Happy Friday Everyone! So the weekend is near and the socks are starting to appear! It’s all very exciting to see the new things coming from the LE’s. Jaymee’s blog yesterday showed you the pretty colors you can get from the Valentine K-9s.  They are gorgeous!  And we can’t forget those cute Valentine Barnyard Birds and the new beak and leg traits that they were hiding! Get out there and get yours quick before they are not available any longer!

Yesterday’s AMOC meetings were quite successful, many of you attended and I for one am very excited about the possibilities that AMOC can bring to the community! If you are interested in joining this group which is for anyone, market owners or breeders, send me an im and we’ll get you added!
If you missed the premiere episode of the Dakota Show, you missed some good interviews! It was so much fun getting the chance to sit down and ask the questions that you the community wanted answered. Now, of course, I’m already starting to think about next month’s episode. I packed the first one with such amazing guests, how do I follow that?
Well when in doubt, I turn to you all in the community! Who do you want me to talk too next time? Not only that, but you already know from the 1st episode that I will definitely ask the questions you want answered, so send those questions in to me along with your suggestions for guests. I always love hearing from all of you! Send in those ideas!


Until next time ……Happy Breeding Everyone!


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