Happy Wednesday Everyone !
Today i wanted to touch on the Forever Foal and the Perpetual Puppy

Forever Foal
The Forever Foal makes the Retired horse so that It will not have to eat food any more . You can keep it forever without buying food ! Everything else on the horse will work normally just will not need food. The Forever Foal only works on retired horses 120 days old that is retired.
The text on a forever foal will say pet instead of retired.
The Forever Foal can be found in any Amaretto Store.

Perpetual Puppy
The Perpetual Puppy makes a Spayed/Neutered K-9 no longer eats food it works just like the forever foal.
The Perpetual Puppy has to be over 126 days old female or male. Text will also say Pet instead of Spayed/Neutered.
The Perpetual Puppy can be found in any of the K-9’s Stores

Until Next Time Happy Breeding !


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