Down in the Dups?

Hey guys how is everyone today? I hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday! But if you are having a terrible Tuesday then this connection might be just for you!

I want to talk about that terrible D word that some of us have to deal with in Secondlife. Thats right Duplicate!

Have you ever had a Duplicated breedable, food, or consumable?
Ever wondered why?

Well lets talk about the Secondlife Asset Server, whats that?
Well it’s a database that tracks all Second Life objects in-world and in inventory. Overloaded asset servers can cause search, inventory, rez, teleport, and friends list failures.

So basically what can happen is you can have your breedable, food, or consumable not only in world but in your inventory too!

Since all of our breedables have been updated each breedable, food, or consumable have their own unique UUID. This is how they duplicate, but don’t worry I am going to make sure you all know how to correct this problem.

File a ticket! Yup you heard me right all you have to do is file a ticket to get it fixed.

If its a breedable a Staff member will ask you to send them the breedable in a folder with your ticket id and transaction history if you just purchased. They will send you back a working breedable, if you are showing as owner or have the proof of purchase!

For a duplicated food or consumable you will need to file a ticket with a slurl (location to the duplicated food or consumable) and also include your transaction history from your purchase from Amaretto! You will be sent a replacement food or consumable.

Amaretto understand how frustrating a duplicate can be so please stay calm and know that once you file a ticket we will get your issue resolved as soon as possible.

I am so excited to have the Ponie Q & A tomorrow. Happy breeding everyone and remember if your get a Duplicate don’t sweat it file a ticket! This is Ava over and out!


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