Happy Saturday everyone! Can you believe that it is February already?!?! Time is just flying by! Today I want to take a moment to go over all the fun and exciting events we have planned for you this month!! We have some super events coming!! I will list the events for you and you can also have a look at the calendar below! I have also included a copy of the ARU calendar so be sure and get those classes in before the next graduation!

February 3rd @ 11am slt- Bull Riding hosted by Miss Karrie Woyseck

February 11- AMOC Shade of Valentines Set Up Starts

February 13th @ 5pm slt- Sweetheart Dance hosted by ME… Jaymee Caproni!

February 13th @ 3pm slt- AMOC Dog Show

February 14th @ 4pm slt- AMOC Shades of Valentine’s event

February 19th @ 11am and 3pm slt- AMOC General Meetings

February 24th @ 3pm slt- Amaretto Community Meeting

February 27th @ 3pm slt- AMOC Race for Fun

February 29th @ 3pm slt- Leap Year Party hosted by Miss Avalon Crystal


I hope everyone has a happy February!! Don’t miss out on our events, we quite often give away prizes! 😉

Happy breeding!







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