Nominate your fellow breeders!!

Hey guys its Tuesday again and I am here to dish the gossip and some news!

We are currently gearing up for our 3rd birthday party! I know crazy huh! Well we couldn’t do it if not for our great and loyal breeders like you. We want to treat you guys to something special that day.

So we will be having the first ever Amaretto Breeders Choice awards!

We need you guys to nominate your peers and each other for the following categories:

Best Auction House
Best Breedable Market
Best Third Party Product
Best Amaretto Collection
Favorite Trend-setter Horse
Best Auctioneer
Most Creative Breeder
Most Helpful Breeder
Best Comedic Breeder
Biggest Spammer Award

There are a lot of great people and breeders out there if you know one please take the time to nominate them so that we can give them a little recognition at our big birthday celebration! So please get the nc from the award located at all Amaretto locations or from the group notices. Put your partner, your friend, your baby momma whoever you think deserves to be recognized and drop and drag it back in the award!

Once we receive all the nominations we can start the voting! So don’t be shy and get those nominee notecards turned in you might be the first ever to win a Amaretto Breeders Choice Award!
Read all about it

I know you may seen some interesting photos that someone left behind! I know what your thinking Ava did it again! Anyways keep your eyes out for some interesting signs……..

We have lots of great things coming up and planned so keep your ears on and eyes open! This is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding!!!



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