Whats up? Are you having a good Monday? I hope you are! Well i was trying to come up with something you guys might actually not already know all about! I was thinking about all the maintenance that has been going on lately and some important things to remember! This may be true with not only Amaretto products but any no copy objects you may have.

If you are experiencing issues with Second Life, you can check to see if there is a known problem with the Second Life grid. Go to for the latest updates on outages and other known problems. This page also shows the calendar of planned server rolling restarts.

Occasionally during LL Maintenance sessions their servers cause things to happen to the Horses/K-9’s/Barnyard Birds that shouldn’t. Anything that does happen can be fixed but in order to minimize the chances of something happening here are some helpful tips to pass along:

Do not pick up or attempt to rez out Horses/K-9’s/Barnyard Birds/Ponies/Ducks or Bundles/Kennels/Nests/Baskets or any other products such as food or consumables as sometimes the asset server gets a hiccup and decides to eat them. If you must pickup or rez a orses/K-9’s/Barnyard Birds/Ponies/Ducks or Bundles/Kennels/Nests/Baskets please copy down its FULL API from the description field before doing anything, to make recovering the orses/K-9’s/Barnyard Birds/Ponies/Ducks or Bundles/Kennels/Nests/Baskets Possible

Do not attempt to send a Horse/K-9/Barnyard Bird/Bundle/Kennel/Nest to Horse Haven/Puppy Paradise/Bird Sanctuary as the maintenance can prevent that communication from going through.

Do not attempt to birth Bundles/Kennels/Nests as the maintenance can cause the Bundle/Kennel/Nest to not birth correctly.

Do not move Bundles/Kennels/Nests/Baskets from under the mother until the hover text says it is ready!

If one duplicates don’t rez out 10 more expecting a different result! If you rez any Amaretto animal and it starts duplicating stop rezzing! Dont make a bigger mess than you have to!

In most cases Amaretto can recover lost or missing breedables but you MUST have some information such as UUID or name.
If you need assistance just file a ticket!
Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!