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Hungry Breedables!?#$@#

Hey guys its Ava! I hope everyone is enjoying this Terrific Tuesday! After talking with you guys at the community meeting i thought this connection would be a good one to post!

So with all the craziness that has been in sl the past couple of days I wanted to talk to you about sick Horses, K-9s, Barnyard Birds, and Ponies!

Ive seen a few people saying that their horses aren’t eating, I know there are several breedable market sims that have had known issues. I wanted to go over a few simple checks to make sure that all your settings are correct. I know some of you have been breeding Amaretto for years and know everything there is to know, but sometimes its only a setting that will keep your breedable from eating,

So here is Ava’s check list for a breedable that is not eating:

1. Are scripts turned on?
2. Is the food set to All, Owner Only, or Group?
3. Is the breedable set to to correct food breedable or pet?
4 Is the food within range?
5. Is my breedable frozen or duplicated?
6. Is my food duplicated? (check for a uuid in the description field of the food)
7. Did i rerezz the breedable?
8. Is my breedable up to date?

If you go thru all these questions and still can not figure out why your breedable is not eating you should go ahead and file a ticket to have a csr come out. I cant tell you how many times ive went to a breeders and its a simple setting that is keeping their breedable from eating! It can happen even to the seasoned breeder!

If your breedable is sick currently it will take 3 days for them to eat thier way out of sickness, unless you are talking about ponies, ponies must have ponie noodle soup once they have this poine is sick above their head!

So happy breeding and eating everyone!
This is Ava over and out!

Whats your Slurl?

Hello everyone its a Manic Monday here at Amaretto! Hope everyone is having a great day!

I have been in Secondlife for over 10 years, and its always good to learn how to do something new!

It occurred to me earlier today that we do have some community members that do not know how to make a slurl!

You may be asked for slurl when filing a ticket with Amaretto. Its important to give us the correct location so we can process your ticket in a timely manner!

SLurls and landmarks serve the same purpose. The main difference is that a SLurl is simply a text link, while a landmark is an inventory item type which can only be used inside of SL.

You can post a slurl in spam, in note card, or even an private message! If a Amaretto CSR ever answers your ticket with the reply please send me a slurl, I want you guys to be ready!

How to use and make SLurls
To use an existing SLurl:

Click this example SLurl.
On the page it takes you to, click Visit this location to open it in Second Life.

To make a new SLurl:

Move your avatar to where you want to create the SLurl.
Click the place name in the location bar (near the top of the Viewer window) to convert it to a SLurl. It’ll look like

Right-click and Copy the SLurl while it’s selected, or use Ctrl+V.

Paste the SLurl where you want it.

Alternatively, you can also use the WORLD MAP to get SLurls:

Select World menu > World Map.
Click Copy SLurl.

You can also enter another place on the map, then click Copy SLurl to get a remote SLurl.

Converting a landmark to a SLurl (and vice-versa)
To convert a landmark to a SLurl:

Select Me > Places.
Right-click a landmark and select Copy SLurl.
Paste the Slurl where you want it.
To convert a SLurl to a landmark:

Click or otherwise use the SLurl to get to its location.
Select World > Landmark This Place. The landmark is saved to your inventory.

So this is a great secondlife tip I use all the time! Hope this helps some of you guys that didnt know how to make a slurl.

Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

Graduation Ponies!!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week-end so far. Since there is an A.R.U. Graduation approaching in later July (no date is known yet), let’s take a little look at those adorable Graduation Ponies.

So far there have been two Graduation Ponies released. The coats and eyes do pass on these adorable little ones but the original that only the Graduates get has a little something extra. So let’s hop right in.

2018 A.R.U. Commencement

On March 9, 2018, Amaretto held it’s 8th Graduation, but this was the first Ponie Pal. These were only available to the 2018 Graduates. However, the eyes and a version of the coat DID pass.

Although the 2018 Deluxe Edition A.R.U. Commencement did NOT pass, the coat that came from these Ponie Pals was the 2018 A.R.U. Commencement and could pass.

2019 A.R.U. Graduation Edition

On August 7th, 2019, the Amaretto 9th Graduation was held. The original graduation edition had a little surprise in them, but the original was only available to Graduates. The eyes did have the ability to PASS.

The 2019 A.R.U. Graduation did have the ability to pass.

There will be a 2020 Graduation coming up soon, what will those Ponie Pals look like? We have to wait and see.

Have a fantastic relaxing week-end.

Duck Bill Colors!!

Happy Saturday everyone hope your weekend is off to a great start! Can you believe this is the last Saturday in June and we will be in July next week!!

Today the spotlight is shining on the Bill Color trait for our Barnyard Birds!

Duck Bill Color traits were released hidden inside of starter ducks on October 8, 2018 with the release of version 1.0! The Duck Bill Color trait comes from breeding “Starter breed” together or one starter with any other Duck.

On Jan.14, 2019 Amaretto released its first ever Collectors Edition Stride Towards Freedom to honor and celebrate MLK! These ducks were hiding the Gold Glitter Bill!

On a rare occasion Amaretto has sold create your own items. One of the items up for auction was Create your own Duck Bill the winner was 0000troublemaker0000 Resident. After collaborating with Amaretto Artists the Freedom Reigns Bill was released!

On February 13,2020 Amaretto released 2020 Gacha Editions they were available at the main Store you will find these new gachas were hiding Bloodlust, Beachy, and Neon Twilight Bill Colors!

On August 11, 2020 until August 25th, 2020 Amaretto released the 2020 Deep Sea Editions! These ducks were hiding the Aqua Bill Color!

On October 17th until November 2nd 2020 Halloween Enchanter Animals! These ducks were hiding the Mottled Orange and Grape Bill Color!

On a rare occasion Amaretto has sold create your own items. One of the items up for auction was Create your own Duck Bill the winner was Zev Luv. After collaborating with Amaretto Artists the Maleficent Bill was released!

For a closer look at any of these amazing Duck Bills check them out on the wiki at So many possibilites for your projects with this colorful trait and can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Until next time this is Snookie hoping the rest of your weekend is as amazing as you and that you have a great week ahead!


What’s The Version?

Yesterday Amaretto announced the last Unique Breeding for Coveted, but hey you never know what’s coming up in next.! One thing I would like to remind you all of, so you don’t waste a single precious breeding, is to Update Those Breedables! With the announcement, I know some people will be pulling out some old bundles/kennels/baskets/nests from their inventories. I know I found 2 Chimeras that were 3.2 version. So do not forget to update all dogs, horses, chickens and ponie pals to current versions BEFORE they breed.

Horses–version 6.03
Dogs–version 3.01
Ponie Pals–version 2.0
Chickens–version 3.0
Ducks–version 1.1 (not included in July Coveted breeding but I know there are quacker breeders out there)

Remember, if they aren’t updated to current version before breeding, its too late for that breeding. You will get a drop that says Bad Data-No Parents, which won’t be viable and can’t be fixed. Updating after that however will bypass the recovery period for that one breeding.

All updaters are for the current version in the food stores and are available for free at any Amaretto store that carries the food for that breedable. Remember, an updated breedable makes a happy breeder. Good luck.

July Qualifiers!

Good morning everyone! I know you guys have been waiting and wondering what could the month of July Qualifiers be? Well I wont make you wait any longer! Here they are!

Starting July 1, 2021 at 12:01 AM until July 31, 2021 11:59 PM any time you breed the following qualifiers together you have the opportunity to get a awesome surprise!

The qualifiers are one parent must have a Sun Branding and the other must be one of the following coats:

Mystique Rainbow Quartz
Black/Platinum Chimera Brindle
Grey Amaretto Saddlebred
Blue Roan

Qualifiers are one parent must have a Dipped Tail Red and the other must be one of the following coats:

Mystique Rainbow Quartz
Fawn Brindle Boston Terrier
Brindle English Bull Terrier

Barnyard Birds:
Qualifiers for the birds one parent must have a Granite Beak and the other must be one of the following:

White Laced Red Cornish
Silver Spangled Hamburg

Lets not forget these little guys the Ponie qualifiers for April are one parent must have Prism Wings and the other must be one of the following:

Painted Abyss
Masquerade in Teal
Lavender Bandit

I also have an important announcement! The month of July will be the last month for the Coveted Circlet breedings! Thats right Amaretto is ready to do something new! What will it be? Well I can not tell you that just yet. We will NOT be having a Unique Breeding for the month August. We will have a new Unique Breeding set starting in September! So this is your last chance to get a Coveted! Don’t miss out and try for the month of July!

This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!

Who is who at Amaretto!

Happy Tuesday everybody! Hope you are all happy and healthy!
I thought today I would take some time out to clear up some confusion, about who actually works for Amaretto.
Today I am going to give you a complete list of the people that work for Amaretto.

Josaphine Cooperstone

Avalon Crystal

Tmzasz Luminos
Lexxure Lock

Design Team
Chronic Stoneage
Nashville Cortes
Sharim Nova

Creators of Animals
JJ Cerna Amaretto Horses
Ancient Biscuit Amaretto K9s
Mazelina Menna Amaretto Barnyard Birds
PlayfulPonie Amaretto Ponie Pals

All the people that you see listed here are the ones that are working hard behind the scenes to bring you one of the best breedables in secondlife. We do have breeders that work with us such as our Moderators and ARU Faculty.
Anyone who is interested in becoming a moderator or an ARU teacher can apply just send Avalon Crystal a notecard!

We are so grateful to our community and will continue to work hard and maintain a enjoyable breedable experience for everyone! Happy breding guys, this is Ava over and out!

Whats wrong with my Bundle?

Hey everyone! Hope your having a great Monday! Well as always we are here at the ranch hard at work!
I wanted to take some time out and talk to you about your horses bundles!

Ive been seeing more tickets about bundles not working and thought I could talk to you guys about the different kind of bundle issues you may be having.

    If your bundle says this means your horse tried to drop a second bundle after it already had 1 good viable bundle.
    if you had a viable bundle (Good)
    You can delete all the extras no need to file a ticket. MOTHER_HAD_SECOND_BUNDLE_IN_THREE_DAYS
    The mother of the bundle has only 1 viable bundle there are no twins.
    If you don’t have the first bundle its time to file a ticke, be sure to take note of the mother of this bundle without the mothers information we can not resolve this issue. (this is usually due to sim issues)
    Uh oh! These bundles are not able to be fixed because they are not viable!
    HORSES MUST BE UPDATED TO V 6.03 TO FUNCTION PROPERLY! Hello, as stated with the release of Version v6.03, beginning Jan 1, 2020 ALL versions that are not the most current version will no longer produce viable offspring. Meaning any bundle produced by all versions that are not the most current version will have the text EXPIRED_BREEDING or BAD_DATA_NO_PARENTS and will not birth. If you receive a bundle like this it cannot be fixed. Please update your horses to the most current version, You can read all about version 6.03 here:
    This means that your bundle is duplicated! Do NOT try to birth it. To fix this bundle you will have to file a ticket!
    If your bundle says birthing in the description field, this means something went wrong when you were attempting to birth this bundle. The only way to fix this issue is to file a ticket! You will be required to send this bundle in for repair, this can happen for a few different reasons but usually because of inworld issues.

Anytime you have any of these issues arise DO NOT try and birth the bundle as it will result in a white horse and you might lose valuable information that will help you recover the bundle.

When in doubt file a ticket! We are always here working everyday on ticket and to resolve your issues.
Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

Happy Father’s Day!!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s out there! Hope you are having an extra special day today.

Amaretto has released three Father’s Day Limited Edition horses. Each one of them dedicated to the fathers in our lives. So let’s go spring on over and look at these magnificent horses.

2012 Limited Edition Rustic Timber Horse

From June 13th – June 16th, 2012 these could be purchased from Amaretto and could come with Normal, Long, Upright, Upright Long, and Braided Manes.

The coats did NOT have the ability to pass but the eyes could pass.

Happy Father’s Day 2016 Limited Edition

In 2016 Amaretto wanted to play a little baseball with everyone and released these really amazing Father’s Day LEs.

Again the coat DID NOT pass but you did have a chance at these amazing eyes. Unlike the K-9s who have a whole set of sports eyes, this is the only sports related eye out there for the horses. So why not add this to your collection.

2019 Fathers Day Edition

In 2019, Amaretto “wrangled” up some festive horses to celebrate Father’s Day and brought out these great cowboy inspired horses.

The amazing thing about these is they brought with them a brand new trait!! Reins were so requested, that Amaretto had to travel to the west and bring them into Second Life. The Eye of this amazing horse also did have the ability to pass.

So why not go out there today and make your Father’s Day horse using any of the fantastic traits from these horses and others to create that special dedication to your Father today.


It’s all about the Elements!!

Hello everyone hope you are having an awesome Saturday and that your weekend is off to a great start! Today the spotlight is shining on the amazing Element Eyes & Elemental Horses!

First let’s take a look at these eyes! The Element Eyes are one set of many exciting possible Non-Starter eyes that can come from breeding Starter Coats.

For a closer look at any of these eyes check them out on the wiki at

Amaretto is great for occasionally tossing in a few twists and turns. It was definitely a twist when Amaretto added the Elemental Horses!

The Elemental Horses can be randomly birthed by breeding together any two horses that have Element Eyes.

Elemental Horses can NOT pass their coat.  However breeding an Elemental Horse with another Elemental Horse or with any other horse with Element Eyes you will slightly increase your chance for another Elemental Horse.

For a closer look at any of these beauties check them out on the wiki at

Until next time this is Snookie hoping your weekend is awesome and you have a great week ahead!

Happy Breeding!!