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Hiya everyone and Happy Thursday! I want to share with you some of the special events Amaretto has planned for the month of February!!

February 2- Club Amaretto @ 3pm slt

Come down to Club Amaretto and boogie on down while visiting with fellow breeders and the Amaretto staff!

February 5th- The Dun Showhorse and Best In Show K9 starts

Woot! Get those Dun horses and Boxer K9 ready for a fantastic February!

February 9th- It is the Dakota Show @ 11am slt

Miss Dakota chits, chats, and interviews! You don’t want to miss it!

February 14th- The Valentine Masquerade Ball @ 2:30pm slt

Grab your sweethearts or come and meet one at this fantastic formal ball!

February 21st- A.M.O.C. meeting @ 3pm slt

Monthly meeting to discuss all things Market/Breeder related.

February 28th- Amaretto Horse Race @ 11am slt

And Away They Go!! Get those racers ready for a fun filled race day!!

So Be sure to check the February Calendar for all these events so you can make it to them !!

Also be sure to check out the ARU Calendar for February to see  what classes we are offering for the month and what days/times they will be.




Happy Wednesday Everyone!!
Let’s talk about how important it is to renaming your Horses, K-9’s, Barnyard Birds, Kennels, Nest, Bundles.

When Sl has a rollback sometimes things can happen like losing your breedables or passing a breedable to a friend. When this happens it is hard or could be impossible for us to find your breedable.

You may want to remember to log the uuid of any breedable you own that way you have the information we will need.
Names can be simple as a number anything besides Amaretto Breedable…… Please remember don’t rename your breedables with the same name always add a number or letter.

So please before you take that bundle, kennel, nest in your inventory please remember to rename it!

Until next time Happy Breeding!


I’m so DUN!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your day and got some great bundles, kennels, and nests! Well I was wondering what I would write about today………then i saw today was the 28th!

So I began running around the office to see if I could find where Josaphine left the next Showhorse and Best in Show K-9.

So before you guys send the mob after me I suppose I should share my findings!

Im glad to announce this months Showhorse is……………………. The Dun!
Beginning February 5, 2013 to March 4, 2013 any bundle dropped from the breeding of any 2 Dun horses had the chance at being a Dun Showhorse.

That’s not it! The Best in Show K-9 was there hiding behind the Dun Showhorse. It is the Best in Show Boxer!

Beginning February 5, 2013 to March 4, 2013 any kennel dropped from the breeding of any 2 Boxer K-9s had the chance at being a Best in Show Boxer.

The Best in Show Boxer can be randomly birthed by breeding together any two K-9s that have Boxer Coats of any color.

So get those boxers out and those duns so they will be breeding age by the 4th! Until next time happy breeding everyone! This is Ava over and out!


How do we become happy and in the mood?


Going out to dinner, maybe a movie…. dancing…


Lock the door and turn the lights down low

Put some music on that’s soft and slow….


ooohhh sorry, I was listening to Josh Turner …… back to breedables


Lets start with horses:


1. If your horse is at least 7, riding is one of the ways you can increase the happiness. Just ride your horse some if he or she seems to be unhappy and not gaining happiness


2.. Rezzing out a salt lick with your food will make your horses happier. This stat booster gives a 1% increase in happiness over time. One Salt Lick last 2 horses 2 weeks.


Also you have two other consumables at your disposal to help raise the happiness level some.


A,. Sugar cubes, when used give your horse a 15% increase to the happiness. You can only give this consumable to them once in a 24 hour period.

B. The second consumable that affects happiness also affects all the other stats of the horse and that’s the Amaretto Cocktail! This wonderful little concoction is just what your horse wants to feel happy and ready to start producing bundles by raising energy, happiness, and fervor by 5% and decreasing nourishment by 5% ensuring that your horse can stay up late with his favorite mare! Note that again this consumable can only be given once every 24 hours.


If you want to read up on the consumables available, here’s a link,_Salt_Licks,_and_Consumables


Now the K-9s


1.Playing with your K-9 will make your K-9s happiness increase over a length of time!

So if you have a K-9 that is feeling a little blue you can use the hud to bring up their happiness so they will be ready to breed.

If you do not have a Amaretto K-9 hud you can get one by clicking on your K-9, then help, and get hud


Ava has made a K-9 hud video for a visual explanation on how easy it is to use!


2.The Amaretto Brand Chew Toy gives a 1% increase in happiness over time. One Amaretto Brand Chew Toy last 2 K-9s 2 weeks.


The K-9s also have 2 other consumables which you can use to help happiness increase


A.The Rawhide Lollipop will increase one of your K-9s happiness by 15% . This consumable can only be given once every 24 hours.


B. Mega Woof Vitamins This wonderful little concoction is just what your K-9 wants to feel happy and ready to start producing kennels by raising energy, happiness, and fervor by 5% and decreasing hunger and thirst by 5% ensuring that your K-9 can stay up late with his favorite gal!


And now the Barnyard Birds


1.Orange Rinds

These delicious orange rinds are used to build the vivacity of your Barnyard Bird! These are important as your Barnyard Bird must have 85% or higher vivacity coupled with 100% vigor in order to breed.


2.Vivacity Corn will increase one of your birds vivacity by 15%


3.The Poultry Glow provides a 5% increase to Stamina, a 5% increase to Vivacity and a 5% increase to Vigor.



Now that we have them happy we just have to wait for that bundle, kennel, and nest to arrive!!!


Until next time

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!  It was very nice to finish off the week with another awesome Amaretto event!  The Breedable Costume contest today was SO much FUN!  I am always amazed at how very creative the Amaretto Community can be!!  I also had a blast sitting over at the event watching everyone come and vote for their favorites! It’s always nice to see the community out and about!  I’ll have to say this turned out to be one of my all-time favorite events and I cannot wait to see this one back on the Amaretto events calendar!!  For those of you who were unable to attend I have included pictures of all the amazing submissions. Thank you to everyone who participated!!


In First Place we had Cindy Bolero with her beautiful Clydesdale display!

Picture 1

In Second Place we had Spikie Thorne and her wonderfully demented K-9 display!

Picture 2

And, in Third Place we had Luna Barak with a groovy Shetland that you just have to love!

Picture 3

I thought all the entries were amazing!


Like this one of Anaconda Carter’s display!  I loved how she said, “The chihuahua is masquerading as a dalmatian cuz he thinks hes 10 feet tall and bullet proof, plus hes been drinking the beer.”

Picture 4


Then we had the medieval themed display by Nightmistress Resident.  This one was really cool!

Picture 5

Of course we all think Trinityskye Zarco was hungry when she decided to put up her display!  This one sure was funny!

Picture 6

Our winner Cindy also had another entry, these beautiful sleighs that you can actually ride!  Very creative!!  Thank you so much Cindy and all our entrants for making the first event like this a Great one!  I am already looking forward to the next time this event is on the calendar!!! Until next week, Happy Breeding everyone!

Picture 7


Hello everyone and Happy Thursday!! Today I would like to announce some MEGA news! Amaretto has been having Q&A sessions for the community and we have suggestion  boxes set up at all Amaretto locations. We have these set up so we can hear your questions, comments, concerns and suggestions!  Well, a suggestion that we have heard very often is the request for larger packs of Breedable Food and Salt Licks. So, we listened! Starting today, Amaretto now offers a Mega Breedable Food pack which contains 100 Breedable Foods and a Mega Salt Lick pack which contains 100 Salt Licks. Amaretto is offering these packs to you at 15% off the original prices. That’s right, by purchasing the Mega packs; you will be saving 15% off the original prices! So, trot on down to one of our many locations and pick up your Mega Breedable Food Packs and Mega Salt Lick Packs today!







Happy Wednesday Everyone !
Today i wanted to touch on the Forever Foal and the Perpetual Puppy

Forever Foal
The Forever Foal makes the Retired horse so that It will not have to eat food any more . You can keep it forever without buying food ! Everything else on the horse will work normally just will not need food. The Forever Foal only works on retired horses 120 days old that is retired.
The text on a forever foal will say pet instead of retired.
The Forever Foal can be found in any Amaretto Store.

Perpetual Puppy
The Perpetual Puppy makes a Spayed/Neutered K-9 no longer eats food it works just like the forever foal.
The Perpetual Puppy has to be over 126 days old female or male. Text will also say Pet instead of Spayed/Neutered.
The Perpetual Puppy can be found in any of the K-9’s Stores

Until Next Time Happy Breeding !

Today I wanted to remind everyone what a wonderful resource the Amaretto Wiki can be for everyone. The amount of information that is located on the wiki is amazing and I for one could not live without it!

You can go to the Help section of the main Amaretto Website and from there you can go to each one of the Amaretto wiki’s
Keep this link handy and be sure to spend some time looking around. You will find information on everything Amaretto here along with pictures and descriptions!
Another amazing resource provided to you by Amaretto Ranch Breedables is the amazing Amaretto Ranch University! We have many important classes there not the least of which is a wonderful class about each of the Amaretto wiki’s! You can find the class schedule for all class at this link:


You can also get registered on the ARU website via this link:


So be sure to take the classes offered and bookmark those wiki’s and you’ll keep yourself well informed.
Happy Breeding all!!

ARU and why you should attend!

Hey everyone happy Monday! If you are in the USA happy Martin Luther King Day!
I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekends and got some really good bundles, kennels, or nests!

I wanted to remind you guys that class are still being held at ARU! This is a great way to learn about any of our breedables if you are new to Amaretto. Even if you are a breeder that has been breeding for a long time this is also a great resource to learn something that you didnt know!

The classes are held every week at 9 AM SLT and 5 PM SLT. You do not have to register or sign up to attend. Classes do not generally take a lot of time most last no more then 10 minutes. Every month we post the ARU schedule on the website as well as several of our locations in world. Here is the link to the ARU calendar

There is also a ARU website that you can join to keep up with what classes you have taken and which classes you haven’t!
Link to ARU website:

Once you attend all of the classes, you will want to drop a notecard in the suggestions box located in the courtyard of the ARU sim. Label this notecard with your name and “application for graduation” . We will send you a certificate of completion with a very special bundle.

If you have a suggestion for a class at ARU please drop a suggestion notecard in the mail box in the courtyard!

If you have taken a class that has not posted to the ARU website please file a ticket and let us know the class and the date you took it.
File your tickets at:
To receive credit for a class that you are taking you must turn in a notecard made by your avatar at the end of each class to the instructor!

All of the things are pretty simple and you may learn a thing or two about Amaretto Breedables that you did not know. I would suggest for old and new breeders to attend!
Here is the inworld slurl for the ARU sim:

I’ll leave you with a quote made by Benjamin Franklin
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

I hope to see more of you at the next ARU class!
This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!

Hello everyone its Tmzasz here and today I would like to quickly talk about a very important topic, Updating your breedables and why it is important! First off let me begin with the most important reason to always update:

Amaretto does not support older versions. What this means is that say you have a horse that’s gotten sick and wont accept a healing kit or eating its way out of hunger, well this horse happens to be a 3.2 version horse. Well when we repair the horse we always send it back at the most current version which in this case is 3.5. So say you have a horse that has glitched for example or you are super partial to the old 1.3 style horses, in this case we do not support the glitch and when remade it will come back at the most current version and as it is supposed to be and the same applies to older versions like stated above.

Next important reason to update to the latest version:

The latest version of any of our breedables always has the most current bug fixes and generally are better in many areas, some bug fixes in the updates are not always apparent but they happen in the background to make your breeding experience more enjoyable!!!

Now possibly the reason most people update is to be breedable to the new starters that come out with an update as they have to be of the same version to breed!

Now you can see why its always best to make sure you update to the latest version of our breedables 🙂