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Happy Birthday Amaretto Horses! To commemorate the 1 year anniversary we have designed Special Birthday Horses than can be born to your horses during the week of Sept 1st – Sept 7th !  These Birthday Horses are completely random and will carry the traits of their parents underneath their Special Birthday Coat!  Thank you all for this past year and Happy Breeding for the Birthday Horses!!
  Any bundles that “drops” between  Sept 1st – 7th  has a chance of being a birthday horse 🙂  
  Birthday Sale!!
To celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of Amaretto Breedables we are having a week long sale on a combo Breedable Food/Salt Lick pack! The Anniversary Pack will include a 25 pack of Breedable Food & a 25 Pack of Salt Licks!  The Anniversary Packs are at all the Amaretto Horse Store locations from Sept. 1st thru Sept. 7th! You can buy the Anniversary Pack for 6500L ! A 1200L savings to honor the 12 months since Amaretto was released!

Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

Well hope you guys are all enjoying your K9’s! Many of you probably have some that are becoming of age to start gaining heat! \o/

So I know that many people are on pens and needles, wondering and waiting to see what Amaretto will do for their birthday!

Well I cant give all the secrets away but I did want to announce that we will be having a party!! On Thursday September 1st!

Now if you attended our last party you know we do it big! So it wil be held in the same place however we have added another sim so that we can hold more avatars in world.

There will be 3 concerts over 4 sims with lots of fun and give a ways!!

We hope that our community will come out and celebrate with us! Details will be released as we approach Thursday!!


A few words and then on to Hud Talkin

K9 Hud Talkin

Before we get started…

I just want to say that my journey with breedables over the last near year has been an amazing one. As much as I would love to claim all the credit for my knowledge and success…The truth of the matter is that without you and the amazing teachers I’ve had along the way that I wouldn’t be here… Dazza Staheli, Ember Camel and Laya Felisimo are just some of the awesome people who were willing to share their knowledge, wisdom and words of encouragement with me. If ever you get a chance to talk to these people… LISTEN… They know what they are talking about! 🙂 I can say without a doubt that if it wasn’t for them… I would not be where I am today!

Lastly… I want to thank the Amaretto Family for giving me this opportunity to be apart of the family. Their confidence and trust in my abilities means a great deal to me and this is an incredible opportunity. I will do my very best to not let them down and to serve the Amaretto community to the very best of my abilities. Including sending rounds of Starbucks to the Amaretto Ranch Breedables Group. (in some cases Dunkin Doughnuts)

Thanks for all the warm welcomes and congratulations… Now lets get busy shall we?

I thought for my first posting that I’d go all out and talk about the K9 Hud… Been seeing lots of questions about them in group, IM and so on. So… Here we go!

*whispers* “Using the Hud is pretty simple stuff!”

Couple things to remember…

1) Your hud is transfer friendly. If you know anyone looking for a K9 Hud…then…Feel free to pass it along.
2) Your hud will ONLY work with K9s that you own. So no your friends can’t play fetch with your K9s.

How the K9 Hud works…

1st) You need to find the hud in your inventory, right click it and select wear from the pie menu. It will attach to the center of your screen and you can always move it to any place you would like on your screen.
2nd) Find that puppy you want to interact with and click on him/her. Select HUD from the blue menu.
3rd)  Look on your hud for the “Connect” button – Once you’ve clicked on that it will confirm that you are in fact connected to your puppy.

Now this is where the fun starts… You can now select what to do with your puppy from things such as follow you around the house, play fetch, come and stay…

Watch next week as I explain just how to play fetch with your puppies….

Thanks again!

Ford Carver

Ch-Ch-Changes! There are always many things happening at the Amaretto workshop, and today we would like to announce a big change at the workshop. We hope the entire community will join us in welcoming Ford Carver to the Amaretto Family as the newest CSR!  Many of you know Ford from the months he spent as a moderator of the Amaretto Ranch Breedables chat group, some of you know him as a valued member of the Amaretto Community.  You will still see Ford in the group but he will also be handling support tickets (so go easy on him at first). Ford brings with him to the Amaretto Team years of real world Customer Service experience and a breeders knowledge of Amaretto products from his time spent as a part of the breedable community in Second Life.  Please take the time to make Ford feel welcome as the newest member of the Amaretto Team!

Jaymee 🙂


Your K-9’s will eat once every hour. If food is not present their hunger and thirst will rise until it reaches 100% at which time they will get sick, this will take 3 days. A Vaccination can be used to Heal your K-9 or they will eat their way out of sickness in approximately 3 days.

Breeder Food is for K-9’s you wish to breed once they reach 7 days old.
Pet Food is to be used when you do not wish to breed your K-9’s. If you decide to breed your K-9 after feeding it Pet Food, it will take 7 days on Breeder Food for the effects of the Pet Food to wear off.
1.Rez the food/water within your K-9’s set range. (a K-9’s default range is 5 meters)
2.Can click the food/water to change options and see remaining %. Options include Owner only, Group only, and All.
Owner only: Will only be consumed by the owners K-9’s.
Group only: Will only be consumed by K-9’s in the same group as the food/water is set to.
All: Any K-9 within range of the food/water will be able to consume it.
Once the food/water has been completely consumed it will disappear.

If you are having issues with your K-9 not eating please try the following tricks before filing a ticket.
1. Re-rez fixes 99% of the issues.
2. If the land is set to a group, are the K-9’s and food set to that group?
3. If the land isn’t set to a group, are the K-9 and food set to the same group as each other?
4. Check to see if the K-9 is set to the type of food out (more stats)
5. Re-set home position.
6. Sometimes giving them a K-9 Treat will help them start to eat so you may also want to try this. Remember your K-9’s only eat once every 43 minutes so you may not notice a change immediately, be patient it takes 3 days for a K-9 to reach 100% hunger.



Woof Day is here!!!

Woah!!! What a great day! If you have been under a rock or asleep then I may

need to remind you the K-9’s are here!

All and all we have had a smooth release, there have been a few minor problems

and if you are someone who has experienced these please file a ticket:

Things to put in your ticket, your transaction history, and be sure that your K-9s in world are all named.

If you’re missing one this will make it easy for us to find the missing K-9. Please be patient as we answer

all the tickets we are receiving but not to fear our CSR’s are here in full force!

Thank you all for supporting Amaretto in this new adventure!!

New manuals button on the website

Hello everyone i just wanted to share that with the release of the K-9’s tomorrow the manual for them is now live with full content ( if you see a typo in it please be easy on me 😛 ) the links are: < this will take you to the manual selection page < this will take you to the horse manual < this will take you to the new K-9 manual

I will be doing some reworking on the horse manual over the next week to include more example images of the menus and to fix some typos that have been found but in the mean time please go check them out and hope to see what awesome K-9’s you all get tomorrow!

Dakota Goes Out To Pasture

I watched the group discussion about “retired” coats this
morning and decided to try to clear up some
confusion about when Amaretto puts things
Out to Pasture (our version of retiring coats/eyes/traits).

Let’s start by listing what is Out to Pasture:

Out to Pasture Starter Coats
    Appaloosa Black
    Appaloosa Brown
    Appalossa Tan
    Appaloosa Grey

Out to Pasture Non-Starter Coats 
    Black Walker
    Brown Walker
    Red Walker
    Silver Walker
    Tan Walker
    White Walker

Out to Pasture Charmed Horses
    Charmed Demon – Demon Eyes (Blood)
    Charmed Pegacorn - Pegacorn Eyes (Rainbow)

Out to Pasture Albino Eyes
    Hazel Blue
    Hazel Pink
    Multi Green Blue
    Multi Brown Blue
    Rainbow

Now what does this mean exactly?

**On the Starter Coat that has been put Out to Pasture, it means you will
never buy a Starter/Breeder/Ranchers pack of horses from the Amaretto
stores that contains this coat.  The only way of obtaining an Appaloosa
is if a horse you are breeding has the Appaloosa trait somewhere in
its lineage.

**On the Non-Starter Coat that has been put Out to Pasture, it means you
will never buy a Starter/Breeder/Ranchers pack of horses from the Amaretto
stores that contains the Walkers as a hidden coat.  The only way of obtaining
a Walker is if a horse you are breeding has the Walker trait somewhere in its

**Now the Out to Pasture Charmed are a little different.  Since Charmed
horses are random and do not pass on their coats when we put Charmed horses
Out to Pasture it means there will never be another one of those Charmed
dropped on the grid.  So there is no chance of getting the Charmed Demon
or the Charmed Pegacorn any longer because they are Out to Pasture.

**The Albino eyes originally come from Albino horses but can pass on to other
horses.  So when Albino eyes are put Out to Pasture it means that when an
Albino is birthed on the grid it will never have any of the Out to Pasture
eyes. The only way of obtaining these eyes is if a horse you are breeding
has them somewhere in its lineage.

**You should also note that when things are put Out to Pasture it does not
automatically make them a trait.
If it wasn’t considered a trait to begin with, well it is still not
considered a trait.
The easy way to remember this is ….Once a starter ALWAYS a starter.

I hope this helps clear up some of the confusion about things that are
now Out to Pasture.
Happy Breeding everyone!!

Listen, do you hear that? It’s puppy paws scratching at the door eager to be let out!! After months of intense testing (and lots of sleepless nights for Richie) the time has finally arrived!! On Monday August 22nd Amaretto will open those doors and Let the K-9s run lose in Second Life! We hope everyone is as excited as your Amaretto Team is for this new addition to Amaretto Breedables!! Watch the group for more details to follow……

We have had requests from many of you in the community asking for Amaretto to form a Market Owners group for the owners of markets or breeders that support Amaretto products. So we have formed ~Amaretto Market Owners Coalition~ to keep the market owners and breeders together and hopefully promote some stabilization of the Secondary Market. Joining this group is by invitation only so if you know of a market owner or a breeder who supports Amaretto products that has not been invited to this group please contact a member of the Amaretto Team and let us know so we can invite them. Thank you for being a part of keeping Amaretto the great community it is!!