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Hello everyone I hope you are having a great start to your weekend and a fun Saturday!

Today the spotlight is shining on the K-9 Dipped Ear trait.

Dipped Ear is a trait that came out in version 2.0 update. You can change the color of your K-9s ears with this trait!

Dipped Ear Pink and Red was released from the 2016 Wild Love Edition K9s breeding 2 Wild Love Edition K-9s together you could get the new Dipped Ear Red or Pink!!!

On April 29, 2016 until May 13, 2016 Amaretto wanted to celebrate all our Mothers, with Happy Mother’s Day 2016 Special Edition K-9s! Any breeding of these K-9s gave you a chance at the new Dipped Ear Purple or Dipped Ear Teal!

On August 4th, 2016 until August 19th 2016 Amaretto celebrated Summer 2016 with 2016 Summer Edition – Hang Tens!Any breeding of these 2016 Summer Edition – Hang Ten gave you the ability to get a brand new Dipped Ear Gold or Dipped Ear Rainbow.

On November 24, 2016 Amaretto celebrated Thanksgiving with some random drop traits these traits included Dipped Ears Gravy and Dipped Ears Cranberry Sauce.

On Jan 27,2017 Amaretto celebrated ARU Graduates with this Dipped Ear A.R.U. that can pass from any 2017 A.R.U. Graduation Edition breeding!

On June 26, 2017 until July 19, 2017 Amaretto celebrated 4th of July with Celebrate Independence 2017 K-9s! You could get a new Dipped Ear Celebrate from any breeding of these Celebrate Independence 2017 K-9s!

On October 18th until October 31st Amaretto celebrated Halloween 2017 with 2017 Halloween Edition Arachnia K-9s! These K-9 were hiding 2 brand new Dipped Ears! Dipped Ear Bloody and Dipped Ear Toxic!

The Dipped Ear Maleficent is a user created trait created by SnookieAnne Heartsong! In honor of maleficent Farshore!

On February 14, 2018 Amaretto celebrated Valentines day with random drop Valentines traits! One of these traits was the Dipped Ear XOXO! You only had 24 hours on Valentines Day for your ponies to drop the Dipped Ear XOXO!

On September 12th, 2018 Amaretto celebrated fall with the release of Autumn Harvest Editions! These K-9s were hiding a brand new Dipped Ear Candy Corn!

On Jan.14,2019 Amaretto released its first ever Special Edition Stride Towards Freedom to honor and celebrate MLK! These K-9s were hiding the Dipped Ear Gold Glitter!

For a closer look at any of these dipped ears check them out on the wiki at This trait DOES have the ability to pass!

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have a terrific weekend & a great week ahead!

Happy Breeding!

Ponie Pal Supplies

What are all these strange things the Ponie Pals use? What do I need to keep my Ponie Pals happy and breeding? Well here is a basic rundown of their supplies.

Food is called Grub. The grub stat means hunger. It’s a nice, tasty sandwich that they eat every 96 minutes. If food (Grub) is not present their Grub stat will rise until it reaches 100% at which time they will get sick. This can take 5 days. One Grub consumable will last one ponie approximately 6 weeks.

A ponie’s happiness is called Bliss. They need at least 70% bliss to start gaining moxie at age 6. For that they need the Bliss Gummy Bear. One bliss gummy lasts one ponie about 6 weeks.

Energize Me is the zing stat booster. It will boost your ponie’s zing by 15%. Zing is the ponie’s energy

Moxie Sundae increases the ponie pal’s moxie by 10%. Moxie needs to be 100 for the ponies to breed. This Sundae can be used once in 24 hours on the ponie.

Rainbow Cake Surprise is like a cocktail, only for ponies. It boosts the ponie’s bliss and moxie by 10%, the zing by 15%, and the grub is decreased by 10%. You can use it once in 24 hours.

An important consumable to know about is the Ponie Noodle Soup. If your ponie goes without food for 5 days it will get sick. The only way to fix that is with Noodle Soup.

Last but not least is the Everlasting Ponie. This golden apple can only be used on vintage ponies, that is, ponies that have no more descendants left and say Vintage in their stats. After you’ve used this the ponie will say Pet instead of Vintage, and cannot be changed back. It will also not need grub or bliss gummies ever again.

Once these consumables have been used up they will disappear. You can find the info about these on the Ponie Pal wiki here

Supplies for the Ponies can be found here

Now you know how to keep your Ponie Pals happy, healthy, and breeding!

Alice and Queen of Hearts Saddles!

Hello everyone! Its a wonderful day here at Amaretto! I hope that everyone has had a good week as we are almost to FRIYAY!

I wanted to shine a spotlight on some saddles that are fairly new!
What saddles am I talking about?

Alice and Queen of Hearts! They are both dressage saddle that came from the 2021 Fairytale Edition Horses!

You can read all about them here:

I think these are cool because we don’t have as many Dressage Saddle options as we do racing.

These Saddles DO have the ability to pass!
I am excited to see what combos you will be placing these saddles on!

This is Ava over and out, happy breeding everyone!

Happy National Hot Fudge Sundae Day

Since it’s National Hot Fudge Sundae Day today maybe we should take a look at that yummy Hot Fudge Sundae Confection Coat for horses.

Now that your drooling over this wonderfully yummy looking horse, let’s look at how you get your own. Actually it just required a little luck and to be breeding together any of the following eyes:

It is completely random if you get one or which confection coat you get so that’s where the luck comes in, but why not try your hand at breeding for a Confection Coat today. Not only can you get the fantastic Hot Fudge Sundae but any of these:

Have a great Sundae!! 🙂


Hi everyone Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend is off to a fabulous start!

Today I want to shine the spotlight on the K-9 Tints! Did you know you can change the look of your K-9 by adding one of these awesome tints? Read all about them right here!

The Sunrise trait gives your K-9 a yellow tint. The sunrise trait comes from breeding “Starter Coats” together or 1 starter with any other K9.

The Sunset trait gives your K-9 an orange tint. The sunset trait comes from breeding “Starter Coats” together or 1 starter with any other K9.

The Rose trait gives your K-9 an Rose tint. The Rose trait comes from breeding two “Amaretto Special Edition K–9 Devotion Dalmatian” together.

The Mint trait gives your K-9 an Mint tint. The Mint trait comes from breeding two “Amaretto Special Edition K–9 Devotion Dalmatian” together.

The Lilac trait gives your K-9 an lilac tint. The Lilac trait comes from breeding two “Amaretto Special Edition K–9 Devotion Dalmatian” together.

The Periwinkle trait gives your K-9 an Periwinkle tint. The Periwinkle trait comes from breeding two “Amaretto Special Edition K–9 Devotion Dalmatian” together.

The Royal trait gives your K-9 an Royal tint. The Royal trait came with the 2.0 Dog Update.

The Cherry trait gives your K-9 an Cherry tint. The Cherry trait came with the 2.0 Dog Update.

The tint trait CAN be passed on!  So get your K-9 ready for a new look and add one of these awesome tints! For a closer look check them out on the wiki

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have a great weekend and an even better week ahead!

Happy Breeding!!!

Australian Birds?

Today lets check out the Australorp chicken. Funny name for a chicken you say? Well, the original stock used in the development of the Australorp was imported to Australia from England out of the Black Orpington yards of William Cook and Joseph Partington in the period from 1890 to the early 1900s with Rhode Island Red. Local breeders used this stock together with judicious out-crossings of Minorca, White Leghorn and Langshan blood to improve the utility features of the imported Orpingtons. There is even a report of some Plymouth Rock blood also being used. The emphasis of the early breeders was on utility features. At this time, the resulting birds were known as Australian Black Orpingtons (Austral-orp).

The Australorp has three recognised colours according to the Australian Poultry Standard: black, white and blue.

White Australorps have been recorded since 1949 but they were only recognised in the second edition of the Australian Poultry Standards in 2011. The Poultry Club South Africa recognises four further colours: buff, splash, wheaten laced and golden. Australorps were developed as a utility breed with a focus on egg laying and the breed is famous for laying more than 300 eggs, which are light brown in color.

When Amaretto came out with the 3.0 Barnyard Bird update, one of the new breeds was the Black Australorp! You could have a chance at one of the exciting Non-Starter Breed Birds by breeding any bird with a starter bird or by breeding together two starter birds.
The Black Australorp breed CAN be passed on. Obviously, they can’t lay 300 eggs, as the regular Amaretto bird only lays 12, but have fun breeding them anyway!

Coveted Cosmic!!!

Hey guys! Hows everyone doing today? Its a great dear here at Amaretto and we are hard at work on lots of new stuff!

I wanted to take a moment to look at some current stuff! I am talking about this months Coveted animals!

Starting July 1, 2021 at 12:01 AM until July 31, 2021 11:59 PM any time you breed the following qualifiers together you have the opportunity to get a awesome surprise!

You can read all about the qualifiers here:

Take a look at these amazing animals!

I love this one! Remember that this is the last Coveted that Amaretto is releasing at the moment! So keep your eyes out for the next Monthly Breeding!

This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding!

Suggestions are Welcome!

Hey guys its a terrific Tuesday! I love hearing ideas and suggestions from you guys! I do need to keep them organized so please consider using the methods below to drop a suggestion to Amaretto!

Have you ever had an idea pop into your head that you think would make a great design for an Amaretto Horse, K-9, Barnyard Bird/Duck or Ponie Pal? Perhaps, there is a topic you’d like to have more information about in a Connection?  If so, let me tell you how you can share those creative thoughts, ideas, and suggestions with us!

For design ideas, simply jot down the details on a notecard. Save the notecard and then drag and drop it into a suggestion box located at any Amaretto food store. Look for the big blue mailboxes!

You can find Amaretto store locations here:

Suggestions can, also, be submitted through the ticket system. Log into the Amaretto support website at, click on submit a ticket. From the Select a department page, choose any category and hit the Next button.

Then, on the next page, add your SL User Name, put your suggestion in the subject box and Submit!

All suggestions, from both the mailboxes and the ticket system, are reviewed by the owners and management on a daily basis. Please understand, though, that while we value your suggestions and design input, they may not all be used. However, a lot of the designs and traits do come from suggestions from our community members!

Amaretto loves hearing from you! Happy breeding everyone, stay safe, this is Ava over and out!

Ponie Demon Wings!

Hey everyone its a Manic Monday and Amaretto is at it again! We are always striving to work and create new fun things for your animals!

I was working on some wiki stuff today, btw if you know something missing from the wiki please send Avalon Crystal a note card and let me know.

However I was working on the ponie wiki today and I wanted to spotlight the Demon wings on the ponies!

I absolutely things these wings are AWESOME! Take a look!
There are currently 5 demon wings:





These wings do have the ability to pass!
You can check them out anything on our wki:

I hope that all of you have a great day and happy breeding! This is Ava over and out!

Duck Tail Color!!

What a fantastic random drop on the 4th of July this year. For 24 hours only Amaretto gave us some amazing 4th of July random drops. However, this connection will just focus on the new trait for ducks that popped out and that is the 7th trait for Ducks – Tail Color!!

These are amazing traits to use to start building a perfect Independence/Celebrate Duck. Now just imagine this trait on the user created breed: Freedom Reigns!

Have a great Sunday everyone!!!