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Graduation Time?

Hello everyone its a splendid Sunday!

I wanted to talk to you about how important it is to attend the University and do a little learning about Amaretto’s breedables and products!

You can always check out the ARU website to see what classes you have taken and which you still need!

I wanted to remind everyone to turn in those graduations applications so we can start planing our next graduation!!

Once you have completed all the classes at the ARU you drop off your application for graduation into the mailbox! Once we receive enough applications we start planning the next graduation celebration!

You can learn all sorts of great information about Horses, K-9s, and Barnyard Birds by attending the classes. Not to mention get to know the csrs or even make a few breeding friends!


Classes are held at 9 AM with Karrie and again at 5 PM SLT with Maleficent!
You can check out the ARU Calendar here:

So get on over to the ARU and get your courses completed today! Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

Forever Foal & Perpetual Puppy

Happy Friday Everyone ! Hope you all had a Happy Thankgiving !

Today  I wanted to touch on the Forever Foal an the Perpetual Puppy. If you have a Amaretto Horse or Amaretto K-9 that is special an you want to keep it forever without feeding it then this is what you will need.

Forever Foal
The Forever Foal makes the Retired horse so that It will not have to eat food any more . You can keep it forever without buying food ! Everything else on the horse will work normally just will not need food. The Forever Foal only works on retired horses 120 days old that is retired.
The text on a forever foal will say pet instead of retired.
The Forever Foal can be found in any Amaretto Store.

Perpetual Puppy
The Perpetual Puppy makes a Spayed/Neutered K-9 no longer eats food it works just like the forever foal.
The Perpetual Puppy has to be over 126 days old female or male. Text will also say Pet instead of Spayed/Neutered
The Perpetual Puppy can be found in any of the K-9’s Stores

Although the Forever Foal is transferable, the Forever Foal certificate MUST be turned in by the purchaser ONLY. The reason this is a requirement is because every Forever Foal certificate is checked against our transaction data base. Once a Forever Foal certificate is redeemed by the purchaser it is marked as Redeemed and becomes void. The reason we have the certificate as transferable is so the purchaser may pass the certificate to Jaymee Caproni for redemption. Again, please remember, the certificates cannot be purchased and transferred to another avatar for redemption.

After purchase of the Forever Foal
Please place the Certificate AND the Retired horse you wish to be your Forever Foal in a folder named “Forever Foal <your sl name>”
Send the folder to Jaymee Caproni.
Until Next Time Happy Breeding !

pep puppy_001

Forever Foal_001

Final Twist Coats???

Hello Amaretto! I have a very important announcement to make. We know you all love the Twist horses and K-9s and we had so much fun coming up with new combinations every month. This coming month’s Twist are just as fun but will be the last Twists we will be doing. Never fear, as always, we will have a new fun idea coming to you in the months to come.

So let me announce the final Twists!

For our final Twist horse, from December 5th 2014 until January 5th 2015, you can breed any color Mystique and any color Shetland together and you have the chance of discovering a brand new coat designed especially for the Twist called Shetique!
Some of the coats that can be used among others:
The Shetique will have its very own eye that will have the ability to pass!

Decembers Twist K-9s I am excited for this one guys and I hope you are too! From December 5th 2014 until January 5th 2015 if you breed any color Mystique and Boxer you have a chance at getting the new twist named Botique!
Some of the coats that can be used among others:
Check them out on the wiki from the links above! The Botique will get a special eye and collar that will have the ability to pass!


Hope you all enjoy these final Twists coats and keep your eyes open for our next exciting monthly coats!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We at Amaretto are very thankful for our wonderful community, and we would like to celebrate Thanksgiving by having some fun surprises!

Our first surprise, which you may have spotted the demos at our store locations, from 12:00 am November 27 until 11:59 pm November 27, Thanksgiving day, you have the chance of getting a very sweet horse, k-9 or bird. These cuties are random drops and do have the ability to pass their eyes, coats and collars!

We also have some cute Limited Edition food/salt/chews/rinds for sale until Monday, December 1, 2014. These are available at all of our store locations

Have posted a little preview below. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Limited Edition – 2014 Blessings

Eye: Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Amaretto Limited Edition – Thanksgiving Pack (Boxed)

6 Breedable Food & 6 Salt Licks (Thanksgiving Themed) 1746L




Special Edition – 2014 Be Thankful

Eye: Pilgrim Collar: Blessings

Amaretto Special Edition – Thanksgiving Pack (Boxed)

6 Breedable Foods & 6 Chew Toys  (Thanksgiving Themed) 1552L




Collectors Edition – 2014 Thanksgiving Turken

Eye: Thankful

Amaretto Collectors Edition – Thanksgiving Pack (Boxed)

6 Barley Breeder Food & 6 Orange Rinds (Thanksgiving Themed) 1300L




Events!! Todays and the First Christmas Season Event!!!

If you missed todays ice skating event, you really missed having a great time!! Dakota played some awesome tunes, and Karrie had lots of snow falling and a few snowmen there too!! I have included a few pictures from todays event!



ice skate2


ice skate3
Well time really does fly by and we are almost into December!! We have lots of fun events planned for the Christmas Season, so watch for the December Calendar to be posted.

I do want to give you all a little notice about our first event , which will be on Thursday, December 4th at 4:00 pm (slt). Jaymee will be hosting the Christmas Candyland Breedable Costume and Display Contest!! These events are always awesome, and it will defiantly get you started in the Holiday Spirit!!!

Christmas Candyland edit
Each Display area will be 10×10 and you can use up to 250 prim
Set up will begin in the evening on Friday, November 28Th
If you would like to enter, send your SL name on a notecard to Jaymee Caproni by December 1st.
I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow!!!Hope you have a great day with family and friends. Till next time Happy Breeding!!!

T4T Auction Recap!

Hey guys its a terrific Tuesday! I know everyone is rushing around getting ready for Thanksgiving in the U.S. and everyone else is gearing up for the holidays as well.

I wanted to give everyone a recap of what happened at the Toys For Tots auction that Amaretto hosted on Saturday Nov 23, 2014!

We kicked off the auction at 1 PM SLT!!!!

There were horns, saddles, and new wings galore!
After all the bidding the total raised for the days events was:

T4T OOAK Auction Total 3,113,600L$


Thats right you guys are so awesome we raised over 3 million lindens!!!!!

The Amaretto T4T OOAK Imagination Cobalt was won by Duckkula with the high winning bid of 2,850,000 Lindens!

Thank you to everyone who donated horses you guys made this awesome auction possible. Also a big thank you to everyone who bid and purchased because you guys made this auction a success!!

Thank you to MyslHorses for providing us with a great auction area! I love doing these auctions they are alway so much fun and for a wonderful cause!

You can check out all of funds raised from the T4T Limited Editions and the T4T Auction here:

Check out totals for the entire 6th Annual 2014 Second Life Toys for Tots Drive here:

Wtg Amaretto Community for raising funds for the kids!!! Until next time this is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!!

Amaretto Horse Haven

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you all having a good breeding day!!
Today I would like to talk to you about Amaretto Horse Haven Sim and what you can get there with your Horse Cents. When you send a horse or bundle to haven you are rewarded the Horse Cents.

What Horse Cents you can get and how:

The Horse Haven Horse Cents Reward system will Reward you for your horses in the following way:
Age Horse Cents
0-10 100
11-20 200
21-30 300
31-40 400
41-50 500
51-60 600
61-70 700
71-80 800
81-90 900
91-100 1,000
101-110 1,100
111-119 1,200
120 and older (Retired Horses) 1,400
In addition to the above Horse Cents you will also be rewarded the following for the traits on each Horse sent to Horse Haven:
Traits Horse Cents
Non-starter coats 100
Non-starter eyes 100
Non-starter mane 100
Non-starter tail 100
Gleam (high or low, coat or hair) 100
Gleam Null (coat or hair) 100
Luster (high or low, coat or hair) 100
Luster Null (coat or hair) 100
Gloom (coat or hair, gloom, chill, warmth, haze, blush, hue teal, hue orange, hue yellow) 100
Gloom Null (coat or hair, gloom, chill, warmth, haze, blush, hue teal, hue orange, hue yellow) 100
Opal (coat or hair) 100
Opal Null (coat or hair) 100
Branding 100
Hoof Paint/Socks 100
Ear Size 100
Ear Style 100
Wild Hair 100
Wings 100
Racing 100
Bridle 100
Wing Opal 100

Here we have the costs in Horse Cents for the items currently available from the vendor (all items are subject to change without notice including prices and availability):
Item Cost
Memorable Haven Horse Bundle 250,000
Haven Horse – Eagle Spirit 250,000
Haven Donkey 250,000
Haven Horse – Darkness 250,000
Haven Horse – Anubis 250,000
Haven Horse – Kaiila 250,000
Haven Horse – ZebraCorn 250,000
Amaretto Pet Food & Water/Four Pack (Box) 16,000
Amaretto Cocktail Single (Box) 10,000
Passion Pills Single (Box) 8,000
Amaretto Breedables Healing Kit (Box) 6,000
Amaretto Ranch Endurance Elixir Single (Box) 4,000
Sugar Cube Single (Box) 4,000
Horsie Snacks Five (Box) 4,000

So build them points up and go shopping!!

Until next week Happy Breeding !!

Horse Haven_001

T4T OOAK Imagination Cobalt !!!

Hey guys big news about Amaretto’s Toys For Tots Auction!! It’s not that I’m your favorite auctioneer……..

I am here to release all the information on the OOAK that will be up for auction on November 23, 2014 at 1:00 PM SLT!

Introducing the Amaretto T4T OOAK Imagination Cobalt !!!
This is an amazing One of a Kind horse! This OOAK horse has some never before seen hidden surprises just waiting for the lucky winner to discover.
Want to see this beautiful horse? I am attaching a picture below:


Or come see this beauty in world at :

Thank you to everyone who donated horses for the auction ! Get over there and check out all these great panels!!!

If you need a proxy bidder to bid for you please contact Avalon Crystal!

As always we will stream live so you may listen on your own land if you are unable to make it to the auction location.
100% of the proceeds from sales made at this auction will go directly into the Toys for Tots kiosk.

Hope to see you all there on Sunday! Happy Bidding everyone!

Twisting the Spotlight

Happy Thursday!  Today I wanted to shine my spotlight on this month’s Twist Horse and K-9.  Each month we announce a new Twist and if you breed the specific coats that we tell you for that month then you have the chance at getting a brand new coat!  Well this month’s Twist Horse and Twist K-9 are gorgeous new coats called Dapple Saddlebred’s and Beawolf’s.

From November 5, 2014 until December 5, 2014 you can breed any color Percheron and any color Amaretto Saddlebred together and you have the chance of discovering the new coat designed espe3cially for the Twist called Dapple Saddlebred.

Also for our K-9 Lovers from November 5, 2014 until December 5, 2014 if you breed any color Wolf and any color Bi-Color Beagle you have a chance at getting the new Beawolf designed especially for the Twist!!

The Dapple Saddlebred will have its very own eye that will have the ability to pass.  The Beawolf will get a special eye and collar that will have the ability to pass.

Check out the pictures below of the awesome new Twist’s and keep trying you never know when you might be the lucky one to “Twist and Shout”!

Until next time Happy Breeding!!!



Dapple Saddlebred Beawolf

The Amaretto Mentor Program

The Amaretto Mentor Program was an idea born from our wonderful staff and community via the A.M.O.C. group meetings, and is a group that will help anyone in need of information and guidance from an experienced breeder.

The mentors are giving people who are willing to help with issues and questions one might have when breeding Amaretto animals, mentors will not be Amaretto Staff. Of course the Mentors will be able to contact Amaretto Staff with any questions they may have, but we want to encourage everyone in the community to extend a helping hand and share your knowledge of Amaretto Breedables.

Sign up as a Mentor

If you would like to help out a new breeder or even a breeder that’s been in the game for a while who just has some questions, then we encourage you to go to the Haven sim, University sim or the Amaretto main store and sign up to become a Mentor. You can click the “Become a Mentor” board and you will be assigned a group tag of Mentor. Then you just need to go into the Amaretto Mentor group and introduce yourself and see if anyone needs any help!

Sign up as a Mentee

Now if you have questions about breeding or you’re a new breeder in the community, you can go to the Haven sim, University sim or the Amaretto main store and sign up to become a Mentee. You can click the “New to Amaretto Breedables” board and you will be assigned a group tag of Mentee. Then you just need to go into the Amaretto Mentor group and introduce yourself and ask if anyone is around that could answer some of your questions!

This group is amazing, and is also a great way to meet other breeders!!

mentor program

Until next time, Happy Breeding !