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Picture of the Month Contest!!!!

Hey everyone! Its a great day here at Amaretto and we are busy working on lots of exciting things that I can not wait for you guys to see!

So in the meantime lets talk about the Pic of the Week Program.
If you like getting FREE Amaretto goodies and take pictures in Second Life I am talking to you!

I have decided to currently change the Pic of the Week Contest to the Pic of the Month Contest! So you will have a entire month to take that perfect shot!
I will pick up all entries on the 15th of each month!

How do you enter? Well its easy you just take a pic of you and or your favorite Amaretto animal, you can edit it if you like, and put it in a nc full perms and drop it off at any of the conveniently located cameras at each main store and ARU!

That seems pretty easy right?
Here is where I post all winners of the Pic of Week well now Pic of the Month!!

Check them out! I hope that more of you will want to participate in the contest! If you have any questions just shoot Avalon Crystal a message! Happy Breeding everyone!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!!

This week I’m going to tell you all about the December happenings at Amaretto. Amaretto has plenty of events and classes for December so don’t forget to attend.

Dec 2 – Ice Fishing! 11:00 am slt
Dec 8 – AMOC Bok & Bark Winterfest Contest Begins
Dec 9 – Snowball Fight 11:00 am slt
Dec 10 – AMOC Dog Show 3:00 pm slt
Dec 11 – AMOC Bok & Bark Contest Ends
Dec 16 – Trans Siberian Orchestra @ Amaretto
Dec 22 – Hawaiian Christmas Party 5:00 pm slt
Dec 24 – AMOC Race for Fun 3:00 pm slt
Dec 25 – Christmas Happy Holidays Amaretto Breeders!!!
Dec 28 – Community Meeting 1:00 pm slt



Dec is going to be packed with fun events so be sure to attend!!!
Included are the ARU classes for December!

Until next week Happy Breeding!!


Happy Birthday Everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!
WOW!! What a Party!!!! Amaretto wants to thank each one of our Amaretto Breeders for making this 6th year a great year. Looking forward to many more with you all!!!

This week I would like to tell you what is happening in September beside the party and double haven points hehe!!

September is going to be an exciting month with it starting off with our 6th Birthday Party hope you all had a blast!
The Events for September you can check them out here on the website

Sept. 7 – Fishing Event 11:00 am slt
Sept 10th – AMOC Dog Show 3 pm slt
Sept 14th – Back to School Costume Contest 3 pm slt
Sept 16th – AMOC Meeting 11 am & 3 pm slt
Sept 21st – Fall Fling 1 pm slt
Sept 24th – AMOC Race for Fun 3 pm slt
Sept 28th – Community Meeting 3 pm slt

So you see September is jam packed with events so be sure you don’t miss out on any of them. Mark Your Calendars!!!

Please remember to attend the September classes at The Amaretto Ranch University. Amaretto has added classes on Saturday so you don’t miss out on classes. So please check the calendars as to when the classes are, the time for classes are at 9 am & 5 pm SLT, Saturday classes are at 3 pm SLT. The classes are very informative, plus you can meet a lot of your fellow breeders.
Looking forward to seeing you in class!!!

Until next week Happy Breeding!!!



Amaretto Hay Day Event

Happy Friday Everyone!! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!

This week I would like to tell you all about my Amaretto Hay Day Event. Well to start Ava was captain of the blue team; Jaymee was captain of the red team which each picked breeders to be on their team. Let me tell you we had a good turnout there were horses everywhere. We all had a good time and the event was a success. Congrats to the blue team for winning the game!!!

Let me tell you all the Amaretto Breeders that attended were winners!
Amaretto gave each one a 2016 Independence Day Edition American Bald Eagle!

That was exciting!! A fun game of Hay Day and then the great surprises!

So remember the other events Amaretto is having for July check out the calendar of events here

I am including some pictures of the Amaretto Hay Day Event.

Don’t forget to go by an pick up you some of them 2016 Independence Day Edition American Bald Eagle they will be on sale until July 11,2016 these are on sale at any of the Amaretto Store .

Until next week Happy Breeding!!!







Hey guys its another Terrific Tuesday here at Amaretto!! Can you believe it is May already?! Time flies when you’re having fun! Speaking of fun… I wanted to take a few moments to draw everyone’s attention to the month of May Calendars and all the fun events Amaretto will be hosting this month!!!

This month Amaretto has some awesome events planned for the community! Take a look!

May 4th @ 3pm slt- Hay Day with Jaymee
May 11th @ 11am slt- Bull Riding with Karrie
May 14th @ 3pm slt- AMOC Dog Show
May 19th @ 1pm slt- Club Amaretto
May 20th @ 11am & 3pm slt- AMOC General Meeting
May 25th @ 4pm slt- Community Meeting
May 28th @ 3pm slt- AMOC Race


Also, be sure to get those Amaretto Ranch University classes in so that when the next graduation comes up you will have them completed! Check out this months ARU calendar below!


Happy event going! Until next time……

Happy Saturday everyone! Can you believe that it is February already?!?! Time is just flying by! Today I want to take a moment to go over all the fun and exciting events we have planned for you this month!! We have some super events coming!! I will list the events for you and you can also have a look at the calendar below! I have also included a copy of the ARU calendar so be sure and get those classes in before the next graduation!

February 3rd @ 11am slt- Bull Riding hosted by Miss Karrie Woyseck

February 11- AMOC Shade of Valentines Set Up Starts

February 13th @ 5pm slt- Sweetheart Dance hosted by ME… Jaymee Caproni!

February 13th @ 3pm slt- AMOC Dog Show

February 14th @ 4pm slt- AMOC Shades of Valentine’s event

February 19th @ 11am and 3pm slt- AMOC General Meetings

February 24th @ 3pm slt- Amaretto Community Meeting

February 27th @ 3pm slt- AMOC Race for Fun

February 29th @ 3pm slt- Leap Year Party hosted by Miss Avalon Crystal


I hope everyone has a happy February!! Don’t miss out on our events, we quite often give away prizes! 😉

Happy breeding!






Amaretto Bull Riding Event

Happy Friday Everyone!! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!!

Today I wanted to tell you all about the Amaretto Bull Riding Event we had on Friday June 5. The event was a lot of fun and the breeders were trying their best to beat the highest score but Bart (the Bull) was being a little bit mean and was not letting anyone stay on long.
I am including the winners

1st Place – Tasty Tiramisu
2nd Place – Patrica Ragu
3rd Place – oODorotheaOo Resident

Congratulations to the winners it was a fun time an good to see so many there! So, if you missed it this time be sure to catch the next one!!

Until next week Happy Breeding!!!






Amaretto Hay Day Event

Happy Friday Everyone !! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day !!

Today I wanted to tell you all about the Hay Day Event that was on Wednesday. Amaretto had 2 teams a Red Team and a Blue Team.
Avalon was Captain of the Red Team and Dakota was Captain of the Blue Team.
The Captain of each team chose there players. The Red Team won the game reaching 10 points before the Blue Team an it was a close game , Good going Red Team !! Amaretto sent everyone attended a 2015 Spring LE for a prize. Amaretto had a good turn out an all seemed to have a good time. So if you missed this one, you don’t want to miss the next one !!!

Including some pictures of all the fun.

Until next week Happy Breeding !!!

hay day 3_001

hay day 4_001

hay day_001


Amaretto Game Event

Happy Friday Everyone!! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!

Just wanted to tell you about the Amaretto Game Event which was on Wednesday. Amaretto has events for the community which are always fun and game event was no different! We played a few games of Greedy which seems to be a favorite during the game events.

We really enjoy doing these events for the community so be sure to check Amaretto Calendars for the monthly events!

Here is the URL for the Amaretto Event Calendar.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Amaretto Events!!

Until next week Happy Breeding!!!

Game room_001

Game room2_001


Happy Friday Everyone ! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day !
Happy New Year to all Amaretto Breeders !!!

Lets see what Amaretto has in mind for the start of the New Year 2015 for the Events for January

January 1st was Ice Fishing Event with Jaymee

January 7th Game Day at 11:00 am slt with Karrie

January 10th 9th AMOC Dog Show at 9:00 am slt

January 15th Winter Dance with Mal at 3:00 pm slt

January 16th AMOC Meeting at 11:00 am slt & 3:00 pm slt

January 21 Amaretto Community Meeting at 4 pm slt

January 31 AMOC Race at 3:00 pm

So as you see January is full of fun stuff so be sure to attend these events ! you don’t won’t to miss them !

Also remember to check the January Calendar for the Class Amaretto is having !

Until next week Happy Breeding !!