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Ponie Pals Q&A!

Hello and Happy Wednesday! Today we held our very first Ponie Pals Q&A! There was a lot of information released about the Ponies! The food, prices, stats, breeding, and much more was discussed! Thank you to all that came out and showed interest in Amaretto’s newest adventure! If you didn’t make it to the Q&A, no worries… we will be posting all of the information released today on The Ponie Pals wiki page. 

Guess what else happened at today?! Avalon picked 10 new beta testers at the Ponie Pals Q&A!

Congrats to our new beta testers!
Sholeh Nyn
Lesbianna Soulstar
Rosie Lavochkin
Dretta Swords
Tazzia Baxton
Xes Cela

While all of the wonderful information is being put up on the wiki page… take a look at some of the Ponie Pal products revealed today!

Ponie Pals Baskets

Ponie Pal Models age 0 to 7

Amaretto Ponie Pal Grub

Amaretto Ponie Pal Bliss Gummy Bear


Amaretto Ponie Pal Global Ponie Synchronizer

Amaretto Ponie Pal Energize Me



Amaretto Ponie Pal Rainbow Cake Surprise

Amaretto Ponie Pals Ponie Noodle Soup

Amaretto Ponie Pal Moxie Sundae

The Ponie Pals are doing great in beta testing! Make sure you keep your eyes open for new information!

Until next time…..




Down in the Dups?

Hey guys how is everyone today? I hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday! But if you are having a terrible Tuesday then this connection might be just for you!

I want to talk about that terrible D word that some of us have to deal with in Secondlife. Thats right Duplicate!

Have you ever had a Duplicated breedable, food, or consumable?
Ever wondered why?

Well lets talk about the Secondlife Asset Server, whats that?
Well it’s a database that tracks all Second Life objects in-world and in inventory. Overloaded asset servers can cause search, inventory, rez, teleport, and friends list failures.

So basically what can happen is you can have your breedable, food, or consumable not only in world but in your inventory too!

Since all of our breedables have been updated each breedable, food, or consumable have their own unique UUID. This is how they duplicate, but don’t worry I am going to make sure you all know how to correct this problem.

File a ticket! Yup you heard me right all you have to do is file a ticket to get it fixed.

If its a breedable a Staff member will ask you to send them the breedable in a folder with your ticket id and transaction history if you just purchased. They will send you back a working breedable, if you are showing as owner or have the proof of purchase!

For a duplicated food or consumable you will need to file a ticket with a slurl (location to the duplicated food or consumable) and also include your transaction history from your purchase from Amaretto! You will be sent a replacement food or consumable.

Amaretto understand how frustrating a duplicate can be so please stay calm and know that once you file a ticket we will get your issue resolved as soon as possible.

I am so excited to have the Ponie Q & A tomorrow. Happy breeding everyone and remember if your get a Duplicate don’t sweat it file a ticket! This is Ava over and out!

Ticket System 101..

Happy Sunday everyone!! A lot can happen in Second Life that we have no control over… from duplicates, to missing animals, to missing food or consumables. We at Amaretto do our best to address these issues and help resolve the issues for you so you can get back to breeding as soon as possible. There are times however, where the issues is out of Amaretto’d hands and we will have to refer you to Linden Labs. So for my Customer Connection today I wanted to give an in depth look into the Support System and filing a support ticket. Below I will tell you step by step how to register for the support system and file a support ticket…

You need to visit the Amaretto Support desk at:

Once you get there, have a look at the  ticket guidelines. These guidelines can answer many of your questions regarding tickets and will help ensure the ticket process goes smoothly.


Next, If you are not yet registered for the support system, you will need to do so. It is really a fairly simple process. You will want to click on the register button located on the left hand side.


*The Social Network and the Support System have separate log in areas! You must register separately at each website to use them both*


Once you get to the registration page you will need to provide the required information

Your Full Name (It is best if you use your FULL Second Life name)

Your Email

Create a New Password

Confirm Your New Password

You will also need to verify your registration by entering a Captcha

Then click SIGN UP to complete your registration!


Once registered and signed in you will next click on the SUBMIT A TICKET BUTTON


Next you will choose the department that best suits your issue or problem and hit the next button


After you select the appropriate department hit the next button you will now be on the page where you will put in the information about your issue.

You can leave the priority level at normal

Put in your FULL SecondLife name not your display name

Put the subject of your ticket such as “missing Horse” Or “did not get horse food”

In the large box you will give all the detailed information about your issue or problem. The more specific you are and the more information you provide, the better.

Once you have finished putting all the information, click the SUBMIT button.


Emails are usually sent when a response is posted in your support ticket.


You can also check the status of your ticket by logging in to the support system and viewing your ticket.


That’s it!! You did it! You just filed a support ticket for your issue!! An Amaretto Customer Service Representative (CSR) will be responding in your ticket with further information or instructions about completing your support ticket. Please note, our CSRs will not contact you in world. All communication must be done through the ticket system. If information is requested, please provide it in the ticket itself. Please do not message or send a notecard to the CSR. The CSRs are very busy and may miss or overlook the message or notecard and this could  delay the completion of your support ticket. Tickets can take 48-72 hours to get a response from a CSR. Please be patient with us, especially at peak times such as updates or when new Amaretto products are released!

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help out when filing a supoort ticket with Amaretto…

~ If the CSR ask you for a slurl, make sure they are on your allowed list and paste the slurl to the breedable your having a issue.

You can get a slurl by going there in world and opening the map and choosing the copy slurl option. This copies your ordinates in world and now you will be able to post them. A slurl will look like this:

~ If the CSR asks you to please send your breedable in world with your full SL name and Amaretto Ticket number. Thank you.

This means you make a folder in your inventory name your folder just as the CSR asked you.

Example: Jaymee Caproni JPM-222-22395

This ensures that your breedable will not get lost in a inventory and will be easily matched with your ticket. If you do not do this our CSRS can not be responsible for random objects being sent to them. If your breedable is not in a folder it will be sent back to you!!!! (if we can find out who it belongs too)

~Make sure that you are sending the breedable to the correct CSR. Don’t assume it will be the same one who did your last ticket. Read your responses carefully and send to the proper CSR.

~ Always include your full SL name!
~ Include any transaction in reference to not delivered items or even duplicated breedables that you recently purchased!
~ Always be respectful to the Amaretto Staff they will help you in any way they can.
~ Be sure to include enough information such as UUID’s, Parents information if having a bundle issue, or names of a missing horse.
~ YOU MUST CHECK YOUR TICKET FOR A RESPONSE!! (if you do not respond in 3 days we will close your ticket)

~ Please understand if you are not showing as owner of a breedable on our servers we can not return it to you. (That means no tickets for friends, family, or partners) You wouldn’t want us to send your horse to someone else!

I hope this has helped clear up any questions or concerns about filing a support ticket with Amaretto!!

Happy breeding! Until next time…

Happy Birthday and Intercontinental Horse Expo!

Hey everyone what a fun Thursday this has been! I had a lot of fun at club Amaretto hopefully you did too!

I wanted to take a few moments to share with you something really cool that I came across while visiting a market earlier this week!

E and S is hosting a Intercontinental Horse Expo!
This expo will be held between Saturday May 20th and Friday, May 26th. This is to celebrate E and S 6th Birthday!!

What is the Intercontinental Horse Expo? It is an opportunity for you to show off your prized horse. The voting will open on Saturday and end on Friday giving and your horse can be voted on once every day by everyone throughout the week. The voting will require 10L fee.

1st Prize – 12,500L
2nd Prize – 7,500L
3rd Prize – 2,500L

Winners will be announced on Saturday, May 27th at E and S’s 6th Birthday Party!!
There is everything from Pintos to Shetlands so a really nice variety of horses! I want to say to everyone who has entered Good Luck! Congrats to E and S on turning 6!
Definitely go over and check it out and vote for your favorite while you are there!

Just look at some of these gorgeous horses that people have entered! I just couldn’t pick one! This is what breeding is all about! These amazing combinations!

If you have an Amaretto based event you would like me to mention on a future connection please contact me in world! I LOVE sharing all the great things our community does!
This is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding everyone!

Birthstones & Zodiacs! Oh My!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Today I am announcing some Birthstone Flower Horse, K-9 Zodiac, and Birthstone Bird awesomeness! Let’s start with our beloved Barnyard Birds, starting June 1st thru June 30th breed any two birds with the Pearl Beak and have a chance at the new June Pearl Bird! This breed DOES NOT have the ability to pass, but the all new eye DOES.

Now on to the K-9s. From June 1st thru June 30th when you breed any K-9 with the Gemini Pearl Eye with ANY color Boxer you will have a chance at getting the new Gemini Boxer! The coat DOES NOT have the ability to pass, but the all new eye and collar DOES.

Last and certainly not least the horses, from June 1st thru June 30th when you breed any horse with a Rose Pearl Eye to any color Sorrel you will have the chance at a Rose Pearl Sorrel! This beautiful coat DOES NOT have the ability to pass, but the all new eye DOES.

Happy June Breeding!!

Until next time….

LAST chance for Ponie Pal Beta!

Hey everyone guess what its a Terrific Tuesday and we are up to our necks in ponies!
I know a lot of you have been asking about how to get into the Ponie Beta Tester group. Well beta has been closed for over a month, however due to a few people leaving the group we are going accept 10 more Ponie Beta testers!!!

This is your LAST chance to get into Ponie Pal Beta! So how will we pick these 10 new beta testers?? Well in true Amaretto fashion we are going to make it random!!!

So here it how you enter:
Go to the main Ponie Pal sim located here:

Click the group joiner board and join the ~Amaretto Ponie Pals~ group and activate your tag!

Then click on the Ava’s Name Drawer! It will confirm in local chat like this:
[10:25] Ava’s Name Drawer: Your name has been successfully entered into the drawing!

If it says this: [10:25] Ava’s Name Drawer: Please activate the proper group to enter the drawing!

You must activate the ~Amaretto Ponie Pals~ group!!!

PLEASE DO NOT ENTER IF YOU ARE IN THE ~Amaretto Ranch~ Beta Testers GROUP!!!!

On May 31st at the end of the Ponie Pal Q & A we will chose the lucky 10 new beta testers! You do not have to be present to be chosen. If you have any questions please message Avalon Crystal! Happy Breeding everyone!

Protecting Yourself!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend!!!  Today I wanted to take some time to remind everyone how to protect yourself in Secondlife while breeding and selling your breedables.

A few things you can do to protect yourself and your breedables.

  • Don’t buy/sell breedables to avatars that are only one day old.
  • Always set prices of your breedables in your inventory or in a private area
  • When putting items out for auction be sure they are not set for sale before they are sold
  • Don’t buy breedables from random people iming you.
  • Always check the creator of the horse, K-9 or Barnyard Bird. It should always without exception be JJ Cerna for horses, Ancient Biscuit for K-9s and Mazelina Menna for Barnyard Birds.
  • NEVER I mean never buy a duplicated breedable or a breedables that you haven’t seen rezzed in Secondlife.

Amaretto cannot be there to help you at every breedable sale nor can we refund you if you buy a copybotted breedable or a duplicated breedable. You have to protect yourself against these people in Secondlife, if you do fall victim to one of these scams the best thing to do is file a abuse report them to Linden Lab.

There have been some issues with a griefer pretending to give out free stuff that if you wear it or give it debit permissions it will drain your Linden balance. I just wanted to give out a few tips about protecting yourself from these kinds of griefers and thieves.

1.) Always pay attention to who is giving you things. If you don’t know them don’t wear it… only rez it. If it asks you to give it debit permissions DECLINE IT!!!! Then delete it and purge it from your inventory.

2.) When dealing with Amaretto products they are no modify, no copy, no transfer. They can only be purchased from an Amaretto store and Marketplace or be given by one of the three Amaretto Business Avatars JJ Cerna, Ancient Biscuit, and Mazelina Menna. Any other avatar trying to give out Amaretto Products (other than animals of course) is a griefer or copybotter. Real Amaretto products will never ask for debt permissions!!!!

Also be sure to check out this blog by Josaphine on protecting yourself:

Please be responsible and protect yourself.  But you guys have to be proactive and protect yourself against such scams and report all scammers to Linden Lab with an abuse report. Last but not least always remember that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is!

I hope this helps you in protecting yourself and your investment while breeding Amaretto Ranch Breedables.

Until next time….



Costa Blanco!

Hello everyone its Thursday! That means we are only one day away from Friyay! So i thought it would really be cool if i searched high and low and found some really cool places to go ride and enjoy your horses!

Amaretto Horses are so lovely to look at and have at your ranch but why not go for a romantic horse ride with your special someone? Or how about a solo ride through the country side? I don’t think we take enough time to actually enjoy our horses beside what they are gonna drop us in 4 days time! LOL!

So this is the first place I came to was Costa Blanco!

Here is a little info on Costa Blanco
Costa Blanco is situated in the southernmost province of Sweden, and is connected by weather and theme with Bretagne in France. The island, surrounded by open ocean, is closed during the bleak winter months due to heavy snowfall and intense winds. In springtime people return, opening their small cottages for the sunny season. The lobby at the villa is open every day of the year and in all weather. The island is maintained by an old farmer who see to the animals, the fields and the fishing. Our receptionist Lola holds the keys to the empty cottages. Please feel free to use the cottages as you please. They are there for your pleasure. An amount that you can afford would be most gratefully received in the donation jar at the villa.

I believe the sim is owned by Gabrian Lascelles she is no way associated with Amaretto or our horses.

Remember riding your horses is practical too because it makes your horses happiness rise!

Take some time out of your day or night and grab a horse and go for a ride at this gorgeous sim! Until next time this is Ava over and out!

K-9s & Birds Love To Be Held!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I wanted to talk about an awesome feature available for the Amaretto K-9! The awesome feature is the holding animations!! Below I will go over briefly how to use this feature and I have also included pics of me using the large, normal, and tiny animations.

Instructions for Using the Holding Animations with The K-9.

  1. Please be sure to turn off animation and movement
  2. Pick up your K-9 and wear it from your inventory
  3. Then click the K-9 to get a blue drop down menu
  4.  Once the drop down menu comes up click the “holding” button
  5. The choose either large, normal, or tiny from the size menu
  6. The K-9 may need some adjusting

Instructions for Using the Holding Animations with The Barnyard Birds:

  1. Please be sure to turn off animation and movement
  2. Pick up your Barnyard Bird and wear it from your inventory
  3. When the blue drop down menu come up choose either Female Chick, Male Chick, or Adult.
  4. The Barnyard Bird may need some adjusting

So it’s time to cuddle and snuggle your K-9s and Birds until they’re nice and happy!

Until next time….




Hey you guuuyss its a terrific Tuesday here at Amaretto! I was over at the main store today and i realized that maybe you havent been there to check it out!
Well lets take a walk thru this huge log here and see what we find!

On the other side is the main Ponie Pal Store! Look! The stage has been set for our questions and answers session that is scheduled on May 31 st at 1 PM!!

I don’t know if you guys have had a chance to make it over here but it is truly charming! While you are over there check out the delicious consumables on the pink trays! Thats just a sneek peak into the Ponie Pal Products we will be releasing!

So tell all your friends and get those questions ready because we are very excited about the Ponie Pal release! That’s right Amaretto is bout that #PoNieLyfe