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Hey Everyone it’s Wednesday ! Hoping you having a good breeding day !

Hey all let’s take a ride on the Reading Railroad ! LOL

Do you read ? The Manual that come in the boxs with your new breedables ? There is really alot of information there !

Well lets take a look at the Horse Manual

This manual will give you the basics on how to start breeding your own Amaretto Horses.
First read these items below about the horses, they will help with future questions:
*To get started, rez a BabyBundle you purchased from your inventory on the ground. Click the bundle and select the “birth” option to rez your new baby horse, foal. Your new little foal has a default range of 5 meters from “home” which is the spot where you birthed them. To move your foal just select edit and move, or the foal can be taken into inventory and re-rezed to the new location. To set home position in the future click the foal/horse, select settings, set home. Home position does set automatically on rez when you re-rez a horse. The Range is set in Meters and is the radius of a circle with the home point as the center. (The Radius of a circle is measured from the center to its edge)


*The foal will get a little bigger each day until it reaches full maturity at age 7 (days). When they reach maturity the fervor will start to rise as long as the happiness is above 75%. Once the fervor reaches 100% they will be able to mate.

* Pregnancy lasts for 3 days. After having the “bundle” it takes 4 days for the female to recover, then 2-3 days for it to get back 100% fervor. The male recovers immediately and begins to gain fervor.

*You can ride your horse once it reaches age 7. To ride you horse first turn off movement on the horse you want to ride, take them into your inventory. Wear your horse from your inventory. In the horses menu you can choose the animation you would like and height adjustment. Your horse will gain happiness while you ride but will also tire faster. Once the energy gets to zero it will detach from you and go back to your inventory. You will need to rez the horse so it can sleep and gain energy back before riding again.
*Please DO NOT send horses, notecards or instant messages to the Amaretto staff or the creator the ONLY way we will be able to assist you is if you file a ticket on the support site.

If your Salt licks read 0%!!
Check the description field of the salt lick. Right click and choose edit. You will see something that looks like:
42: Owner Only
The 42 is the number of “licks” left. The hover text may display wrong but the description field is what is important.
As of Update 3.2 Salt licks now have an on/off switch so they can be turned off when not needed by your horses.


Charmed – Special/Rare Horses
Foal – Baby horse
Dam – The mother of the horse
Sire – The father of a horse
BabyBundle – Hay bale/Crate with foal inside waiting to be born.
Coat – Coat type/color
Fervor – LOVE!!!! (100% needed to breed)
Birth – Rez foal from BabyBundle
Pairing – Having two specific horses breed with each other only
Recovery – Waiting period between pregnancies
Retire – At approximately 120 days old the horse will no longer breed.
Forever Foal – Once your horse retires at the age of 120 you may purchase a Forever Foal certificate and have your retired horse fixed so it will never require food again.

:::::Hover Text:::::::

Name: Horse (You have 36 characters to name your horse)
Custom Field: You can type anything here up to 36 characters
Version Number
Owner: Displays the owners name
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Nourishment: 0%
Energy/Resting: 20%
Happiness 50%
Fervor: 50%
::::::: Click message :::::::::
Name: Horse (You have 36 characters to name your horse)
Custom Field: You can type anything here up to 36 characters
Version Number
Owner: Displays the owners name
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Nourishment: 0%
Energy/Resting: 20%
Happiness 50%
Fervor: 50%
Coat: Appaloosa – Black
Eye: Dark Blue
Mane: Upright……..4 choices Normal Upright, Long, Upright Long
Tail: Upright……. 4 Choices Normal Upright, Long, Upright Long
These stats only show if the horse has the trait, will not show if none:
Luster Hair: High…….. 3 Choices None, Low, High
Luster Coat: High…….. 3 Choices None, Low, High
Gleam Hair: None……3 Choices None, Low, High
Gleam Coat: None……3 Choices None, Low, High
Gloom Hair: None…..6 Choices None, Gloom, Haze, Blush, Chill & Warmth
Gloom Coat: None…..6 Choices None, Gloom, Haze, Blush, Chill & Warmth

You can also refer to the following for answers to many questions others have had as well.


“Main Menu” first blue menu
Go Home
Send API
Amaretto Website
Wake Up

“Go Home”
[Sends the horse to its home position]

Preg.Boost 1%
Preg. 5%
Main Menu
Sugar Cube
Passion Pill
Am. Cocktail
Healing Kit
Horsey Snack
Endur. Elixer
[Please refer to the Food, Salt Lick & Consumables section of the manual for what each individual consumable is used for]

“Send API”
[We established this button for 3rd party products. It sends the API to their 3rd party products over a certain channel.]

“Amaretto Website”
[Puts URL for the Amaretto Ranch Website in Local Private Message ]
[Clicking this button provides the horse stats in Local Chat]

[This button is for use with the Amaretto Updater. When an update is issued, you will rez the updater next to the horse, click the horse, click the update button and the horse will update to the correct version.]
“Wake Up”
[This button is used to wake up the horses. Your horse must be at 25% energy in order to wake up.]

Animation [Tiny2, Child, Normal, Cowboy, Tiny1]
Main Menu
Auto Center [Center On, Center Off]
Speed [Running speeds Trot= normal av run, Gallop= 2x normal av run]
Height Adjustment [Default, Height +1, Height -1] To adjust your position on the horse

[Clicking this button will send you a notecard of the Amaretto Ranch Breedable Horses User Manual]

Send API
Horse Haven [Confirm that you want to send horse, and displays points possible]
Name [Rename, Custom, Clear Custom]
More Stats [Displays the following information: Not paired /Mating: Owner/ Food type: Breedable food/Home <52.49036, 217.18810, 21.40429> /Range 5 /Text On /Movement Locked/ Animations On/ Sounds On]
Main Menu
Set Home
Set Range
Text [On,Off]
Movement [Normal,Phantom,Off]
Animations [On,Off]
Sound [On,Off]
Last Bred [Displays in local chat the horse that bred with this horse]
Last Bundle [Displays in local chat the last bundle this horse dropped]
Main Menu
Pairing [Form Pairing, Break Pairing]
Mating [Owner, Group, Anyone]
Parents [Displays in local chat the names of the Parents and their stats]


Main Menu

Well we won’t go into the consumables but they are listed in there also !
Please be sure to read over the manual that comes in with the breedables it is very helpful .

Nominate your fellow breeders!!

Hey guys its Tuesday again and I am here to dish the gossip and some news!

We are currently gearing up for our 3rd birthday party! I know crazy huh! Well we couldn’t do it if not for our great and loyal breeders like you. We want to treat you guys to something special that day.

So we will be having the first ever Amaretto Breeders Choice awards!

We need you guys to nominate your peers and each other for the following categories:

Best Auction House
Best Breedable Market
Best Third Party Product
Best Amaretto Collection
Favorite Trend-setter Horse
Best Auctioneer
Most Creative Breeder
Most Helpful Breeder
Best Comedic Breeder
Biggest Spammer Award

There are a lot of great people and breeders out there if you know one please take the time to nominate them so that we can give them a little recognition at our big birthday celebration! So please get the nc from the award located at all Amaretto locations or from the group notices. Put your partner, your friend, your baby momma whoever you think deserves to be recognized and drop and drag it back in the award!

Once we receive all the nominations we can start the voting! So don’t be shy and get those nominee notecards turned in you might be the first ever to win a Amaretto Breeders Choice Award!
Read all about it

I know you may seen some interesting photos that someone left behind! I know what your thinking Ava did it again! Anyways keep your eyes out for some interesting signs……..

We have lots of great things coming up and planned so keep your ears on and eyes open! This is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding!!!


Today I want to talk about why it is important to send your breedables in to us in folders with your name and ticket number on the folder when you need to have them repaired.


First check out your own inventory, look in the objects category. I’m sure you have some items there. If you drop an item to someone, this is where the item usually when we log on and look in that folder we see that obviously someone has sent us something, we are not sure what or why so then we get a surprise that usually ends up in causing us confusion.


. Now think about all the breedables that get sent to me and the other CSR’s everyday. If they are not sent in the folders like we requested, they may end up lost and in the trash., because without a folder labeled with your name and ticket number, we will have no way of know who the items belong to.So the two most important items to put on the folder is your ticket number and your SL name.


Now creating a folder is easy

1. right click (or command click if your using a mac) in either the My Inventory folder or another folder (like the Objects folder)

2. click New Folder then under the folder you clicked on, a New Folder will be created and ready to rename with your name and ticket number.

3. Right click on the folder and select Rename, now rename the folder with your ticket number and your SL name.

4. Once you are done changing the name it will fall in order with the other folders and be ready to add your inventory to it.

5.. After you have placed the horses / K-9s/ barnyard birds, bundles / kennels / nests and any additional information you can add for the ticket pull our name up in search and drag the folder over to us and we will get it (even if we are off-line!) and we will respond in your ticket if more information is needed or if no info is needed you will have your fixed breedable sent back in the folder that will say Amaretto Breedables from CSR NAME -REPAIRED


You do NOT need to send a note card separately or an instant message to the CSR. If you do instant message a CSR have your ticket ID on hand, we talk to so many people when you randomly message we have no idea who you are.


Below are the ticket guidelines



• PLEASE put both your full SL First name and Last name (if you do not have a last name put resident) in the ticket do NOT use display names

•All communication MUST be in the ticket. CSRs will not respond to in world IMs or Note cards! To ensure your ticket is resolved as quick as possible, Please keep ALL responses/communications in your ticket.

•Tickets may take 48-72 hours to get a response from the support team, please have patience.

•Do not respond to the emails, we do not get those, you must respond inside the ticket itself for us to see the response.

•No response to tickets from the user in 3 days and the ticket will be closed.

•Do not wait to be contacted inworld regarding your ticket. Please log in and check for responses to your tickets.

•Please do not file multiple tickets for the same issue, it only slows things down and the duplicate tickets will be closed.

•Refrain from refreshing your page on the ticket system, it will duplicate your tickets

•You must be the owner of the horse/bundle, K-9/kennel and Barnyard Bird/Nest to file a ticket. Please do not file tickets for others.

•Please include any pertinent information regarding your ticket/issue this will help expedite your ticket through faster.


Showin’ off!!

Hello everyone!! Today I have the privilege of revealing the next Show Horse and Best In Show K9!
From August 5th, 2013 until September 4, 2013 if you breed two Spotted Amaretto horses together you have a chance at getting a Showcase Spotted Amaretto!
If you don’t know what a Spotted Amaretto is check them out here:

And for the Amaretto Best In Show K-9 from August 5th, 2013 until September 4, 2013 if you breed two Cairn Terriers together you have a chance at getting a Best In Show Cairn Terrier!
You can have a look at the Cairn Terrier here:

So it’s now time to get those Spotted Amaretto and those Cairn Terriers ready for a fun filled month of breeding for those Show Horses and Best In Show K9s!!!
Until next time, Happy Breeding everyone!

Mentor for Hire

Happy Friday Everyone!  This week I want to remind you all about a great program we have available.

The Amaretto Mentor Program was an idea born from our wonderful staff and community via the A.M.O.C. group meetings, has come to life to help anyone in need of information and guidance from an experienced breeder.  The Amaretto Mentor Program is something that everyone can take part in.

If you would like to help out a new breeder or even a breeder that’s been in the game for a while who just has some questions, then we encourage you to go to the Haven sim, University sim and the Amaretto main store and sign up to become a Mentor.  You can click the “Become a Mentor” board and you will be contacted by a member of the Amaretto staff with an invite to the mentor group and further instructions regarding your mentee.

The mentors are not going to be Amaretto staff, just giving people who are willing to help with issues and questions one might have when breeding Amaretto animals.  Of course the Mentors will be able to contact Amaretto Staff with any questions they may have, but we want to encourage everyone in the community to extend a helping hand and share your knowledge of Amaretto Breedables.

Now if you have questions about breeding or you’re a new breeder in the community, you can go to the Haven sim, University sim and the Amaretto main store.  You will be contacted by a member of the Amaretto staff with further instructions regarding your mentor.  We look forward to hearing many wonderful stories of the community coming together to help one another, and in return seeing many beautiful breedables posted in the groups!

Until next time, Happy Breeding!

V for Vivacity!

Hi all! Last week I covered happiness in the horses and K9s so today I am going to talk to you about keeping your Barnyard Bird’s vivacity up! I will briefly cover how to keep those birdies smiling!

Unlike the Horses and K9s, vivacity does play a role in breeding. Not only does vivacity need to be 85% or higher for vigor to build but it in order for your Barnyard Bird to breed it must have 85% or higher vivacity coupled with 100% vigor.

Ok now on to keeping that vivacity up…

To raise a bird’s vivacity and keep it up you need to use Orange Rinds. These are used to build the vivacity of your Barnyard Bird!

To use the Orange Rinds:

  1. Rez box in world
  2. Right click and chose open, the items will appear in a folder in your inventory.
    • If you look in recent items you will see a folder named Orange Rinds.
  3. Rez the Orange Rinds on the ground within the range of the Barnyard Birds.
  4. The Orange Rinds give a gradual boost to vivacity slowly over time.
  5. When the Orange Rinds are completely used up they will disappear.

Another way to quickly increase the vivacity is to use the Vivacity Corns. This will increase one of your bird’s vivacity by 15%. This stat booster can only be used on a bird once in a 24 hour period.

  1. Open boxed Vivacity Corn and rez next to the bird you wish to increase the vivacity.
  2. Click the bird and go to the consumables option on the menu.
  3. Find Vivacity Corn from the options on the menu and click it.

So be sure to keep those Barnyard Bird’s vivacity above 85% to breed some amazing nests!

Until next time….

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Hope you all are having a good breeding day!

Today I wanted to talk to you about purchasing items on The Marketplace.

You can purchase the following items on the Marketplace for you to use or you can buy them for a gift and have them delivered to a friend.
Breedable Food/Water

Pet Food/Water

Salt Licks

Horsey Snacks

Endurance Elixirs

Passion Pills

Amaretto Cocktails

Sugar Cubes

Healing Kits

Pregnancy Boosters
Please always be cautious as to what you are buying and please check the name of the creator you are buying from. JJ Cerna is the creator of all the breedable items listed above.

So please check out the marketplace for all Amaretto Breedable items.

I am also including a link for the marketplace

After you have purchased your breedable item it will be found in your Received Items folder in Second Life.
Until next week Happy Breeding Everyone

I’m looking for……….

Hey guys happy Tuesday!
Well hope you all survived the rolling restarts today!

I wanted to take a few moments to talk to you about something that I would like
everyone to participate in!

Amaretto Market Owners Coalition!

Who is AMOC for?

Do you have to own a Market?

This is a great way to get involved and promote your market and be part or a forward thinking group of breeders that come up with innovative ideas to bring excitement to the 3rd party market!

We are still looking for a few good officers to join the team that is already in place,
if this sounds like you please contact Avalon Crystal!

We have weekly officers meetings to plan awesome events such as races, contests, and bundle hunts for the community!!

If you think that a officer role is to much for you to take on please join the AMOC main group to stay up to date with the latest events AMOC is hosting!

If you would like any more information on AMOC or becoming a officer, please contact Avalon Crystal or any of the AMOC officers!
Happy Breeding Everyone! This Ava over and out!

Oh! I almost forgot I seem to have misplaced a top secret photo has anyone seen it?

Summer Time Fun!!!!

Well it is the middle of Summer and the heat index is high and nothing feels any better on a hot day than a dip in the pool or a swim in the lake, river, bay, ocean or sea, depending on where you live… If your on a beach you get the sounds of the waves and the tropical scent of tanning oils and sun screen in the air, seagulls flying by and squawking, lots of laughter can be heard, and this can bring a smile to anyones face. So seeing this is SL, and we can control the heat index here, this month Avalon and I decided to do a beach party event. So get those bathing suits on and lets have a great time together!!!Lots of cool music to dance to, a beautiful pool with floats in it, a nice sandy beach too, so gather up all your friends, come join us for a great time, and cool off and relax in the water… This event is Thursday July 25th at 3:00 pm (slt) and here are some pictures below of the pool and beach.


Snapshot _ ~Amaretto Boomtown~ , Amaretto Ranch Boomtown (132,



Snapshot _ ~Amaretto Boomtown~ , Amaretto Ranch Boomtown (137,

Looking at the calendar for July I see one more event scheduled.


Also Saturday July 27th at 3:00 pm (slt) A.M.O.C. has a Horse Race Planned. The race will be held at Denimore Horses Breeding, Entry forms are available though group notice (AMOC) and they are also in the AMOC Boards on the sims they are rezzed on. The deadline for entry is July 26th as time is need to schedule the heats for the event. As always it really fun to watch the races even if you don’t enter.!!!

How To Videos

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you’re all having a great week!


Today I wanted to remind you about one of the most forgotten resources that Amaretto provides for our community, the How-To Video!


Our very own Avalon put together some very helpful How-To Videos to answer some of the questions that people frequently have. If you go to the main Amaretto website and chose the Help section you will find these wonderful videos along with the manuals for each of the Amaretto breedables.

There are videos that help you with using the HUD’s for horses and K-9s, about the GPS, the updaters and horse haven. The ones I find very useful are the ones that walk you through signing up for the Amaretto website and the Amaretto ticket system site! So if you know anyone having problems with any of these things be sure to direct them to the How-To Videos!


Until next time, Happy Breeding!