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Save Those Receipts

I Need My Receipt?

Have you ever gone shopping, lost an item, or gotten the wrong thing, or even had your new item be broken? What’s the first thing the store asks for? Do you have your receipt? They need the record of your purchase, what it was, and the date and price paid. Well when you file a ticket with Amaretto, they need the same thing. In this case it would be called the transaction history. You can find it by going to your transaction history page on your SL account and checking the date of the purchase, then copy/paste that info to the ticket.

Now, the issue of how long SL keeps transaction history. For basic accounts it is 30 days, for premium accounts, 3 months. What to do what to do? You can download the information to a spreadsheet each month, or copy/paste important purchase info to a notecard inworld. When buying food in bulk, or LEs/DEs/SEs/CEs that you are saving for later birth for instance, make a copy of the purchase from your transaction page, just in case something drastic happens later on. This is what it would look like:



Destination: Ancient Biscuit
Region: Amaretto Ranch K9s
Description: Special Edition Fall 2013 K-9 (Vendor)


This kind of information can really help when filing a ticket after the 30 days have passed, because it’s always a good thing to have a record of purchases you can always access.

Super Mix vs Jumbo Mix Pack!!!

Hey guys welcome to Thirsty Thursday! I hope everyone had a SUPER weekend! Speaking of super, today I wanted to take a moment to explain the difference between the Super Mix Pack and the Jumbo Mix Pack. A Super Mix Pack is 5 Breedable 5x Food & 5 5x Salt Licks. These have 5x the servings (2,500 servings) as a regular Breedable Food & Salt. The cost of a Super Mix Pack is 5,850 LS. Do not confuse a Super Mix Pack with the Jumbo Mix pack which is the same price but has 25 Breedable Food (500 servings) & 25 Salt Licks (500 servings).


What is the advantage of a Super Mix Pack vs a Jumbo Mix pack?
Well its the same amount of food just in less prims. Remember one food out of the Super Mix pack will last 5 xs longer than a food from a Jumbo Mix Pack.

We have clearly marked the Super Mix Pack food to look different than any other food it has a 5xs stamp on the food as well as the salt.


If you have questions about any of the Amaretto Horse products you can check out the Product Price List:

So when you are buying mix packs please be sure you buy the one you want because there are no refunds or exchanges on no transfer items!!!

Hope this will help clear up the confusion.

Have a Super week! Until next time…this is Ava and out!

Breeder Food vs Pet Food

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

Today’s connection is an educational lesson to new breeders who may be experiencing some confusion as to which food to use with their breedable. Lately, there have been several instances where, for whatever reason, they’ve started their newly birthed horse, K-9 or Barnyard Bird/Duck on pet food. Then, around 6-7 days old, changed over to breeder food and wondered why “eaten pet food” was showing on the hover text.

The reason being, if you initially put a horse, K-9 or Barnyard Bird/Duck on pet food, it will take a full 7 days on breeder food for the effects of the pet food to wear off. Please note: This applies only to horses, K-9s and Barnyard Birds/Ducks. Ponie Pals do not have pet food.

How they differ: Breeder Food on the right, Pet Food on the left.

During this time, your horse, K-9 or Barnyard Bird/Duck will not gain fervor, heat or vigor. So, essentially, you have delayed your breeding availability. Therefore, it is suggested, that any animal you intend to breed should never be given pet food.

If, at any time, you experience a breedable that does not seem to be eating at all, please try the following tricks before filing a ticket.

  1. Re-rez (this usually fixes 99% of the issues)
  2. If the land is set to a group, are the breedable and food set to that group?
  3. If the land isn’t set to a group, are the breedable and food set to the same group as each other?
  4. Check to see if the breedable is set to the type of food out (under more stats)
  5. Re-set home position.
  6. Make sure the home position is set within range of the food (default range is 5 meters)

For horses or K-9s, sometimes giving them a Horsey Snack or K-9 Treat will help them start to eat so you may, also, want to try this. Remember your horses, K-9s and Birds/Ducks only eat once every 43 minutes so you may not notice a change immediately, be patient. It takes 3 days for a horse or K-9s to reach 100% hunger, and 4 days for a Bird/Duck to reach 0% hardiness.

Additionally, if you ever have an issue with ANY of your breedables, the handy-dandy Wiki is available to answer your questions. You can find them at the following links.

Horse Wiki:
K-9 Wiki:
Bird Wiki:
Duck Wiki:
Ponie Wiki:

Until next time…HAPPY BREEDING!

Oh So Fluffy and Cuddly!

Hello and Happy Monday Amaretto Community!! I wanted to take a quick minute to share some information about the Posh Ponies for the Ponie Pals! These are Oh so cute! You can get a Posh Ponie basket from any Ponie Pal breeding? Yes I said ANY breeding! The Style and horn can not pass BUT… the long mane, tail, and the eye can pass!! These are by far the fluffiest and cuddliest little ponies I have ever seen! Take a look below at the adorable cuties below!

Style: Amaretto Posh Ponie – So Cuddly
Eye: Posh Power – Glittery
Mane: Long
Tail: Long

Style: Amaretto Posh Ponie – So Fluffy
Eye: Posh Power – Glittery
Mane: Long
Tail: Long

So be sure to check each and every basket because you never know if one is a Posh Ponie!!!

Until next time…………

Do you have an awesome breeding project that you want to share?

Happy Saturday everyone! Today I want to shine the spotlight on YOU and your special breeding projects!

Are you working on an awesome project? Have you thought about a design for your breedables that you would like to create? Would you like to share that with your fellow breeders?

Did you know that you can submit that project/design that you have been working on to AMOC to be displayed in one of the many designer albums on the AMOC facebook page? Well you can! So how do you go about doing that?

1st decide on your base (coat, breed or style) eyes, mane & tail
2nd decide on what you want to use for the designer traits, for example:
Coat/Hair Hues, Wings,Horns, Saddles,Bridles, Ear Tips, Brand, Socks, Hoofs, Looney Legs, Wild Hairs, Beaks, Legs, Wings, Nose, Paw Warmers, Dipped ears,Wings, Horns, Style, etc.

Oh my so many to choose from but that is where the fun comes in right? You decide what you want your completed project to have trait wise!

Wow, you have done all that? Great!! Now what to do next.

How to submit to AMOC:

Create a notecard and name it your creation name, avatar name & date then on the inside of the notecard list the information about your project/creation, for example:

My Creation by
My Avatar
Horse/K9/Bird/Ponie Stats
Parents Stats

Please list what stats you will want to see on the completed creation/project. It does NOT have to be completed to submit. You can resubmit an update when you have completed your project. Please do not send updates to add wing, horn and/or saddle styles to the existing designs. Styles will be included in your future submissions.

Parents full stats (including UUIDs) MUST be sent in with the designer.

Next take a picture of the breedable as it currently looks (you can always submit an updated picture at a later date). Make sure the picture is full perm and drag it into the notecard.

Now drop the notecard into the collection box just inside the AMOC Headquarters

Do not send notecards to AMOC officers — all notecards/submissions must be put in the AMOC mailbox only.  Notecards that are put in any other mailbox will be deleted.

Your creation will be posted as soon as we verify that there has not already been a similar project previously submitted. If there is already a similar project we will verify the date the picture was taken and that will determine the creator (think of the picture as your copyright)!!

You will only be notified in-world if there is a question about your design. Otherwise, you should be able to find your submission, within a week, on the AMOC facebook page.

You can also see these directions on the website at

You can take a look at some of the many AMOC certified designers that have been submitted in the past from Festive Traits, Coloring Book, Sweet Treats, Reds Reds & more Reds and so many more right here

So what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to see what you have come up with!

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have a fun weekend.

Happy Breeding!

Where Can I Advertise?

People often ask me, “Where can i advertise my Amarettos for sale?”. Here’s a little hint…..NOT in the Amaretto chat groups, just like it says in the group info-NO ADS of ANY kind( including freebies, giveaways, or trading). Where you CAN advertise is in Amaretto Advertising Network. A group joiner for that can be found at the Amaretto food stores.

Once you’ve joined, you can open the group info from your group contacts list, and you will see a tab for Notices. Open this and you see New Notices. When you click that you get a subject line to title your notice and a message box to post what you are trying to sell. You can copy/paste the stats about it, or create your own message to draw people in and let them know what you have. If you have a place for them to see your items don’t forget to include a landmark, if not you can just say to message you if they are interested. You can also put ads in the group for items you are looking for. This is where you can advertise your Amaretto Ranch Breedables ONLY for sale.
USE FAIR MARKET PRICING when posting your ads
The posting limit for this group is 1 notice per 2 hours.

Remember chat is disabled for this group., so send a notice only

Another place you might look to post For Sale or Wanted ads, is in the market groups you belong to, as many of them allow you to post ads as long as it’s for something at THEIR marketplace. Please be nice and don’t post ads for another venue in the group. You wouldn’t go into Burger King carrying a poster for Macdonalds would you? Well maybe, but it’s a no-no.

Hopefully this has been a help, and Happy Breeding to everyone!

February Craved Makers!!!

Hey everyone! Its that time again I can not believe we are almost at the end of the month of January for 2020! I know there is one question on everyones mind and I am here to answer that question!

What do I need to breed to get a Craved for February Ava??

Well lets check out the rundown!!

From February 1st until February the 29th anytime you breed the following animals together you have a chance to get a brand new Craved!

Brown Icelandic
Black Buckskin
Rasberry Pie Crazed Coat Perlino
Ruby Crazed Coat Chimera Brindle

Yorkie Parti Blue and White
Yorkie Standard Black and Mahogany
Strawberry Sherbet Crazed Coat Yorkie
Yorkie Standard Blue and Tan

Golden Laced Wyandotte

Redie Fabulous!
Umber Bandit
Star Golden

Remember that the Craved animals DO have the ability to pass. Good Luck everyone and happy breeding this is Ava over and out!

Christmas Plaid Beak!

Hello everyone! We have all made it to Thursday! Side note we have almost made it all the way thru January!?! Where has the time gone? So I wanted to hurry up and get this spotlight done!

I think that this is the last spotlight that has to do with Christmas Editions!
Take a look at this Christmas Plaid Beak!

If you purchased one of the 2019 Collectors Edition – Amaretto Christmas Caroler Mr. or2019 Collectors Edition – Amaretto Christmas Caroler Mrs. then you have a chance when you breed either to get this brand new Christmas Plaid Beak!

Well happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

Who’s Ready For Some Madness?

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

“Madness?” you ask. Before I answer, first, let me see if any of you are Basketball fans? If you are, then you’ll know what I mean when I say, “March Madness”.

March Madness is the championship playoff for the best of the best and that’s exactly what our next AMOC event is all about. So, join us for our first-ever March Madness Amaretto Showdown!

AMOC group members will eliminate the competition by voting for the top three (3) best trend-setters. So bring out your prized breedables and show us what you’ve got. This is a great opportunity to showcase your breeding talents! And, as always, you could win some awesome Amaretto prizes!

Let me emphasize that Basketball is just the motif of this contest and in no way limits what you can enter. However, the following are suggested themes:

  • Sports (any sport) professional or collegiate!
  • Spring
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Earth Day
  • Other themes will be open for consideration, just let us know what you’d like to enter.

Setup will be Wednesday, March 11th and Thursday, March 12th. The Showdown will run from Friday, March 13th at 10AM (SLT) through Sunday, March 15th at 10AM (SLT).

Entries are limited to 15. So, sign up NOW at

Sneak Peek at Showdown Setup

The next AMOC meeting, on Friday, February 14th @ 1PM (SLT), will be at the contest location, so make plans to attend and check it out for yourelf!

Until next time…HAPPY BREEDING! 🏀

Sapphire Dazzle Craved!

Hello everyone! New year New Me so today is MONYAY! Thats right im putting a positive spin on Mondays! So I know a few of you got to enjoy a 3 day weekend! Lets not forget here in the US we are celebrating MLK Day!

You can read all about it on Wikipedia! Here is a link to check it out:

I also wanted to take some time to show you some amazing beautiful horses that i am currently in love with! What am I talking about? Well I am talking about Sapphire Dazzle Craved!
Look at these beauties!

Sapphire Dazzle Craved Akhal-Teke Ebony
Sapphire Dazzle Craved Brown Pinto
Sapphire Dazzle Craved Pearl Sorrel
Sapphire Dazzle Craved Perlino Cream

How do you get your hands on one? Well there is still some time!
For the whole month of January anytime you breed any of the following:
Perlino Cream
Akhal-Teke Ebony
Pearl Sorrel
Brown Pinto

Remember these horses DO have the ability to pass their coats! I think we even might have a few traits might just match perfectly! So happy breeding everyone! This is Ava over and out!