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Ponie Oasis Perfection!!

Happy Monday everyone! Today I wanted to take a moment to cover Ponie Oasis with you all! As most of you know, Amaretto Ranch Breedables offers a unique point system for ponies that you no longer wish to keep. Basically all your Ponie Pals have a point value in Ponie Oasis. You have to confirm to send a Ponie to Oasis, therefore it cannot be reversed. So make very sure this is something you really want to do. Even if it’s done by mistake it cannot be undone. So please be careful!

The Ponie Oasis Ponie Points Reward system will Reward you for your Ponies in the following way:
Starter Style = 100 Ponie Points
Hidden Style = 200 Ponie Points
Starter Eye = 100 Ponie Points
Hidden Eye = 200 Ponie Points
Starter Mane = 100 Ponie Points
Hidden Mane = 200 Ponie Points
Starter Tail = 100 Ponie Points
Hidden Tail = 200 Ponie Points
Every Generation lost = 100 Ponie Points

All of our Amaretto Ponie Pals Stores have Ponie Oasis vendors located in them. You can check how many points you have by clicking on the red Balance Inquiry button on the bottom right hand corner of the vendor board and it will display something in local that looks like this

[13:31] Ponie Oasis Vendor 1.0: You have 600 Ponie Points available

Here we have the costs in Ponie Points for the items currently available from the vendor:
Amaretto Ponie Pals Ponie Noodle Soup 10,000 Ponie Points
Amaretto Ponie Pal Rainbow Cake Surprise 12,000 Ponie Points
Amaretto Ponie Pal Moxie Sundae 10,000 Ponie Points
Amaretto Ponie Pal Energize Me 6,000 Ponie Points

If you wish to purchase any of these products you simply click on the board or box and you will receive a drop down menu asking you to confirm your purchase and the point cost. Once you confirm this purchase your order will be sent to you in world within moments.

I hope this helps you all better understand the Ponie Oasis! Happy Ponie breeding!

Until next time……

The Amaretto Community Website

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to take a look at The Amaretto Community site today which has had a re-design!

The Amaretto Community website is not an official Amaretto website but it’s ran by myself and Bazza for anyone in the community to use.

There are often times in the Amaretto groups when people ask if there are any auctions going on and while the groups are not the place to be asking that, this website has an extensive schedule of Auctions for Amaretto breedables and consists of both Official Amaretto Marketplaces & other marketplaces you can visit. We also aim to add most of the auction locations as separate pages so people can view the markets directly on the site. Click here to view the auction schedule:

We redesigned the website to give users more tools for community related activities and Bazza usually tries to add any new traits that drop so people have quick access to see pictures of them.

These tools include groups, a community feed (viewed here:, and forums for you guys to post in.

We also added links to all the Amaretto wiki, ticket and store location pages so you guys have super fast access to all that in 1 place!

Have a great day everyone.

Hugs Marku <3

Dipped Ears!!

Hi everyone hope you are all having a stupendous Saturday!!  Today let’s have a look at those K-9 dipped ears!

Dipped Ear is a trait that came out in version 2.0 update. You can change the color of your K-9s ears with this trait!


  • Dipped Ear Black
  • Dipped Ear Silver
  • Dipped Ear Brown
  • Dipped Ear White
  • Dipped Ear Red
  • Dipped Ear Pink
  • Dipped Ear Purple
  • Dipped Ear Teal
  • Dipped Ear Rainbow
  • Dipped Ear Gold
  • Dipped Ear Cranberry Sauce
  • Dipped Ear Gravy
  • Dipped Ear A.R.U.
  • Dipped Ear Celebrate
  • Dipped Ear Bloody
  • Dipped Ear Toxic
  • Dipped Ear Desire
  • Dipped Ear Heavenly Honor
  • Dipped Ear XOXO

Dipped Ear Pink and Red was released from the 2016 Wild Love Edition K9s breeding 2 Wild Love Edition K-9s together you could get the new Dipped Ear Red or Pink!!!

On April 29, 2016 until May 13, 2016 Amaretto wanted to celebrate all our Mothers, with Happy Mother’s Day 2016 Special Edition K-9s! Any breeding of these K-9s gave you a chance at the new Dipped Ear Purple or Dipped Ear Teal!

On August 4th, 2016 until August 19th 2016 Amaretto celebrated Summer 2016 with 2016 Summer Edition – Hang Tens!Any breeding of these 2016 Summer Edition – Hang Ten gave you the ability to get a brand new Dipped Ear Gold or Dipped Ear.

On November 24, 2016 Amaretto celebrated Thanksgiving with some random drop traits these traits included Dipped Ears Gravy and Dipped Ears Cranberry Sauce.

On Jan 27,2017 Amaretto celebrated ARU Graduates with this Dipped Ear A.R.U. that can pass from any 2017 A.R.U. Graduation Edition breeding!

On June 26, 2017 until July 19, 2017 Amaretto celebrated 4th of July with Celebrate Independence 2017 K-9s! You could get a new Dipped Ear Celebrate from any breeding of these Celebrate Independence 2017 K-9s!

On October 18th until October 31st Amaretto celebrated Halloween 2017 with 2017 Halloween Edition Arachnia K-9s! These K-9 were hiding 2 brand new Dipped Ears! Dipped Ear Bloody and Dipped Ear Toxic!

On February 14, 2018 Amaretto celebrated Valentines day with random drop Valentines traits! One of these traits was the Dipped Ear XOXO! You only had 24 hours on Valentines Day for your ponies to drop the Dipped Ear XOXO!

This trait DOES have the ability to pass!

So let’s get dipping and have some fun with our K-9’s!!

Until next time this is Snookie saying have a great weekend and Happy Breeding!!

Guess whats coming in June!

Hey guys how is everyone? I hope everyone is having an amazing Friyay! I know we here at Amaretto have been working in full force to bring you some amazing new stuff!

Everyone has been asking and you guys have been very patient to I wanted to take a moment to spill the beans!

Thats right im going to announce the new monthly breedings!! Now let me just look over my notes here…………………. I am glad to announce that the new monthly breeding will be cross breeding! Breed your k9 to your bird or your horse to your ponie……….. oh wait thats not right!

Just kidding the next set of monthly horses will be…..drum roll………..want me to spit it out already?
Guess what is making a return to Amaretto?!
The Show Horse!!!!!!

Starting June 1st if you breed any two Rabicano together you have a chance at getting a Rabicano Showhorse! The show horses like in the past will not have the ability to pass their coats but will have the ability to pass their eye!

To switch it up a little for the K-9s, Birds, and Ponies we have some special pairings that will give you the chance at getting an Elemental!
Also K-9s, Birds, and Ponies will have 2 months to breed for these special Elemental Coats!

From June 1st to July 31st if you breed any Great Dane with a Clover Splashed Great Dane you will have the chance to get the first ever Earth Elemental K-9!

From June 1st to July 31st if you breed any Malachite Beak with a Clover Favorelles you will have the chance to get the first ever Earth Elemental Barnyard Bird!!


From June 1st to July 31st if you breed any ponie with a Pickle Horn to a Masquerade in Clover you will have the chance to get the first ever Earth Elemental Ponie Pal!!

The Elemental Coats on all three of these animals will not have the ability to pass but their eyes will!

Whew! It felt good to get that off my chest! For those of you who only read the last line of this connections special breedings for all 4 animals will start on June 1!! So you have a month to get ready and prepare!! Happy breeding everyone!

Springtime Display Contest Winners Are…

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday to you all! Today was the judging for the 2018 Springtime Breedables Costume Display contest! The 12 displays we had were absolutely amazing! All of the participants spent a lot of time and effort creating their displays and it is now time to announce the winners!!!

In first place we have a beautiful displays displaying the beauty of Spring! This display was a team project by Jαĸe Ned Sтαrĸ (jakeandrew5212) and Sαѕѕy Cαтelyɴ Sтαrĸ (shaz.bashly)! Congratulations to you both!!

And in second place we have another gorgeous display by Bεllმʂհἶʂհἶ ᵀᴹ (Bellashishi). This display is amazing and whimsical! Congrats!!

And in third place we have Anaconda Carter with such a sweet display showing how Spring brings new life! Congrats to you!

Congratulations to all of our winners!! Take a look below at all of the other beautiful displays!


Salome Breil

ℒogi 乃lood尺ayne Дrizona (logan.weder)

Mᴀʀᴋᴜ Mɪꜱғɪᴛ (markus.margulis)

Lamia Starspear

Jąąҡųŋą ĸօռεĸօ (silladaimon)

Snookie Anne (snookiegirl)

Zev Luv

Ťατγ ßειℓℓαηε (taty74)

亗 Harold 亗 (valex.susanowa)


Congrats again to our winners and thank you to all who participated and voted!!

Happy breeding! Until next time…

50 Amazing and Strange Astronomy Facts

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

This year, to celebrate Astronomy Day (which by the way was April 21, 2018), Amaretto created some awesome Astronomy Day Edition breedables. They are available for sale through Tuesday, May 1st. You can read more about them here:

As part of that celebration, here are 50 amazing and strange Astronomy facts to entertain your brain!

  1. Saturn would float if you would put it in water.
  2. If you would place a pinhead sized piece of the Sun on the Earth you would die from standing within 145 km (90 miles) from it.
  3. Space is not a complete vacuum, there are about 3 atoms per cubic meter of space.
  4. Only 5% of the universe is made up of normal matter, 25% is dark matter and 70% is dark energy.
  5. Neutron stars are so dense that a teaspoon of them would be equal to the weight of the entire Earth’s population.
  6. The Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon but is 400 times further away from Earth making them appear the same size.
  7. The star Lucy in the constellation Centaurus is a huge cosmic diamond of 10 billion trillion trillion carats.
  8. Seasons last 21 years on Uranus while each pole has 42 years of sunlight followed by 42 years of darkness.
  9. Venus,on the other hand, does not have any seasons at all.
  10. 1 year on Mercury consists of less than 2 days on Mercury.
  11. There are as many oxygen atoms in a breath as breaths of air in the atmosphere.
  12. Helium is the only substance in the universe that cannot be in solid form.It can’t be cold enough.
  13. The coldest place in the universe is on Earth. In Wolfgang Ketterles lab in Massachusetts. 0.000000000001 degrees Kelvin.
  14. The pistol star is the most luminous star known 10 million times the brightness of the Sun.
  15. Saturn’s moon Titan has liquid oceans of natural gas.
  16. All the planets are the same age: 4.544 billion years.
  17. Earths moon was most likely formed after an early planet named Theia crashed into Earth.
  18. 8000 stars are visible with naked eye from Earth. 4000 in each hemisphere, 2000 at daylight and 2000 at night.
  19. 90-99% of all normal matter in the universe is hydrogen.
  20. Only 55% of all Americans knows that the Sun is a star.
  21. Because of the speed the Sun moves at, solar eclipses can last at most 7 minutes and 58 seconds.
  22. Lunar eclipses, however, can last 1 hour and 40 minutes.
  23. All the coal, oil, gas, wood and fuel on Earth would only keep the Sun burning for few days.
  24. A full moon is nine times brighter than a half moon.
  25. When the Moon is directly above your head or if you stand at the equator, you weight slightly less.
  26. A single Quasar produce the same amount of energy as 1 trillion suns.
  27. Just after the Big Bang, everything in the universe was in liquid form.
  28. A planet nicknamed “The Genesis Planet” has been found to be 12.7 billion years old making it the oldest planet found.
  29. The shape of the universe looks a lot like a brain cell.
  30. Every year, the Moon is moving away from Earth by 3.8 centimeters.
  31. The Moon spins around its axis in the same time it goes one lap around the Earth which makes us always see the same side of it.
  32. Upsilon Andromeda B also only face one side to its star. One side is hot as lava while the other one is cold below freezing.
  33. The average galaxy contains “only” 40 billion stars.
  34. While in space astronomers can get taller, but at the same time their hearts can get smaller.
  35. Mars surface is cowered with iron oxide (rust).
  36. Only half a billionth of the energy released by the Sun reaches Earth.
  37. Rogue planets are not bound by any star, brown dwarf or another planet which makes them free-float around the galaxy.
  38. Sweeps 10 is the planet with the shortest orbital period found. It orbits its star in only 10 hours.
  39. 85% of all stars in our galaxy are part of multiple-star systems.
  40. Some brown dwarfs have liquid iron rain falling down on them.
  41. The light emitting from the Sun is actually 30,000 years old.
  42. Of the over 20 million meteors that are observable every day only one or two reach the surface of Earth.
  43. The United States have approximately 3,500 astronomers, but over 15,000 astrologers.
  44. The closest black hole to Earth is only 1,600 light-years away.
  45. There are at least 1024  (10 to the 24th power ) stars in the universe.
  46. Certain “star quakes” have been found to tear apart the surface of neutron stars.
  47. Any free-moving liquid in outer space will form itself into a sphere due to surface tension.
  48. The odds of being killed by falling space debris is 1 in 5 billion.
  49. Neutron stars can rotate up to 500 times in 1 second.
  50. The largest structure found in the universe is the Sloan Great Wall, a super cluster of galaxies 1.37 billion light-years wide.

Don’t delay, get your Astronomy Day editions today!

Until next time…HAPPY BREEDING!


Smart breeding with Ava!

Hey guys it’s a terrific Tuesday, I hope everyones week is going great! I wanted to take some time out to talk to you guys about something that i think maybe some breeders might not know.

I am often asked is there a trick or a secret to breeding what you want? I always tell everyone there is no trick or secret but there is something I like to call smart breeding!

If you been to one of my auctions before you have heard the term I use called smart breeding.
Let me break it down for you just incase you don’t know what I am talking about.

Smart breeding is what you do to increase your chances at getting something special. Still don’t get it?

Well let me give you an example:
I have 5 horse breeding together 1 male horse and 4 females horses these horses are all siblings, so that means i could get an albino.

These horses all have a dazzle eye so I could possibly get a Dazzle horse as well!

See its a 2 chances in 1 breeding! Smart Breeding!

You could even make it a triple threat for example one of these siblings is a Shetland, so now we could get a Shetland Albino, reg Albino, or a Dazzle Horse!

There are many different combinations that you can use to smart breed:
Galaxy Eyes
Element Eyes
Dazzle Eyes
Confection Eyes
Reptile Eyes

So take a look at your herd and see where you may be able to implement a smart breeding plan! This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!

Puppy Paradise Fun!

Happy Monday everyone! Today I wanted to take a moment to cover a Puppy Paradise for the Amaretto K-9. Do you have a k-9 or kennel that you would like to send to Puppy Paradise? It is really simple to send your k-9 to Puppy Paradise, and you receive kennel cash back that you can use to buy some really awesome stuff!

Here is how you send your K-9 or kennel to Puppy Paradise.

Just click on any K-9/Kennel that you own, click on settings, then on Puppy Paradise and then confirm sending your K-9/Kennel to Puppy Paradise. Before you do that though you will see the point value of that K-9/ Kennel and a little notice that once a K-9 has been sent to Puppy Paradise it cannot be reversed.

***** WARNING******

You have to accept to send a K-9/Kennel to Puppy Paradise, therefore it cannot be reversed. So please make very sure this is something you really want to do. Even if it’s done by mistake it cannot be undone. So please be careful!

Below is a chart that shows the amount of Kennel cash you get for the ages of the K-9

0-10= 100 Kennel Cash
11-20=200 Kennel Cash
21-30=300 Kennel Cash
31-40=400 Kennel Cash
41-50=500 Kennel Cash
51-60=600 Kennel Cash
61-70=700 Kennel Cash
71-80=800 Kennel Cash
81-90=900 Kennel Cash
91-100=1000 Kennel Cash
101-110=1100 Kennel Cash
111-119=1200 Kennel Cash
120-125=1300 Kennel Cash
126 and older (Retired K-9s): 1400 Kennel Cash

You also get kennel cash for the following traits on each K-9 or Kennel

non-starter coats 100
non-starter eyes 100
Sheen (high or low) 100
Sheen Null 100
Radiance (high or low) 100
Radiance Null 100
non-starter ear 100
non-starter size 100
non-starter collar 100
Tint (Sunrise or Sunset) 100
Sunrise Null or Sunset Null 100
non-starter tail 100
non-starter nose 100
Gloom 100
Paw Polish 100

Now that we have some cash in our pockets, Lets go and buy some of the awesome things from the Puppy Paradise vendor!! You can find the Puppy Paradise vendor at any K-9 store location.

Paradise Puppy Dalmatian 250,000
Fu K-9s 250,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Pet Kibble & Water/Four Pack (Box) 16,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Mega Woof Vitamins Single (Box) 10,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Puppy Love Pill Single (Box) 8,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Vaccination Single (Box) 6,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Zing (K-9 Cola) Single (Box) 4,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Rawhide Lollipop Single (Box) 4,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Treats Five (Box) 4,000

If you wish to purchase an item, all you do is click on the board and you will receive a drop down menu asking you to confirm your purchase and the point cost. Once you confirm this purchase your order will be sent to you in world!!

Have a great week and Happy Breeding!!

Until next time…

Bird Sanctuary

Happy Sunday Funday Everyone!,

Bird Sanctuary is an awesome way to send those unwanted or unneeded Barnyard Birds off to a special place and in return you can earn Henny Pennies. Below I will show you how much Henny Pennies you can earn and ways you can use Henny Pennies for some awesome Barnyard Bird products. You can find a Bird Sanctuary Vendor at any Amaretto Ranch Barnyard Bird store locations.

The Bird Sanctuary Henny Pennies Reward system will reward you for your Barnyard Birds in the following way:

  • Starter breed = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Hidden breed = 200 Henny Pennies
  • Starter eye = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Hidden eye = 200 Henny Pennies
  • Beak Color = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Beak Design = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Beak Flaw = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Leg Color = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Hidden classes = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Every cycle lost = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Shade = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Glaze = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Brilliance = 100 Henny Pennies

Here we have the costs in Henny Pennies for the items currently available from the vendor:

  • Barnyard Bird Flu Shot Single (Boxed) 8,000 Henny Pennies
  • Pet Pellets Six (Boxed) 18,000 Henny Pennies
  • Poultry Glow Single (Boxed) 1,0000 Henny Pennies
  • High Potency Seeds Single (Boxed) 8,000 Henny Pennies
  • Barnyard Birds Vivacity Corn Single (Boxed) 4,000 Henny Pennies
  • Hen Booster Pack Single (Boxed) 75,000 Henny Pennies
  • Rooster Booster Pack Single (Boxed) 75,000 Henny Pennies
  • Amaretto Sanctuary Bird – Wind it Up Nest Hen (Boxed) 75,000 Henny Pennies
  • Amaretto Sanctuary Bird – Wind it Up Nest Rooster (Boxed)75,000 Henny Pennies

So get saving those Henny Pennies and grab yourself some awesome Barnyard Bird products.

Have a great day everyone!

Have your K-9s make a fashion statement!!

Hello all and happy Saturday!! Today let’s talk about having our K-9s make a fashion statement! Let’s match them up with some Paw Warmers!!

Paw Warmers is a trait that came out hidden in the 2015 Halloween Special Edition K-9s.

You can put these cute paw warmers on your k9. This trait does take the place of Paw Polish

On November 27th, Amaretto celebrated Thanksgiving with a few special random drop Paw Warmer Thanksgiving 2015 that were available for 24 hours on any kennel that was dropped.

The Peppermint and Spearmint Paw Warmers came from any breeding of 2015 Holiday Edition K-9s.

On April 8, 2016 until April 22, 2016 Amaretto sold the 2016 Spring Edition Animals!!! You could get a chance at the new Rose, Mango, Electric, and Seaspray Paw Warmer from any breeding of these Spring Edition K-9s!

On October 21, 2016 to November 4, 2016 Amaretto sold the 2016 Halloween Edition Whinny the Puppet! You could get a chance at the new Paw Warmer Candy Corn or Paw Warmer Spiderweb from any breeding of these 2016 Halloween Edition Whinny the Puppet k-9s!

On February 2, 2017 Amaretto celebrated Valentines day with Valentine’s Edition Animals available at any Amaretto Location. From any breeding of these Valentines Edition K-9s you could get new Paw Warmer Red Heart and Purple Heart!

On April 14th, 2017 to April 28th, 2017 Amaretto celebrated 420 with the release of the 2017 Limited Edition “420” Pug! You could get a chance at the new Paw Warmer Chronic from any breeding of the 2017 Limited Edition “420” Pug!

On February 8,2018 Amaretto celebrate Mardi Gra with 2018 Mardi Gras Krewe of Amaretto K-9s! You could get the Paw Warmer Mardi Gras from any breeding of ther 2018 Mardi Gras Krewe of Amaretto Horses!


  • Paw Warmer Black
  • Paw Warmer Orange
  • Paw Warmer Red
  • Paw Warmer Green
  • Paw Warmer Thanksgiving 2015
  • Paw Warmer Peppermint
  • Paw Warmer Spearmint
  • Paw Warmer Rose
  • Paw Warmer Mango
  • Paw Warmer Electric
  • Paw Warmer Seaspray
  • Paw Warmer Candy Corn
  • Paw Warmer Spiderweb
  • Paw Warmer Red Heart
  • Paw Warmer Purple Heart
  • Paw Warmer Chronic
  • Paw Warmer Mardi Gras

So let’s get those adorable K-9’s runway ready!!

Until next time this is Snookie saying have a wonderful weekend and Happy Breeding!!