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Something always associated with domesticated horses is a brand. Horse owners have been using brands for centuries to identify their animals, and as a way to help prevent theft. Brands often include initials of the owners names or symbols designating their ranch or business.

Amaretto brands came about during the release of the 3.1 update. The first brands were boot, horseshoe, badge, ankh, skull, heart, hat, and wings. Those have since been put out to pasture but can still be passed from existing lines with them in the background. In June of 2014 Amaretto gave the exciting chance to have a breeder designed brand, when they hosted the Amaretto Country Fair as a fundraiser for Relay For Life. JonSnow2012 Resident created the very first color brand, the Rainbow Star

Since then we’ve had many more colorful brands including the Demon Rage created by Sera Renfew in 2015,

The Moonlight Serenade, from the All I Want For Christmas auction in 2017.

Brands have also come from gacha horses , like the Oopsy Poopsy brand, the Chuckle brand and Specs brand from the Gacha Emoji Edition horses.

Another user created branding from the second All I Want For Christmas Auction was the Dagger of Thrones.

What kind of branding would you like to see? I want a snake brand lol. Happy Breeding

Wrapping up the Holidays!

Today’s connection we will take a look at a nicely gift wrapped duck. On Dec 16, 2020 until January 1st, 2021 Amaretto released 2020 Holiday Edition Animals! This included the amazing X-mas Present Black Cayuga!! Who happens to have a Gift Wrap eye!!

The coat did NOT have the ability to pass however the Gift Wrap eye could pass and is the perfect way to wrap up those Christmas themed ducks.

The was a very special surprise hidden in the Holiday Edition Ducks, which was the all new Black Cayuga!!

So why not get out there today and wrap up a Black Cayuga today!!

Qualified Breedings for Jan!

Hello everyone! Hope your having a great day! I know many of you have been asking what will we breed for in the month of January? Well Im here to tell! You don’t have to wait any longer!

Marwari January 1st until January 31st anytime you breed a Marwari to an Marwari
you have the chance to get a very special surprise!
It only includes Marwari listed on this page:

As for K9s starting January 1st until January 31st anytime you breed a Standard Poodle to an Standard Poodle you have the chance to get a very special surprise!
It only includes Standard Poodles listed on this page:

This month we are back to Ducks! Starting January 1st until January 31st anytime you breed a Baikal Teal to an Baikal Teal you have the chance to get a very special surprise!
You can see the Baikal Teal on the wiki:

Last but not least the Ponies!
The whole month of January when you breed together any two Solid Ponies together you have the chance to get a very special surprise!
It only includes Solid listed on this page!

You have the whole month of January to try for this awesome surprise! Good luck everyone! This is Ava and out!

Another Year Coming to an End!

As this year slowly comes to an end, I thought it would be fun to take a look at a couple random drop eyes that came out, specifically in the Ponies. Amaretto has a way of surprising us in some amazing ways and the Happy New Years eyes that have come out as Random Drops on New Years Day are no exception.

Happy New Year 2018!

On the first of January 2018 Amaretto rang in the New Year by releasing a random drop eye! This eye was available for 24 hours on New Year Day. These eyes do pass so don’t worry, if you didn’t get one that day you still might be able to find them floating around out there.

Happy New Year 2019!

On the first of January 2019 Amaretto rang in the New Year by releasing a random drop eye! This eye was available for 24 hours on New Year Day. These great eyes do have the ability to pass.

You never know if a Random Drop will be released this year or not but whatever happens, stay safe out there while you welcome in 2022!!!

Merry Christmas to All!!

Merry Christmas to each and everyone of our wonderful breeders and families! I hope your Christmas is off to an amazing start!!

Today we are going to shine the spotlight on our Horses and the Sock trait. The Sock trait was introduced with the Limited Edition 2013 Valentine Horses that were on sale from February 7, 2013 through February 22, 2013.

On February 7, 2013 a twist to the Limited Edition 2013 Valentine Horses was announced. If you breed a Limited Edition 2013 Valentine Horses with a Limited Edition 2013 Valentine Horses you will have the ability to get a new trait called Socks.

From October 1, 2013 through October 9, 2013 the Limited Edition 2013 Fall Horses were on sale. By breeding these Limited Editions with any other horse you had the chance at getting 1 of 4 new Sock colors, Black, White, Green or Rainbow.

Spring Editions were available from March 20th, 2018 to Tuesday April 3, 2018! Hiding inside these Spring Editions was the Daisy & Plumeria Sock!

Please note that socks are an alternative to hoof traits so you may only have one or the other on a horse. A Null trait is an “Invisible trait”, a placeholder. These placeholders were implemented as a way to allow the breeder to have a maximum trait horse but still look the way they want it to look. The Sock trait CAN be passed on. For a closer look at socks check them out on the wiki at

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have a wonderful Christmas!

Merry Christmas & Happy Breeding!!

Was Rudolph a Girl?

The reindeer , also known as the caribou in North America, is a species of deer native to Arctic, subarctic, tundra, boreal, and mountainous regions of northern Europe, Siberia, and North America. This includes both sedentary and migratory populations. Herd size varies greatly in different geographic regions. The Taimyr herd of migrating Siberian tundra reindeer in Russia is the largest wild reindeer herd in the world, varying between 400,000 and 1,000,000. What was once the second largest herd is the migratory boreal woodland caribou George River herd in Canada, with former variations between 28,000 and 385,000.

Male and female reindeer can grow antlers annually, although the proportion of females that grow antlers varies greatly between population and season. Antlers are typically larger on males. In late autumn or early winter after the rut, male reindeer lose their antlers, growing a new pair the next summer with a larger rack than the previous year. Female reindeer keep their antlers until they calve. In the Scandinavian and Arctic Circle populations, old males’ antlers fall off in late December, young males’ fall off in the early spring and females’ fall off in the summer. In traditional Christmas legend, Santa Claus’s reindeer pull a sleigh through the night sky to help Santa Claus deliver gifts to good children on Christmas Eve. So based on the timing of when the male antlers fall off, is it possible that ALL of Santa’s reindeer are actually female? What about Rudolph? A possible answer…while most male reindeer shed their antlers before Christmastime, the antlers of castrated male reindeer fall off at a different time. So, Santa’s reindeer could be female or castrated males. Watches as the guys cringe a little LOL.

In 2010. the very first year of Amaretto Horses, they released the first Christmas LEs, which included the Reindeer Horse. These horses could be born with any combination of traits from version 1.3 and below. The coats and eyes on these could NOT pass.

These LEs proved so popular that in 2013 Amaretto brought them back in the 2010 Retro Limited Editions. For 24 hours starting December 20th Amaretto Retro Edition 2010 & 2011 Throwback Packs were sold. The Reindeer eyes on these COULD pass. What made these even more special were the hidden surprises they held. By breeding any of that year’s holiday horses (2012, Retro 2011 or Retro 2010) to each other you could unlock these hidden surprises, red, green, pink, or blue bridles.

Then in 2016, we got an actual reindeer!.The 2016 Christmas LEs included Santa’s Reindeer, which had the Reindeer Games eye!. The coat on this LE did not pass, but the eye COULD pass. They were also hiding something surprising, the Overo Berry coat!

These LEs are so unique, I bet there are still long time breeders out there holding onto them. Maybe if you have been good, you can see them pulling Santa’s sleigh. Merry Christmas and Happy Breeding!

2021 LE Designer Contest!

Hey everyone! Christmas is almost here! I had so much fun at the Christmas Party yesterday! If you were not able to attend im sad you missed it!

I did get to make a exciting announcement! In case you missed it here it is!

Its time for the LE Designer Contest! Thats right this is the 4th time we will be doing this contest and its brought us some great horses! Well get your creative juices flowing and get your design ready.

First we will take submissions, then we will vote in world on the top 5, and last we will have a poll online to pick the winner!

Once a winner is chosen Amaretto will release the winning design on a Limited Edition horse!

Here is where to submit your design and all the rules!

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Happy Breeding and Merry Almost Christmas! This is Ava over and out!

Mistletoe & Holly

‘Tis the Season for some Mistletoe and Holly. Where better to look than to Amaretto and a magnificent Show Horse from 2012/2013.

Beginning December 5, 2012 to January 4th, 2013 any bundle dropped from the breeding of any 2 Chimera Brindle horses had the chance at being an Chimera Brindle Show Horse.

Now the special thing about these horses is they gave the Mistletoe & Holly eye which could pass and can be used on any Christmas projects.

This amazing eye is the ideal present for anyone in your life who collects horse eyes. You never know when this will literally be the bow on the top of a fantastic present for the collector in your life.

Happy Holidays!!!

Merry Christmas from Amaretto!

Hey Amaretto Family! Well can you believe that 2021 is winding down and its almost Christmas Day!

What does Christmas mean to me? Well i found this poem that I think fits perfectly for how i feel!

Every time a hand reaches out
To help another….that is Christmas
Every time someone puts anger aside
And strives for understanding
That is Christmas
Every time people forget their differences
And realize their love for each other
That is Christmas
May this Christmas bring us
Closer to the spirit of human understanding
Closer to the blessing of peace!

In the spirit of Christmas and Gift Giving Amaretto has a gift for you!

A few things about these gifts:
**You must have been breeding Amaretto Horses, K-9s, Birds or Ponies as of Thursday, November 30th 2021 to receive the gifts from JJ Cerna (Horses), Ancient Biscuit (K-9s), Mazelina Menna (Birds) and PlayfulPonie Resident (Ponies).

Here are the locations to get your gift:

**Each Vendor has the name in the description for which animal it is for.

**You can only receive one gift from each vendor (if you have met the requirement stated)

**If you have any issues like, did not get the gift, or if it told you that you did not own the particular animal, please file a support ticket explaining and we will be glad to look into the issue for you

**These gifts will be available until Jan 4, 2021!

So from our family to yours Merry Christmas! We look forward to a New Year in 2022 and lots of exciting things coming from Amaretto!

Christmas Time!

Amaretto has always done something festive for all the animals but my completely unbias opinion is that the Ponie Pals have always been the most adorable. So let’s take a look at the amazing Christmas edition ponies that have come out.

2017 Christmas Edition

Amaretto celebrated the 2017 Holidays with 2017 Christmas Edition with these 2 amazing Ponies! The Coats on the 2017 Christmas Edition DO NOT pass, however the eyes on them DO have the ability to pass!

2018 Christmas Deluxe Edition

Amaretto celebrated the 2018 Holidays with 2018 Christmas Deluxe Editions with these 2 outstanding Ponies! The Style on the 2018 Christmas Edition DO NOT pass, however the eyes on these Ponies DO have the ability to pass!

2019 Christmas Deluxe Edition

Amaretto celebrated the 2019 Holidays with 2019 Christmas Deluxe Editions with these 2 fantastic Ponies! The Style on the 2019 Deluxe Edition Christmas Ponies DO NOT pass, but the eyes on these Ponies DO have the ability to pass!

2020 Holiday Edition

On Dec 16, 2020 until January 1st, 2021 Amaretto released 2020 Holiday Edition Animals! The Style on the 2020 Holiday Edition X-mas Present Pinto DOES NOT pass however, The Gold Snowflake Eye DOES have the ability to pass!

Christmas is just around the corner so why not add some of these eyes to your Ponie Pals today and see what you can come up with.