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March is here tomorrow, and we have some awesome events already planned


Get your pens out and mark your calendars so you won’t forget and miss the excitement!


March 2nd is Club Amaretto 3pm slt, tunes with DJ Ava and lots of sploder action.


March 5th Showcase Skewbald & Chihuahua begins. Should already have them bundles and kennels birthed!


March 11th The Dakota Show 11am slt Dakota has some fantastic guests in store on this awesome talk show!


March 14th Fishing at Boomtown Pier 3pm slt. get you pole ready, this is always a fun event,


March 20th A.M.O.C Meeting 11am slt & 3pm slt Two meetings,so if you miss the 1st one you have a chance to go to the second one. Time to brainstorm and share ideas


March 28th Easter Egg Hunt 11am slt. Easter egg hunts are always exciting for everyone,


The A.R.U class schedule for March is ready. Time to get those classes taken! Lots of informative information in every class.

 MarchARu MarchEvent

Don’t miss out on these really GREAT happenings in March!

Amaretto Mentor Program

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Today I wanted to talk to everyone about the Mentor program that Josie blogged on yesterday. You can read that blog here:

Amaretto Mentor Program

The  has come to life to help anyone in need of information and guidance from an experienced breeder. The Amaretto Mentor Program is something that everyone can take part in.
So if you are needing help you can go to any main Amaretto Breedable locations Haven Sim, University Sim an Boomtown Sim click the board that states New to Amaretto Breedables ? Would you like help from an experienced breeder ?
You will be contacted by a member of the Amaretto staff with further instructions regarding your mentor.
Amaretto needs Mentors for the K-9’s the mentors are not Amaretto Staff but the mentor can ask any staff if you have questions that they can’t answer. Anyone interested in becoming a K-9 Mentor just click the become a mentor board you will be contacted by Amaretto Staff.

Also just want to mention get those notecards in for the Horse Race tomorrow Feb 28 at 11am Sl Time. Send Note cards to Avalon Crystal or Karrie Woyseck if you plan to race.

As Always Happy Breeding!

Mentor Board_001

Showcase News……

Hello everyone its Tuesday! So you know what that means its Ava’s connection day.
As I was sitting here at the office sim and pondering what interesting information i could share with you guys today I saw something out of the corner of my eye!

Instead of telling you about the horse race that is happening on Thursday and encouraging and asking you guys to come out and race I thought I might tell you what i found sitting in the corner of the office.

However if you do want to participate in the race please send me a note card! LOL

In the corner of the office was the new Amaretto Showcase Skewbald!

Thats right from March 5th, 2013 until April 4, 2013 if you breed two Skewbald’s together you have a chance at getting an Amaretto Showcase Skewbald!

If you don’t know what a Skewbald is check them out here:
We all know what was sitting next to the Amaretto Showcase Skewbald right?
It was the Best In Show Chihuahua!

So just like the Amaretto Showcase Skewbald from March 5th, 2013 until April 4, 2013 if you breed two Chihuahua’s together you have a chance at getting an Best In Show Chihuahua!

Here is a list of all the Chihuahua breeds:

I cant wait until you guys see these animals they are really amazing looking and I know you guys will love them! So get those babies birthed so they will be old enough to breed by the 5th!

If you hear any screaming its prob me getting in trouble for sharing the news again, and if anyone asks you never saw me ok?

Happy Breeding everyone!

Happy Friday Everyone! So the weekend is near and the socks are starting to appear! It’s all very exciting to see the new things coming from the LE’s. Jaymee’s blog yesterday showed you the pretty colors you can get from the Valentine K-9s.  They are gorgeous!  And we can’t forget those cute Valentine Barnyard Birds and the new beak and leg traits that they were hiding! Get out there and get yours quick before they are not available any longer!

Yesterday’s AMOC meetings were quite successful, many of you attended and I for one am very excited about the possibilities that AMOC can bring to the community! If you are interested in joining this group which is for anyone, market owners or breeders, send me an im and we’ll get you added!
If you missed the premiere episode of the Dakota Show, you missed some good interviews! It was so much fun getting the chance to sit down and ask the questions that you the community wanted answered. Now, of course, I’m already starting to think about next month’s episode. I packed the first one with such amazing guests, how do I follow that?
Well when in doubt, I turn to you all in the community! Who do you want me to talk too next time? Not only that, but you already know from the 1st episode that I will definitely ask the questions you want answered, so send those questions in to me along with your suggestions for guests. I always love hearing from all of you! Send in those ideas!


Until next time ……Happy Breeding Everyone!

That’s Some Colorful Puppy Love!

Well look at that… it seems there has been some very colorful puppy love in the air! Have you seen the awesome new tints that are coming from the breeding of two SE Valentine Devotion Dalmatians? They are beautiful! There is Lilac, Periwinkle, Rose, and Mint tint! The community is going nuts over these beauties! Can you imagine all the interesting looking K9s that we will see now that these four new tints are on the grid!? Just to remind you, the Lilac, Rose, Periwinkle, and Mint tint comes from the breeding of two SE Valentine Devotion Dalmatians. I have included a picture below for you all to drool over! So, make sure your Devotion Dalmatians are devoted to each other so you have a chance at these new tints!


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Need a place to train your horses or just ride for fun?

Did you know that Amaretto has a Race Track? Well we do!
Amaretto has built this nice race track for you all to come and ride your horse or just go there and meet up with some of the fellow breeders. So come ride or train your horse anytime! I have included a picture of the race track and a LM so go over and check it out and have fun!


Happy Breeding Everyone!

Socks Revealed!

Hello everyone! How is everyone out there in the virtual world today?
Well its just about that time that all those valentines animals should start producing offspring, I have seen a few in the group!

I know you wondering what does it look like? What is it? Is it the 21st trait?? Well let me introduce to you the newest trait to hit Amaretto Horses!

SOCKS!!! Thats right the surprise is out, by breeding two Limited Edition 2013 Valentine Horses together you have a chance at getting a offspring with this trait!

Here is a picture of socks on a White Walker! There are count them 4 sock colors!! Red, Orange, Pink, and Blue!



This will not count as the 21st trait, because you will not be able to get both a hoof trait and a sock trait on the same horse! Similar to way gloom and hues work they are in the same slot, hoofs and socks are in the same slot so you will only be able to get one or the other on a horse.

So a new trait socks! Comes in 4 colors! Is not the 21st trait for the horses. I can’t wait to see what you guys do with this trait! This is Ava over and out!

Upcoming Events :A.M.O.C Meeting, Horse Race


What is AMOC?


~Amaretto Market Owners Coalition~ is to keep the market owners and breeders together and hopefully promote some stabilization of the Secondary Market. Joining this group is by invitation only so if you know of a market owner or a breeder who supports Amaretto products that has not been invited to this group please contact a member of the Amaretto Team and let us know so we can invite them. Thank you for being a part of keeping Amaretto the great community it is!!


This group has monthly meetings to help come up with ideas and plans to better the secondary market.


Mark your calendars for the A.M.O.C. meeting February 21 2013 at 3:00 pm slt


This meeting will be about finding people that are interested in becoming Officers of the Group.


Amaretto Horse Race


You all ready for a Horse Race ? Avalon an Karrie will be having a horse racing event on February 28 at 11 am SL time. Please be sure to send a Notecard to Karrie Woyseck or Avalon Crystal if you are planning on racing your horse an what class so get them horses ready to race.


So that finishes the events in February. So mark down the dates and times. See you there!!!!!

Big News!

It’s a Fabulous Friday here at the Amaretto Workshop! As I write this I’m watching everyone working so hard on all the different Amaretto Breedables! There’s lots of activity happening here all the time.
I hope everyone enjoyed the Masquerade Ball yesterday. I’m looking forward to the next one already!
I’m super excited about the premiere of The Dakota Show tomorrow and hope to see you all out there at 11am slt Saturday February 16th! Don’t miss it!


Now for the BIG BIG NEWS!! We have received so many messages, notecards and requests for this we’re happy to announce that all the Valentines Horses, K-9s and Barnyard Birds will remain on sale for another whole week!!
That’s right! You heard it here first! You have until Friday, February 22nd to get to an Amaretto Store and get the Limited Edition Horses, Special Edition K-9s or the Collectors Edition Birds!
Just a reminder that you need to breed these together to unlock the surprises they are hiding! Good luck everyone and we really hope you enjoy the surprises!!!
Until next time….Happy Breeding!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Love is in the air and today I would like to announce the surprise the Amaretto has released to the community! A special Sweetheart Branding! From 12:00am to 11:59pm February 14, 2013 this brand can happen randomly from any bundle drop. There is no special breeding required! I have included a picture below of the adorable Sweetheart brand for you to oogle over! This brand is only available for a very short time so it is going to be a well sought after brand! So keep an eye on those bundles dropping before 11:59pm tonight because you may be one of the lucky ones to get a Sweetheart branding!