Ponie Pal Supplies

What are all these strange things the Ponie Pals use? What do I need to keep my Ponie Pals happy and breeding? Well here is a basic rundown of their supplies.

Food is called Grub. The grub stat means hunger. It’s a nice, tasty sandwich that they eat every 96 minutes. If food (Grub) is not present their Grub stat will rise until it reaches 100% at which time they will get sick. This can take 5 days. One Grub consumable will last one ponie approximately 6 weeks.

A ponie’s happiness is called Bliss. They need at least 70% bliss to start gaining moxie at age 6. For that they need the Bliss Gummy Bear. One bliss gummy lasts one ponie about 6 weeks.

Energize Me is the zing stat booster. It will boost your ponie’s zing by 15%. Zing is the ponie’s energy

Moxie Sundae increases the ponie pal’s moxie by 10%. Moxie needs to be 100 for the ponies to breed. This Sundae can be used once in 24 hours on the ponie.

Rainbow Cake Surprise is like a cocktail, only for ponies. It boosts the ponie’s bliss and moxie by 10%, the zing by 15%, and the grub is decreased by 10%. You can use it once in 24 hours.

An important consumable to know about is the Ponie Noodle Soup. If your ponie goes without food for 5 days it will get sick. The only way to fix that is with Noodle Soup.

Last but not least is the Everlasting Ponie. This golden apple can only be used on vintage ponies, that is, ponies that have no more descendants left and say Vintage in their stats. After you’ve used this the ponie will say Pet instead of Vintage, and cannot be changed back. It will also not need grub or bliss gummies ever again.

Once these consumables have been used up they will disappear. You can find the info about these on the Ponie Pal wiki here


Supplies for the Ponies can be found here


Now you know how to keep your Ponie Pals happy, healthy, and breeding!


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