A few words and then on to Hud Talkin

K9 Hud Talkin

Before we get started…

I just want to say that my journey with breedables over the last near year has been an amazing one. As much as I would love to claim all the credit for my knowledge and success…The truth of the matter is that without you and the amazing teachers I’ve had along the way that I wouldn’t be here… Dazza Staheli, Ember Camel and Laya Felisimo are just some of the awesome people who were willing to share their knowledge, wisdom and words of encouragement with me. If ever you get a chance to talk to these people… LISTEN… They know what they are talking about! 🙂 I can say without a doubt that if it wasn’t for them… I would not be where I am today!

Lastly… I want to thank the Amaretto Family for giving me this opportunity to be apart of the family. Their confidence and trust in my abilities means a great deal to me and this is an incredible opportunity. I will do my very best to not let them down and to serve the Amaretto community to the very best of my abilities. Including sending rounds of Starbucks to the Amaretto Ranch Breedables Group. (in some cases Dunkin Doughnuts)

Thanks for all the warm welcomes and congratulations… Now lets get busy shall we?

I thought for my first posting that I’d go all out and talk about the K9 Hud… Been seeing lots of questions about them in group, IM and so on. So… Here we go!

*whispers* “Using the Hud is pretty simple stuff!”

Couple things to remember…

1) Your hud is transfer friendly. If you know anyone looking for a K9 Hud…then…Feel free to pass it along.
2) Your hud will ONLY work with K9s that you own. So no your friends can’t play fetch with your K9s.

How the K9 Hud works…

1st) You need to find the hud in your inventory, right click it and select wear from the pie menu. It will attach to the center of your screen and you can always move it to any place you would like on your screen.
2nd) Find that puppy you want to interact with and click on him/her. Select HUD from the blue menu.
3rd)  Look on your hud for the “Connect” button – Once you’ve clicked on that it will confirm that you are in fact connected to your puppy.

Now this is where the fun starts… You can now select what to do with your puppy from things such as follow you around the house, play fetch, come and stay…

Watch next week as I explain just how to play fetch with your puppies….

Thanks again!

Ford Carver


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