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2nd A.R.B Horse Show Winners

Congrats to everyone who entered the show ! Every horse entered was awesome.
Here is a list of the divisions with the top three winners in each division. The First place winner is also pictured below each division:

Fav Combo
1st Place-Reygan Landar
2nd Place-cEmber Rhapsody
3rd Place-Celestial Lunasea

Tiny Cuties
1st Place-Trinityskye Zarco

Out to pasture
1st Place-Aubrey Monday
2nd Place-Sallymustang Loudwater

1st Place-Sugar Bellflower
2nd Place-Barbie Wasp
3rd Place-Nancy Chatterbox

Perfect Ponies
1st Place-Indy Melody

Special Horses
1st Place-Eduardo Xeltentat
2nd Place-KittenJen
3rd Place-Starlett Lorefield

Best Starter
1st Place-FriskyKitty Lykin
2nd Place-Simi Emerald
3rd Place-Anahyla Lycia

1st Place-Lizziekitty
2nd Place-Natisu SpiritWeaver
3rd Place-Jessi Escape

I breed This
1st Place-Duckkula
2nd Place-Corla Jaxxon

Creative Clydes
1st Place-Madelyn Majestic
2nd Place-Duncan Serrari

Breeders Choice
1st Place-Duckula
2nd Place-sugar bellflower
3rd Place-Friskykitten lykin

Best in Show
1st Place-Reygan Landar
2nd Place-madelyn majestic
3rd Place-lizziekitty

And July’s Best In Show K9 Is….

Starting July 05, 2012 Amaretto is introducing a new Best In Show K9 from July 5th 2012 to August 5th 2012 . We move from Jaymee’s favorite Schnauzers to Richie’s favorite…. Huskies!!!

Starting July 5th 2012 at 12:00 am SLT any Kennel dropped from the breeding of 2 Huskies you have a chance at the Kennel being an “Amaretto Best In Show Husky”!

That’s it! The only qualification is they both have to be Husky, they can be any color! Mother and Father MUST BOTH be a Husky.

Keep your eyes peeled as you won’t know what the “Amaretto Best In Show Husky” looks like until it hits the grid!

This “Amaretto Best In Show Husky” will have a chance of passing its special eye and collar!

So Amaretto community… gather up your Huskies and get them ready for an excitement filled month of breeding!

Well good luck everyone!!

Until next time……

And July’s Show Horse Will Be….

Starting July 05, 2012 Amaretto is introducing a new Show Horse from July 5th 2012 to August 5th 2012 . We move from a Community favorite Appaloosa to Jaymee’s favorite…… WALKERS!!

Starting July 5th 2012 at 12:00 am SLT any bundle dropped from the breeding of 2 Walker’s you have a chance at the bundle being an “Amaretto Walker Showhorse”!

That’s it! The only qualification is they both have to be Walkers, they can be any color! Mother and Father MUST BOTH be Walkers.

Keep your eyes peeled as you won’t know what the “Amaretto Walker Showhorse” looks like until it hits the grid! And you know us here at Amaretto… we love surprises! So for this month we have thrown in something special!

This “Amaretto Walker Showhorse” will have a chance of passing its special eye!

We will announce what horse is next close to the end of the 30 days of Walkers!

So Amaretto community… gather up your walkers and get them ready for an excitement filled month of breeding!

Good luck everyone!!

until next time….

A.R. B. Horse Show

I would like to take this time to let you know the time is close for the horse show. It will be Friday June 29th at 3:00 pm SL time

Hope you all got your entries in because yesterday Tuesday June 26th was  the last day to enter. All those that have entered may drop your horses off at this location in world.

Please find the correct stall for your horse

Here are the following divisions:


Fav combo- traited combo horses will go here

Best Starter- must be a starter breed

Special horses- Charmed, Albino, Mystique, Showhorses go here

Tiny Cutie- Shetlands will go here

Perfect Ponies- Fell pony’s will go here

Creative Clydes- Clydesdale will go here

I breed this- most creative horse

Juniors- 75 days and younger

Seniors-76 days or older

Out to Pasture- Any retired coat


Good Luck to all that have entered

Happy Breeding Everyone!


Living in a virtual world can be tuff! Its not pixels and dreams like one may think! The truth is we are all on sl servers, and when they reboot or rollback, man can it cause a mess of your breedables!

 I know that you guys have seen it mentioned before, however I cant help but notice in the majority of the tickets you guys still arent putting all the info that will ensure your issue is resolved as fast as possible.

 One issue that you might encounter is a duplicated horse! The horse will have a red hover text that reads:  Duplicated horse, please file a ticket with Amaretto

 But don’t panic it’s a easy fix just file a ticket and the CSR will ask you to send all copies of the duplicated horse!

Another popular issue that happens is [20:26] Amaretto Breedables Bundle: This bundle had an error, MOTHER_HAD_SECOND_BUNDLE_IN_THREE_DAYS:

 This happens when a horse has a good bundle, and secondlife rolls back the sim and turns the good bundle into a bundle that reads [20:26] Amaretto Breedables Bundle: This bundle had an error, MOTHER_HAD_SECOND_BUNDLE_IN_THREE_DAYS

 If you encounter this issue please click on the mother horse and go to the breeding menu, then last bundle you will se the following in local chat

 The last bundle dropped by this horse was Amaretto Breedable Bundle with the ID of d807a2b9-9dd4-1e8e-631a-7cf4c7e9dadc

 You can now include this information in your ticket and will help the CSR swiftly recover the bundle you are missing! Remember to check out the ARU schedule and attend those classes!

Amaretto Museum!

Hey guys its Monday and I hope that everyone is having a great day! After much deliberation I wanted to write about something that I hope all of you guys know about! The Amaretto Museum!

I certainly hope that everyone has taken a few minutes to visit the ARU sim and have wandered over to the museum!
After many hours, blood, sweat, and tears you can find every Horse Amaretto has put out ! There are displays of all the k-9s, horses, and soon to come Barnyard Birds!

This is definitely a site to see, if you haven’t already! Charmed, Limited Edition, Special Edition, and Exotic they are all there for you to come take a look at!

So heres a ride to and a picture of the Amaretto Museum!

While you there be sure to check out the ARU class schedule and look up the next class! I really hope you guys will take a minute to marvel at all the amazing breedables that Amaretto has released!

Well until next time you guys Happy Breeding!

K-9 Zodiac Eyes!

Hello everyone today i would like to retouch on the K-9 Zodiac eyes what they are and how to get them.

First off let me give a brief detail on what the chines zodiac is.

In Chinese astrology the animal signs assigned by year represent what others perceive you as being or how you present yourself.

Now with that said we gave this eye a slight twist. Each month the eyes rotate every 2-3 days and one K-9 Kennel on the grid will get the eye when the kennel drops.

Now whats so awesome about these eyes is each eye will have the months birthstone along with the symbol of the chines zodiac for the time frame it was dropped!!

It is completely random in which K-9 Kennel on the grid that is dropped will get it. So its a guessing game will your next kennel have a zodiac eye guess you will have to wait and see. Good luck and Happy Breeding.


BTW here is a link containing pictures of all the zodiac eyes to date for the K-9s we are currently on Year of the Tiger – Pearl


First off please be sure to reset any of your horses that you are using pet food on, to pet food when you update, the updater is set to breedable food and if you update and do not reset retired horses or your pet horses to pet they are going to get hungry.


Two of the most important consumables:


Breedable & Pet Food :


Breeder Food- Is for horses you wish to breed once they reach 7 days old.


Pet Food- Is to be used when you do not wish to breed your horses. If you decide to breed your horse after feeding it Pet Food, it will take 7 days on Breeder Food for the effects of the Pet Food to wear off.


Using Food:


1. Rez the food/water within your horses set range. (A horse’s default range is 5 meters)

2. Can click the food/water to change options and see remaining %. Options include Owner only, Group only, and All.


A.Owner only: Will only be consumed by the owners horses.


B.Group only: Will only be consumed by horses in the same group as the food/water is set to.


C.All: Any horse within range of the food/water will be able to consume it.


Once the food/water has been completely consumed it will disappear.


In case your horses get hungry:


1. Re-rez fixes 99% of the issues.

2. If the land is set to a group, are the horses and food set to that group?

3. If the land isn’t set to a group, are the horse and food set to the same group as each other?

4. Check to see if the horse is set to the type of food out (more stats)

5. Re-set home position.

6. Sometimes giving them a Horsey Snack will help them start to eat so you may also want to try this. Remember your horses only eat once every 43 minutes so you may not notice a change immediately, be patient it takes 3 days for a horse to reach 100% hunger.


If your horse still doesn’t eat after trying this, you will need to file a support ticket. Please include a location URL, so that we can come out and see them, in world.


Remember if you put a horse in your inventory it will get hungry.


Your Horses will eat once every hour. If food is not present their hunger and thirst will rise until it reaches 100% at which time they will get sick, this will take 3 days.

A Vaccination can be used to Heal your Horses or they will eat their way out of sickness in approximately 3 days.





Thank goodness it’s Friday!! This has been a long hot week for many people and I for one am glad it is over! I finished my week off on a high note today by teaching a very enjoyable class at Amaretto Ranch University!

Today’s class was called “Chasing Special Horses” and was all about Charmed, Mystique, Show Horses, Elementals and those elusive Albinos (Albiners for those of you who attended my class this morning).

I wanted to take a moment to thank the nearly 40 people that showed up for that class and asked some very hard (but good) questions!!
We teach these classes at the University twice a day on days there are classes. So if you cannot make the morning class be sure to attend the evening class. Just for fun you could go to both classes as no 2 teachers are ever the same!!

So tonight I hope to see you all at the class maleficent will teach starting at 5pm slt.
Remember to check the calendar of classes all you need to do is log in to the Amaretto Website, then look below your picture and choose ARU Calendar.

These classes are your opportunity to learn about Amaretto directly from Amaretto staff and also be able to ask us questions that you might have. We love myth busting so bring your books, notecards and best questions to class!

Hey guys its very frustrating for Amaretto to learn about copybotters   and stolen horses and all of the things that will ruin the fun for everyone.   So just yet another reminder, a few things you can do to protect yourself and your horses.

  • Don’t buy/sell horses to avatars that are only one day old.
  • Always set prices of your horses in your inventory.
  • Don’t buy horses from random people iming you.
  • Always check the creator of the horse/K-9/Barnyard Bird. It should always without exception be JJ Cerna(Horses) or Ancient Biscuit(K-9s) or Mazelina Menna(Barnyard Birds).
  • NEVER i mean never buy a duplicated horse or a horse that you haven’t seen rezzed in secondlife.

Amaretto can not be there to help you at every horse sale nor can we refund you if you buy a copybotted horse or a duplicated horse. You have to protect yourself against these people in secondlife, if you do fall victim to one of these scams the best thing to do is file a abuse report them to linden labs.

Please be responsible and protect yourself, its sad that this even has to be a connection.  But you guys have to be proactive and protect yourself against such scams and report all scammers to linden labs with a abuse report.

ALSO BE AWARE of residents spoffing their name to look like an official name these residents are often very very young and have common mistakes ( like putting JJ Cerna as jj cena resident ) ONLY buy the product if it is created by one of the above 3 names