Save Those Receipts

I Need My Receipt?

Have you ever gone shopping, lost an item, or gotten the wrong thing, or even had your new item be broken? What’s the first thing the store asks for? Do you have your receipt? They need the record of your purchase, what it was, and the date and price paid. Well when you file a ticket with Amaretto, they need the same thing. In this case it would be called the transaction history. You can find it by going to your transaction history page on your SL account and checking the date of the purchase, then copy/paste that info to the ticket.

Now, the issue of how long SL keeps transaction history. For basic accounts it is 30 days, for premium accounts, 3 months. What to do what to do? You can download the information to a spreadsheet each month, or copy/paste important purchase info to a notecard inworld. When buying food in bulk, or LEs/DEs/SEs/CEs that you are saving for later birth for instance, make a copy of the purchase from your transaction page, just in case something drastic happens later on. This is what it would look like:



Destination: Ancient Biscuit
Region: Amaretto Ranch K9s
Description: Special Edition Fall 2013 K-9 (Vendor)


This kind of information can really help when filing a ticket after the 30 days have passed, because it’s always a good thing to have a record of purchases you can always access.


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